Crispy Heaton is the father of an English Actor, Charlie Heaton, and an Actress, dancer, and voice-over Levi Heaton. Heaton is famed for being the father of two Hollywood celebrities. Charlie mostly appears in the series. Moreover, he has a Screen Actors Guild Award for his outstanding performance, given by an Ensemble, in a Drama Series.

Heaton’s daughter is as famed as Charlie. Where Crispy lives is still unknown. However, people say he probably lives in London, United Kingdom, where he grew up. Please keep reading to learn more about the celebrity’s father, Heaton!

Bio: Crispy Heaton

Crispy Heaton was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Heaton prefers to keep his personal life hidden from the limelight. People know Crispy as a celebrity father and professional musician by occupation. The musician’s kids also remain silent when sharing info about their father.

Charlie Heaton shared a picture with his father on September 2016.
Charlie Heaton shared a picture with his father on September 2016.
Source: Twiter

The English musician was raised and lived in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. However, Heaton kept his family away from the public view. As such, the names of his parents stay in the murky waters. Additionally, the celebrity father appears to be the only child with no siblings.

Heaton lives his life far away from the media view. Thus, the musician kept hidden his educational background as well. Although Crispy has a total of three children, among the three, two became famous. Likewise, the third kid’s info is yet to be published.

Married Life: Crispy Heaton

Crispy Heaton was a professional musician with a good personality who married an American Woman, Shelly Lowe. Although they kept their wedding ceremony hidden, people believe the couple married secretly in London. 

Crispy's wife Shelly Lowe clicked a selfie photo with their son Charlie Heaton.
Crispy Heaton and his wife, Shelly Lowe, clicked a selfie photo with their son Charlie Heaton.
Source: Pinteret.

The couple had some issues living together. After spending almost a decade together, they decided to split. Crispy and his ex-wife refrain from saying the reason behind their separation. Before Heaton and his spouse finalized their marriage, the ex-married duo welcomed three kids. While two of their children stayed in the limelight, Heaton’s third child remained in the shadows.

Firstly, Lowe and Heaton welcomed Levi Heaton, followed by her brother Charlie Heaton. After their divorce, Shelly took her son too far from his father and raised him there. However, Crispy didn’t let his daughter go with Lowe.

Short Info About Crispy’s Children

Levi Heaton was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, on September 25, 1989. She is the firstborn of Shelly Lowe and Crispy Heaton. Levi is an Actress who plays several Characters in television and Films. Moreover, the Public recognizes her excellent performance in The Limehouse golem, Mc Mafia and Vera.

Crispy Heaton clicked a picture with his son in the Evening time.
Crispy Heaton clicked a picture with his son Charlie Heaton in the evening.
Source: Twiter

Actress Levi completed her bachelor’s degree in Musical theater at the Arden School of theatre. The actress made her professional acting debut on a 2015 episode of the Vera series. She grew up with her father in London, United Kingdom.

Charlie Heaton was born in Leed, Yorkshire, on February 6, 1994. Heaton is the second child of Crispy and Shelly Heaton. He came into the spotlight after playing the role of Jonathan Byers in the Stranger Things series on Netflix. 

Shelly raised her son in a council estate in Bridlington. It is a small coastal village in Yorkshire. The Stranger Things Actor started working on films, Music Videos, and TV shows in 2012. Although Charlie and Levi live separately, they both help each other. The siblings were spotted together at the British Vogue Fashion and Film celebration in London in 2018.

The Net Worth Of Crispy 

Crispy Heaton owns an estimated net worth of  £150,000 ($179670.00). Moreover, a Musician earned more than £41,773 ($50,000). The celebrity father managed to lead a life of comfort from his earnings.

As per the report, the musician Heaton lives a luxurious life with his daughter in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Moreover, the house cost about £257,023. Crispy yearly pays around £2,521.3 ($3020.01) on living costs.

Many online sources say Crispy’s son Charlie has around $4 million. He earns more than $250k per episode. Heaton’s actress daughter has between $1- 5  million.