Dagen McDowell and Husband ending their marriage?

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Dagen McDowell, a prominent news anchor of Fox Business Network, is married to Fox News economic analyst Jonas Max Ferris. Reportedly, she fell in the media limelight in regards to the end of her over a decade relation with spouse Jonas. The separation news of the celebrity couple is currently surrounding all over the place and it is creating maximum buzz in the media. However, both of them have not confirmed the allegation yet.

Quick Facts About Dagen McDowell

Name Dagen McDowell
Husband Jonas Max Ferris

Jonas Ferris is Dagen McDowell’s second husband

Dagen wedded Jonas Max Ferris in 2005, before which they had dated for a long time. It was revealed that the two met for the first time on the set of Cashin’In and started a relationship shortly afterward.

Since both of them belong to the same working industry, they seem to be understanding each other’s work really well. This has led them to develop a strong bond in-between which is also evident from their long lasted marriage.

While the news of them separating is heating up in the gossip media world, neither McDowell nor Ferris has confirmed the allegation.

As reported by some sources, Jonas is McDowell's second spouse. The sources have not disclosed the identity of her first husband but they stated that she lived for 11 months with the guy.

She has not talked much about her first married life. When did she get married first time and how her married life ended is still a mystery. McDowell has not specified the real reason for her first unsuccessful marital relation.

Popular Fox Network's anchor, Dagen McDowell is quite active on social networking sites. She frequently keeps sharing pictures of her daily activities on Twitter and Instagram. Let's check out a picture with one of her close friend which she shared on Twitter couple of days ago.

Dagen McDowell’s separation rumor with hubby Jonas has no strong evident

After separation, she fell in love again with the economic analyst of Fox News Jonas Ferris. Since she also serves for Fox News, it came into news that both fell in love while working together for Fox News’s show Cashin’ In.

Now it has been over a decade that McDowell passing out her days happily with hubby Jonas and still they don’t seem to have any problem in their conjugal life. However, some sources revealed that the couple is in not good talking terms and about to end their relationship with divorce.

Nevertheless, ignoring all bits of gossip regarding their separation Dagen and Jonas are spending their days with same affection and love towards each other. Both have not confirmed any news about their separation yet.

Now Dagen is busy on her anchoring work. Just disregarding all separation news, she has stayed focused on her work. Check out the picture with her cast members of Fox News.

This crew! #demconvention #demsinphilly #dnc

A photo posted by Dagen McDowell (@dagenmcdowell) on

The spreading news about Dagen and Jonas's separation have compelled Dagen's fans to believe that her second marriage is a failure too. But since none of them have shared their opinion frankly with the media, it seems like the divorce rumors are untrue.

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Mrs.odagen mcferris has always demonstrated an arrogance on television,that is difficult to ignore.


Mrs.odagen mcferris has always demonstrated an arrogance on television,that is difficult to ignore.