CNN correspondent, Becky Anderson’s personal life is quite mysterious. Her ceaseless hush about the husband and married life has made her fans even more curious to know what’s under the wrap.

A famous television journalist of the recent time, Becky is generally perceived as the anchor of Connect the World of CNN.

Although being a popular media figure, she has kept her personal life stories very close to her that it is not even known if she is married or single. The 48 years old CNN correspondent has never been in the news for dating or getting engaged to any guy, making it impossible for us to speculate if she will ever marry or not. 

Becky completed her graduation from University of Sussex from where she held Bachelor’s degree with majoring in Economics and French. Later she studied Mass Communication from Arizona State University. 


Becky made her breakthrough when she started to present CNN Network’s prominent show World Business Morning. Afterward the success, she has interviewed many renowned personalities like Lady Gaga, Brad Pitts, President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, Tom Hanks and so on.

No doubt, Becky Anderson is a renowned face in the media industry whose work has been liked by a number of audiences. The viewers’ growing admiration towards Becky has made them interested to know about her personal stories which Becky has tactfully hidden from the media. 

Well, the true relationship status of Becky Anderson has remained and will continue to remain a mystery to her fans. But, other news and updates are available on her Twitter @BeckyCNN.