Updated: 03/19/2017 03:39 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Former White House press secretary Dana Perino is currently at Fox News

Fox News journalist Dana Perino preparing interview Josh Earnest in White House

Dana Perino graduated from the Colorado State University-Pueblo in 1993. While studying there, she worked at Rocky Mountain PBS-affiliated station KTSC-TV. She likewise had an early work experience at KCCY-FM.

Later, she joined University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) from where she held master’s degree majoring in public affairs reporting. While studying at UIS, she served as a daily reporter for CBS-affiliated station WCIA.  Then, she moved to Washington to work as a staff assistant for a Congressman, Scott McInnis. Prior to that, she already had served as press secretary for Republican U.S. Representative, Daniel Schaefer.

In 2001, Perino was recruited into the Department of Justice as a spokesman. There, she did her two years’ term and joined the White House team as a Press Secretary. On March 27, 2007, she was hired as Acting White House Press Secretary. Likewise, on September 14, 2007, Perino was given new responsibility as White House Press Secretary for the former President George W. Bush. She worked under the Bush Administration until January 2009.

After the end of Bush’s administration career, she made her way towards journalism industry and started working as a regular co-host for the Fox News’s show The Five.

Dana was paid 172, 000 dollars a year while she was in the White House. The Fox News currently pays her a salary around 250 thousand dollars. Dana has accumulated a net worth of around $4 million dollars from serving as a press secretary and TV journalist.