Corey McLaughlin Jr is the brother of an American Actor, singer, dancer, and stage performer, Caleb Mclaughlin. Actor Caleb has won the Lt. Donald Maclaughlin Jr. Award. Corey Jr gained fame for being a sibling of Caleb and Caitlyn McLaughlin. Corey Jr is also known as a DJ by his profession.

Caleb is famous for playing the Stranger Things series on Netflix. Caleb is now in the main cast for season 2 of Crash. And Corey Jr is Pursuing his career as Disc Jockey. Keep reading to get more information about Corey Jr.

Early Life And Education: Corey McLaughlin Jr

Corey McLaughlin Jr was born in Carmel, Hamlet, New York. McLaughlin prefers to hide his age from the limelight. However, evaluating his appearance, he seems to be in his early 30s. April McLaughlin is the mother of Corey, and she is a homemaker. Corey McLaughlin Senior is the father of the celebrity sibling! Caleb’s dad isn’t just a father of four kids! The celebrity father is a successful businessman and pastor in a Baptist Church.

Corey McLaughlin Junior clicked a picture with his celeb brother Caleb and father.
Corey McLaughlin Jr clicked a picture with his father and celeb brother Caleb.
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McLaughlin joined Kent Primary School and changed schools after a year. His brother Caleb also studied at Kent Primary School but moved to George Fischer School. Similarly, Corey may have attended the same school following Claeb and maintained the info under wraps.

McLaughlin Jr might have achieved a degree in a field but kept it hidden. The professional Dj and his family used to live in a small rural coastal town. However, later they moved to New York City. And he grew up with his siblings in Carmel,  Hamlet, New York. As mentioned above, he has one younger brother and two older sisters, Caitlyn and Crystal. Deon Richmond is also an American DJ like Corey Junior.

Info About Successful Siblings of Corey McLaughlin Jr

Caleb Mclaughlin was born in Carmel, Hamlet, New York, on 13 October 2001. Mclaughlin started his career in acting, playing a role as a child in the opera Lost Stars in Cooperstown. As shared previously, Corey Jr is the only brother of the actor Caleb.

Famous siblings of the professional DJ took a picture during the Premiere night of The Stranger 3 series, on June 30, 2019.
Famous siblings of the professional DJ took a picture during the Premiere night of The Stranger 3 series.
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Actor Caleb grew up with his brother and two sisters in Carmel Hamlet, New York. He first attended Kent Primary  School in Carmel, Hamlet. Later joined George Fischer Middle School for one year. Mclaughlin also has an interest in dancing. Thus, he took a dance class at Happy Feet Dancing school.

Caitlyn McLaughlin was born on 23 September 2005 in Carmel, Hamlet. As mentioned previously, she grew up with her brothers and a hidden sister. Caitlyn is well-known as a multi-talented Actress, singer, and dancer. Although the actress is below 20, she has been shining in the TV series.

McLaughlin started her journey in community theater at four. Actress McLaughlin rapidly became popular. Just after playing a role as Timaya in a hit television series named Orange Is The New Black. In 2014 she made her professional television debut.

The relationship status of Corey McLaughlin Jr

Corey McLaughlin Jr is in his early 30s. McLaughlin may have dated ex-girlfriends previously. However, nowadays, he remains silent. Corey wants to hide entirely from the spotlight. Hence, he doesn’t appear on Instagram. In addition, it is enough to say that he prefers to keep his life story away from social media.

Corey keeps a low profile despite the fame gained through his siblings. The public assumes that while hidden from the spotlight, McLaughlin probably is married and keeps it secret. However, one of his family members would have shared his marriage picture if he had married. So many rumors have appeared about McLaughlin’s character, and he will probably share his relationship history in the future.

Net Worth Of Corey Junior

Corey Mclaughlin Jr has an estimated net worth of $100,000. As a professional DJ, Corey earns more than $43,000 per year. And it would be enough for anyone to live an independent, wealthy life.

Corey Junior's brother Caleb McLaughlin went on a cruise on April 23, 2022
Corey Junior’s brother Caleb McLaughlin went on a cruise.
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DJ Corey lives in Carmel Hamlet, New York, where the average living cost is around $59,611 yearly. Also, the property valuation of Corey in Carmel Hamlet, New York, is around $356K.

McLaughlin’s brother Cabel McLaughlin has around $3 million. Also, his sister has an estimated net worth of about $100,000. As an actor, Caleb earns roughly $250 per episode. On the other hand, being an actress, Caitlyn makes about $61,000 per year.

How did the Disc Jockey come to the spotlight?

Although Corey McLaughlin is a professional DJ, he stands in the spotlight being Caleb MacLAughlin’s brother. Moreover, Corey gained fame through his younger sister Caitlyn McLaughlin as well. As aforementioned, Caitlyn is a multi-talented American actress, dancer, and singer at an early age. She is well-known for appearing in the Louie TV series.

Celebrity siblings of the Dj McLaughlin, clicked a picture when they visited Manchester, England on December 8 2018.
Celebrity siblings of Corey McLaughlin clicked a picture when they visited Manchester, England. Source: Instagram

Some people also recognize him as a son of a successful Businessman. His family background could also be the reason for coming to the spotlight. McLaughlin was financially stable already. Thus, he grew up in such an expensive place, Carmel,  Hamlet, New York. Moreover, he got a chance to start his journey as Disk Jockey.