Clifton James Net Worth

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Clifton James - Info

Name George Clifton James
Profession Actor
Gender Male
Birthday May 29, 1921
Age 95 Years Old
Star Sign Cancer

One of the most renowned actors in the history of the American acting field, Clifton James who is commonly known as Cliff has been the heartthrob of the nation of over a decade now. Setting up a respective identity from the film 007 and then going on with the roles in the shows like Kate and Allie and Brooklyn South was the major outlook of James's life. Not only this, he has graced the famous series like Letter of the Law, Charade, Tunnel of Love, and Comeback with a guest appearance that has got him many acclaims from his critics.

Born on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California to the famous James couple, Clifton was said to have had the instincts of acting in him from his early childhood. James is of American nationality yet had not spent considerable time on his home town for his father had to settle on different states as his career demanded him to do so. James had to put up his mature face from his early 15's as his family had to bear a heavy loss financially. His younger brother did state James as their guardian beside their father as he was the first child of the two. He did continue with his education and joined the acting business later.

James's role as Orville Peterjohn on the hit series Kidco was his breakthrough as an actor. His role was famous even among his critics who did applause him for his dedication towards acting. Then James was able to play distinct roles whether be like that of Butch Love maiden on Reivers or Cliff on the famous Comeback. His acting skill then led him to grab the challenging role in the film Unforgettable where he got nominated and later awarded in the Teen Choice Awards.

Clifton James's net-worth is under review and it has been known that a part of his income has been used to and for the charity that Clifton thinks will inspire the children who possess the extraordinary talents. 

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