Wranglerstar, whose real name is Cody Croner, is a popular YouTuber known for his engaging content centered around various aspects of country living. He affectionately refers to himself as the “professional homeowner,” and his channel has gained a massive following due to its diverse range of videos.

From entertaining vlogs showcasing his daily life on the homestead to testing and reviewing survival kits, the Wranglestar channel offers something for everyone. One of the things that make his content special is his dedication to providing valuable advice and tips to his viewers. His down-to-earth and approachable personality has made him a beloved figure in the YouTube community, inspiring many to embrace the charm and challenges of country living.

Croner’s Relationship Status

Cody Croner, the well-known YouTuber Wranglerstar, is happily married to his beloved wife, Jessica Rogers, fondly referred to as Mrs. W. Their strong bond is evident in the way they often appear together on his YouTube channel. She plays an essential role in the videos, adding a delightful and heartwarming touch to the content. It’s evident that they make a great team, and their shared passion for country living and outdoor adventures is infectious.

Jessica Rogers and Cody Croner are holding the book as they are chatting, sitting in the garden.
Cody Croner with his wife, Jessica Rogers (Source: Wranglerstar YouTube Channel)

In addition to sharing insights about their love life and offering advice to men on meeting women’s expectations, Mrs. W emphasizes the importance of supporting one’s spouse and being present at important events. She has shared a touching story about a friend who felt disappointed and unsupported when her husband didn’t show up to cheer her on during a race. She is grateful for Croner who is always there to support her during her races, providing her with encouragement and motivation.

Even during a recent half-marathon training run where she forgot some essential items, Mrs. W persevered and showed determination. The family later enjoys a delightful breakfast at a coffee house in Astoria while waiting for her to complete her race. When she finishes the half-marathon, Cody and their son Jack enthusiastically cheer her on, further reinforcing the importance of being there for each other in times of celebration and accomplishment. This is the secret of Wranglerstar’s successful married life.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

Wranglerstar, whose real name is Cody Croner, is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million. While his exact income from YouTube remains undisclosed, it is his primary source of earnings. In addition to his YouTube channel, he engages in paid promotions for various companies, including GoDark Bags, Premier Body Armor, Amsoil, and Genesis Gold Group.

Furthermore, Wranglerstar has ventured into the business of food supply kits and offers his product called “My Patriot Supply.” With his successful YouTube channel and other business endeavors, he has built a significant net worth and continues to thrive in the online space. He has found good financial success through his YouTube Channel.

Has Two Kids

Wranglerstar, a father of two children, has a son named Jack Croner and a daughter he lovingly calls, Baby Dee. Jack is the older of the two siblings and has been seen in his videos. His son even tried his hand at creating a YouTube channel, but he eventually deleted it. Despite their online presence, Croner’s family life has been maintained low-key, enjoying their time together in nature and pursuing their interests.

Jack Croner is holding Baby Dee and smiling for the camera.
Cody Croner’s kids, Jack Croner and Baby Dee (Source: Wranglerstar YouTube Channel)

Croners value their privacy and prefer to focus on spending quality time as a family. He takes pride in being a loving and supportive father, and he often shares moments of joy and adventure with his kids on his YouTube channel. Their family bond is evident, and they cherish every moment they have together.

Has Done Some Writing Works As Well

In addition to his YouTube presence, Wranglerstar has also ventured into writing and authored a book titled, Modern Homesteading: Rediscovering the American Dream. This book delves into their journey, sharing valuable insights into what has worked for them and what hasn’t while pursuing a homesteading lifestyle. He candidly discusses their experiences, including the mistakes they’ve made, so readers can learn from them.

The book offers practical techniques that can be applied in various aspects of life, from managing a home to tending a garden, and it comes complete with beautiful full-color photos that enhance the reading experience as mentioned on its Amazon page. Published on October 1, 2015, “Modern Homesteading” serves as a guide for those seeking to embrace the homesteading lifestyle and make meaningful changes to their daily lives. Through his writing, Wranglerstar continues to share his passion for self-sufficiency and sustainable living with a wider audience.

About Wranglestar’s YouTube Career

Wranglerstar’s YouTube career began on September 9, 2010, when he joined the platform with a passion for sharing his off-grid homesteading journey. Two days later, he posted his oldest video titled “Off Grid Homestead Project ‘Clearing The Land,” which marked the start of his engaging content creation.

Cody Croner is chopping the tree using chainsaw.
Cody Croner’s first YouTube Video (Source: Wranglerstar YouTube Channel)

Since then, Wranglerstar has amassed an impressive following, with over 2.4 million subscribers and a staggering 1 billion views on his channel. His videos cover a wide range of topics, including vlogs that offer insights into his daily life on the homestead, testing survival tools and equipment, providing valuable life advice, marriage advice, and financial guidance.

Among his many contributions to YouTube, Wranglerstar became particularly renowned for his thorough testing of survival kits, earning the admiration and trust of his audience for his expertise in this field. Through his informative and entertaining content, he has become a prominent figure in the homesteading and survivalist communities, inspiring and educating millions of viewers along the way.

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Gave Up On City Life

Wranglerstar’s decision to leave city life behind and venture into the untamed wilderness with his wife, Jessica, was a life-changing one. They chose a beautiful piece of undeveloped land nestled in the mountainous foothills of the Pacific Northwest to start their new journey. Initially, their documented adventure began as a way to share their experiences with friends and family through videos.

As time went on, Cody Croner’s channel expanded, transitioning from frugal DIY projects to a diverse range of content. Today, his YouTube channel offers much more than just DIY tips; it has evolved into a valuable resource for all aspects of homeownership. From practical advice for “professional homeowners” to daily vlogs that give viewers a glimpse into their farm life and various off-grid adventures, He has created a thriving community that embraces their ethos of self-sufficiency and living in harmony with nature.

Why Was Wranglestar Fired From The US Forest Service?

Wranglerstar’s termination from the U.S. Forest Service in 2022 stirred up considerable attention and support from his followers. The reason behind his firing was quite unusual – he featured his 12-year-old son wearing his Forest Service hard hat with the logo in a YouTube video. The video aimed to demonstrate how to safely teach young boys how to use a chainsaw. However, this action led to his dismissal from his job as mentioned in an article from Distractify.

Many people found this decision to be questionable, as they believed that it was unfair to penalize Cody Croner for such a seemingly harmless act. His loyal fan base rallied behind him, showing their support and voicing their disagreement with the Forest Service’s decision. Despite this setback, his determination and passion for sharing valuable content on his YouTube channel remain unwavering, and he continues to inspire and educate his viewers with his expertise in homesteading, survival skills, and more.


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