Danny Jones Penniman is Little Richard’s adopted son. Richard’s place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is well-earned. A timeless and vigorous performer he still inspires the generations. Among his many hits, “Tutti Frutti, “Good Golly Miss Molly,” “Long Tall Sally,” and “Slippin’ and Slidin'” are classics that have come to pass the test of time.

Born in 1959, Penniman has kept a low profile all his life. He has chosen to live a quiet life away from the glare of his father’s fame. He was born into a world of music and stardom, but he has made his way through life with discretion.

How Much Was Jones’s Late Father Worth?

Music legend Little Richard’s net worth at the time he passed away was estimated at $40 Million, similar to Mauricio Umansky’s. Danny Jones Penniman’s father’s wealth mainly came from his influential work in the music industry. He has had a stellar career, his albums garnering an incredible 1 million total equivalent album units in the United States alone.

Little Richard is singing and playing the piano.
Little Richard performing at Muhammad Ali’s 50th Birthday (Source: YouTube)

Yet, at the height of his fame, Richard suddenly decided to leave behind music. He set off on a spiritual journey and went to Bible college, before becoming an Evangelical traveling preacher. This was a major turning point in his life, as he left the world of rock and roll behind to follow a spiritual route.

Is Danny Jones Single?

At present, Danny Jones Penniman’s marital status is still unknown. He appears to be living a private and single life. His personal affairs have provoked curiosity, but he has always managed to keep them from the public eye.

Penniman may have a woman in his life, although we don’t know much about his love life. At a time when stars often deal with the ups and downs of fame in their love life, his personal choice to keep such things a secret is indicative that he prefers intimate closeness.

The Death Of Little Richard

Little Richard passed away on May 9, 2020, in Tullahoma, Tennessee, United States. Dying at age 87, he lived a good life. He died from bone cancer. He may be gone but his mark on rock and roll history will forever be known.

Little Richard is wearing a white suit and a blue shirt.
Little Richard during his final years (Source: Collin Dorsey YouTube Channel)

With his energetic performances and unique style, Richard was a pioneer in the music world during his entire career. Way beyond the stage, his influence rewrote the history of rock and roll. When fans mourned his death, everyone remembered the great artist for his contribution to music and charisma.

And nearer the end of his life, Jones was still at Richard’s side, living and working alongside him in Tennessee. This enduring closeness accompanied him throughout the final chapters of his memorable journey. With the tribulations of life, these encounters shared and recollections revived between father and son only became even more moving.

Danny’s Biological Family

Danny’s biological mother is Creola Jones. He grew up in a big family with six sisters and three brothers. And while quite a lot has been revealed about his immediate family, not much is known of extended relations.

Privacy about Danny’s family reflects the attitude of keeping things to oneself. While the specifics of his biological family may not be widely known, it highlights the importance of respecting individuals’ choices to keep certain aspects of their lives confidential.

Growing Up With Richard As Father

Danny Jones Penniman had an uncommon and encouraging father with Little Richard. Looking back at his childhood, he said that when it came to parenting style, his father adopted a hands-off approach. The rock and roll legend preferred to give constant encouragement rather than dictating or imposing rules.

Little Richard is wearing a white suit as he is singing while playing the piano.
Little Richard at the Concert for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Source: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame YouTube Channel)

Danny could even remember that his father would never say a bad word about what he did, but rather pushed him to find the path for himself. He said that Richard’s parenting style was to make thoughtful remarks, and then let him figure out what they meant, as mentioned in an article from Rolling Stone.

That was another piece of advice like, “You hold the money but don’t let it control you.” Danny agreed that life experience gradually brings their meaning to light for him. Such words seemed complicated when he couldn’t understand what they meant in his youth! Richard’s parenting philosophy encouraged him to navigate life independently and learn valuable lessons along the way.

The Journey To Adoption

Danny Jones’ adoption by Little Richard in the 1980s is a moving story. By this time, he had quit the rock and roll lifestyle and thrown himself into the church. But he went to mass in Los Angeles and it was then that he became very close with his future’s son flesh-and-bone mother, Creola.

Creola made the heartfelt decision to ask Richard if he would take her son under his wing on the passing of Danny’s father. In 1984 (the year Apple IIc was introduced), he formally adopted his now-son when he was only 14 years old. With this adoption, not only was a key page of his life turned over; but it also revealed the richness and strength of the relationship that had grown up between himself as an adoptive son and his birth parents during their joint quest for faith. He had also sung at the funeral of his adopted son, which makes this story even more incredible.

Mini Bio On Little Richard

Richard Wayne Penniman, famously known as Little Richard and proudly declaring himself the “architect of rock ‘n’ roll,” left an indelible mark on the music industry. His influence was so profound that Rolling Stone ranked him as the 8th Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Artist of all time. His contribution to the genre is evident in timeless classics like “Tutti-Frutti,” “Long Tall Sally (The Thing),” “Slippin’ and Slidin,” and “Ready Teddy,” among others.

However, at the pinnacle of his fame, Richard experienced a profound shift in perspective. He came to the conviction that rock and roll was aligned with the Devil’s work, as reported in Britannica. This led him to make a momentous decision to step away from the music business. Instead, he embarked on a spiritual journey, enrolling in Bible college and eventually embracing the role of a traveling Evangelical preacher.


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