Colleen Ballinger is talented and multi-faceted content creator from the United States. You might know her better than Miranda Sings, her hilarious and unique online persona. Through her YouTube channel, she brings us mix of sketches, music performances, and personal life updates that keep us entertained and connected. However, her online career is on brink of collapsing following all of the controversies that have been covered in this article.

Ballinger was born on November 21, 1986, in beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California. Her creative journey has made her beloved figure in world of online entertainment, and her birthday is special reminder of the day we were gifted with her humor and creativity. Let’s learn about her life and recent controversies.

What Is Ballinger’s Relationship Status?

So, let’s talk about Colleen Ballinger’s love life! She’s married to an actor, Erik Stocklin, and their love story has some pretty cute twists. These two lovebirds decided to tie the knot in secret ceremony back in 2018. But how did they meet? Well, it all happened on the set of a Netflix show called “Haters Back Off” in 2016.

Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin are posing at the red carpet.
Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin at the Kids’ Choice Awards (Source: Collen Ballinger Instagram @colleen)

Now, this show was super interesting because Ballinger was playing her funny character Miranda Sings, and Erik was cast as her BFF Patrick. But guess what? he had this big, hidden crush on Miranda in the show, which adds a fun twist to their real-life romance. Love sometimes blooms in the most unexpected places, and for Colleen and Erik, it bloomed right there on the set!

How Much Wealth Has Ballinger Generated From YouTube?

Colleen Ballinger’s journey in the world of entertainment has not only brought her fame but also financial success. Her estimated net worth is a whopping $12 million, which is quite impressive. A significant part of her income comes from her YouTube channel, where she shares her creativity and humor with millions of viewers. Can you believe that her videos bring in around $40,000 or more in ad revenue every month?

That’s a testament to Ballinger’s popularity and the strong bond she shares with her audience. But that’s not all – she is also an entrepreneur. She ventured into the world of beauty with her lipstick business, called Miranda Sings Lipstick. This shows her diverse talents and her ability to explore different avenues. It’s inspiring to see how her hard work, dedication, and creativity have not only made her a household name but have also led to her financial success.

Has Been Married Before

Colleen Ballinger’s journey to finding lasting love has had its ups and downs. Before her marriage to Stocklin, she was previously married to Joshua David Evans. Their story began way back when they started dating and spent seven wonderful years together. The relationship had reached a beautiful milestone when, on April 5, 2014, the two took a big step and got engaged. It was a moment full of excitement and happiness. They then shared their wedding journey with their fans, vlogging their special day on July 2, 2015.

Joshua David Evans is sitting with his dog.
Colleen Ballinger’s ex-husband, Joshua David Evans (Source: Joshua Evans Instagram @joshuadtown)

However, life can take unexpected turns, and unfortunately, after a little over a year of marriage, Ballinger and Evans announced on September 30, 2016, that they were going their separate ways. It’s a reminder that love stories don’t always have a forever ending, but each chapter shapes us and teaches us valuable lessons along the way.

When Ballinger and Evans decided to go their separate ways, they did something really brave and honest – they opened up to their fans about it. They created a heartfelt 12-minute video where they talked about their split openly and sincerely. In the video, they shared that sometimes, despite all the love, care, and effort, things just don’t work out the way you hope, as mentioned in an article from The U.S. Sun. It takes a lot of courage to share such personal moments with the world, and their decision to do so reminds us that relationships can change, and that’s okay.

About Ballinger YouTube Accomplishments

Colleen Ballinger’s journey on YouTube is nothing short of impressive. She started her channel on July 31, 2006, and since then, her videos have garnered an astounding total of over 1.9 billion views. Among her many videos, one that stands out is “The Birth of My Son!” which has captured the hearts of viewers with over 33 million views. Her captivating content has attracted a dedicated following, with her subscriber count soaring to over 8.4 million.

The milestones Ballinger achieved along the way speak volumes about her growing popularity: hitting 1 million subscribers on July 30, 2014, and then reaching 2 million on February 14, 2015, followed by 3 million on September 4, 2015. Her subscriber count continued to climb, reflecting the love and support of her fans: 4 million in April 2016, 5 million in May 2017, 6 million in July 2018, 7 million by August 31, 2018, and an incredible 8 million by December 19, 2018. Her YouTube journey is a testament to her ability to connect with people, entertain, and share genuine moments that resonate with viewers from all walks of life.

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Mother Of Three Kids

Ballinger’s life is full of love and family moments. She’s not only a talented entertainer but also a loving mother to three wonderful kids. She and her husband, Stocklin, share the joy of parenting. Their oldest child, a son named Flynn Timothy, was born on December 11, 2018, marking the beginning of their journey as parents. And if that’s not heartwarming enough, they were blessed with twins – a little boy and a little girl – on November 6, 2021. These tiny additions to their family, named Wesley and Maisy, brought double the giggles, double the cuddles, and undoubtedly, double the love.

Collen Ballinger, Erik Stocklin, Flynn Timothy, Wesley, and Maisy Stocklin are posing for the picture with ocean in the background.
Colleen Ballinger kid’s Flynn Timothy, Wesley, and Maisy Stocklin (Source: Colleen Ballinger Instagram @colleen)

Ballinger has always been open and honest with her fans, sharing both the highs and the lows of her life. When it came to the birth of her twins, Wesley and Maisy, she continued this transparency. She documented their birth journey on her YouTube channel, giving her followers a glimpse into this deeply personal moment. The arrival of the twins was not without its challenges, as she revealed that they were born through an emergency C-section.

This was because of a rare and serious complication known as cord prolapse, where the umbilical cord comes out before the baby. It’s a reminder that even amid joyous occasions, unexpected hurdles can arise. Ballinger’s willingness to share this experience sheds light on the reality of childbirth and the strength it takes to face the unexpected.

Controversies That Everyone’s Talking About

Recently, Ballinger has found herself amid some controversies that have caught the attention of many regarding Pedophilia and Grooming. In June 2023, she faced accusations of inappropriate behavior involving some of her fans. The situation gained widespread discussion when a YouTuber named Kodee, who runs the channel Kodeerants, uploaded a video sharing their experience with Colleen. The video shed light on their interactions with the YouTuber and even included screenshots of group chats that involved both adults and minors.

Let’s talk about something that touched many hearts. YouTuber Adam McIntyre shared something personal about his relationship with Ballinger when he was just 13 years old. He bravely opened up about his experience, showing us that even a simple interaction with someone you look up to can shape your life in unexpected ways. His story involved her being inappropriate towards her getting involved in sexually motivated conversations, and manipulative comments among other horrific things.

Recently, an old video resurfaced where Ballinger’s behavior and words seemed inappropriate while interacting with Jojo Siwa when Jojo was a minor around 13 or 14 years old. This situation highlights the complexities of how people present themselves, both online and in real life. It’s natural to feel disappointed or confused when we see someone we respect behaving differently than we’d expect.

Ballinger tried to address the controversy through video on her vlog channel, but her approach didn’t go over well with many. Instead of offering a straightforward apology, she chose to sing with her ukulele. Unfortunately, this seemed to upset people even more. People felt that her response lacked the clarity needed to address the allegations. Her video was seen by many as not taking the situation seriously and even sidestepping the main issue. Instead of acknowledging the concerns and providing evidence to counter the allegations, her video was criticized for suggesting that people were accusing her of attention, downplaying her actions, and portraying herself as victim.

Stepping Out Of YouTube For Hollywood

Colleen Ballinger’s talents extend beyond YouTube, as she’s also ventured into the world of movies and TV shows, as mentioned on her IMDb page. One of her most notable accomplishments in this realm is her work on the TV series “Haters Back Off!” This show holds a special place in her career, as she brought her iconic character Miranda Sings to life on screen, giving fans a deeper look into Miranda’s quirky world. Beyond that, she made her mark on the popular Nickelodeon show “Victorious” in 2012, leaving a memorable impression on the audience.

Ballinger’s talents don’t stop at just acting and creating content – she’s even lent her voice to some beloved animated films. You might have heard her in “The Angry Birds Movie 2,” where she voiced the character Roxanne, adding her unique touch to the animated world. But that’s not all – she also made her mark in “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” providing the voice for the character Coleen. Being able to bring characters to life through voice acting is a different kind of art, and Colleen’s ability to do so showcases her versatility and range as a performer.


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