Cole The Cornstar is a popular YouTuber known for creating farming videos. He comes from Central Iowa and has a strong farming background as he is a 4th generation family farmer from the same region. Currently, his YouTube channel has amassed an impressive following, with over 546,000 subscribers tuning in to watch his engaging content.

Cole shares his knowledge and experiences through his videos, offering valuable insights into farming and agriculture. His passion for farming and dedication to his craft has made him a beloved figure in the online farming community. With his vast subscriber base, he continues to inspire and educate people about the importance of farming and the agricultural industry.

Relationship Status

Cole The Cornstar is happily married to Hneiva Uranga, better known as Nave. The couple tied the knot in March 2023, after being in a loving relationship since 2019. Nave is also a YouTuber, and she shares her life through vlogs on her channel. It’s heartwarming to see how much they support and cherish each other, as they frequently post about their adventures and love for one another on social media.

Cole The Cornstar is wearing a black suit with pink tie whereas, Nave is wearing a pink dress.
Cole The Cornstar with his wife, Nave (Source: Nave Instagram @hneivaaaa)

How Cole and Nave met is kind of cute. She was going to school, never imagining that this moment would change her life. She accidentally took a corner too fast and got stuck in a snowbank. Luckily, he happened to be walking on the same sidewalk and noticed her predicament. He knocked on her car window and offered his help. She eagerly accepted, and with his strength and determination, he pushed her car right out of the snow.

Afterward, as Cole and Nave were still partway to campus, He asked if she was going there too, prompting her to request a ride. The two got to know each other during the ride, and after they parted ways, he smoothly messaged her on Instagram, sharing his number and offering to help again if she ever got stuck. This is how it all started for the two.

Net Worth Of The Farming YouTuber

The estimated net worth of Cole The Cornstar is around $300,000, which he has earned through multiple income sources. His primary sources of income are YouTube and farming. He owns his farm called Cornstar Farms, which adds to his earnings. Additionally, he sells merchandise like socks, hoodies, shirts, stickers, and other items related to his brand, further contributing to his financial success.

On YouTube, Cole receives an average of 150,000 views per video, and he uploads around 4 videos every month. With such a substantial viewership, he makes at least $10,800 per month from ad revenue alone. Through his hard work and dedication, he has managed to build a successful career as a YouTuber and farmer, showcasing the potential of the agriculture and content creation industries.

Cole The Cornstar Has Experienced Fatherhood

Cole The Cornstar has embraced the joys of fatherhood, as he and Neva welcomed their son Edward, lovingly referred to as “The littlest Cornstar,” in January 2023. While he hasn’t posted much about his son on his social media, his wife is a proud and doting mother who loves sharing their journey with the world.

Edward is crawling as he is smiling.
Cole The Cornstar’s son, Edward (Source: Neva Instagram @hneivaaaa)

Neva frequently posts about Edward, capturing precious moments through vlogs and documenting their child’s growth and milestones. The couple’s followers have been delighted to witness this new chapter in their lives, and her vlogs provide a heartwarming glimpse into the joys and challenges of raising their son together. Their son has undoubtedly become a source of immense happiness and love for the couple, and their parenting journey continues to be an inspiring and cherished aspect of their online presence.

Education Background

Cole has an impressive educational background, being a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. During his time at the university, he pursued a major in finance. Despite his passion for farming and his family’s agricultural legacy, he recognized the importance of obtaining a formal education. He chose to study finance to expand his knowledge.

Cole’s academic journey equipped him with valuable skills in financial management and analysis, which have proven to be valuable assets in his farming endeavors. Combining his educational background with his hands-on experience in agriculture, he has been able to approach farming with a well-rounded perspective, making informed decisions that benefit his farm and business. His dedication to both his education and farming career showcases his commitment to continuous learning and growth.

The YouTuber’s Farm Life

The YouTuber, Cole The Cornstar, lives a fulfilling farm life as the founder of Cornstar Farms. Hailing from Central Iowa, farming is deeply rooted in his family’s heritage, with his father, affectionately known as Daddy Cornstar, and brother, Cooper, all working together on the family’s 1,700-acre farm.

Cole The Cornstar is cleaning the mud.
Cole The Cornstar working at his farm (Source: Cole The Cornstar Instagram @colethecornstar)

As a fourth-generation family farmer, Cole embraces an old-fashioned work ethic, valuing hard work and dedication to the land. However, he also has an innovative approach to agricultural technology and practices. He utilizes various Ag Leader products to optimize his farm’s efficiency, integrating cutting-edge technology into his operation.

With each passing year, Cole continues to expand and integrate new technologies into his farm, embracing the advancements in agriculture to enhance productivity and sustainability as mentioned in Ag Leader. His passion for farming and commitment to staying at the forefront of agricultural practices shine through both on his YouTube channel and in his everyday life on the farm.

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Cole’s Dream As A YouTuber

As a YouTuber, Cole’s dream is to educate the world about the true efforts and dedication it takes to feed the world. His vision is to shed light on the realities of farming and showcase the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. Through his YouTube channel, his mission is to inspire others to pursue their dreams with unyielding determination and unwavering passion. He believes that dreams can come true if you put your mind to it and take action.

Cole wants to be an example for young people, showing them that with persistence and hard work, they can achieve anything they set their minds to. His advice to aspiring agricultural advocates is to start a YouTube channel. He believes it’s an excellent platform for farmers to share their knowledge, experiences, and love for farming. By doing so, they can connect with a broader audience and provide valuable insights into the world of agriculture, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the essential work that farmers do.

About Cole’s YouTube Channel

Cole’s YouTube channel, aptly named “Cole The Cornstar,” is dedicated to showcasing the world of farming. He joined YouTube on October 1, 2018, and since then, his channel has flourished, attracting loyal audience. With over 546,000 subscribers and an impressive library of more than 700 videos, he has amassed a staggering total of more than 188 million views on his channel.

One of Cole’s most popular videos, titled “THE FIRST CLEANING IN 40 YEARS?!” has garnered more than 3 million views, resonating with viewers worldwide. Through his engaging content, he takes viewers on captivating journey into the agricultural world, offering insights into farming practices, sharing his experiences, and providing valuable knowledge about the industry. His dedication to his craft and genuine passion for farming shines through in his videos, making him a beloved figure in the YouTube community.

The idea to start his YouTube channel, Cole The Cornstar, had been brewing in Cole’s mind since he was a child. However, back then, he didn’t believe that people would find the daily challenges of farming interesting. It was during his college days when he realized that many people were curious about farm life, especially during the winter season. He thought that if even some locals in Iowa were unaware of farm activities, then people around the world might also be in the dark as mentioned in an article from Des Moines Register.

This realization motivated Cole to share his farming experiences and knowledge with a wider audience through his YouTube channel. He found inspiration from other farming YouTubers, with Millennial Farmer being one of his biggest influences. Seeing the success and impact of other agricultural content creators encouraged him to take the leap and start his channel, hoping to educate and entertain viewers about the world of farming. As his channel grew in popularity, it became evident that people were indeed interested in learning about the fascinating and challenging world of farming through his engaging and informative videos.


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