Cleetus McFarland is a versatile guy from the USA. He’s not just a racer, but he’s also a popular YouTuber who talks about cars and stuff. And you know what? He’s got this cool hobby where he flies airplanes, just like a beginner trying to learn the ropes. But that’s not all! He’s also into radio-controlled planes, which are like little flying toys that he enjoys playing with. So, Cleetus is like a triple threat – a racer, a YouTuber, and a pilot, and he’s having a blast doing it all!

McFarland might sound like a cool online name, but in real life, his name is Garrett Mitchell. He was born on April 5, 1995, and his birth sign is Aries. He hails from Omaha, Nebraska, in the USA. That’s where he started his journey to becoming the famous Cleetus we all know and love today.

McFarland Is A Happily Married Man

Cleetus McFarland’s not just a famous guy in the world of cars and racing, he’s also a happily married man. His lovely wife goes by the name Madison Mitchell, but the car racer lovingly calls her Madi. These two lovebirds tied the knot on December 18, 2021, in what must have been a truly special day for them.

Cleetus McFarland and Madison Mitchell are posing for the picture out in the field.
Cleetus McFarland with his wife, Madison Mitchell (Source: Madison Mitchell Instagram @themadimitchell)

Cleetus proposed to Madison on April 5th, 2021, which was a meaningful date because it was also his birthday. It seems like their love story began back in 2019, and since then, they’ve been going strong together, making memories and sharing their adventures. Wishing this couple lots of happiness in their journey together! They have even documented their wedding and posted it on his YouTube channel.

Net Worth Of The Automotive YouTuber

Cleetus McFarland has been doing pretty well for himself, with an estimated net worth of around $1.8 million. He’s a clever guy, and he’s made his money from various sources. One big chunk comes from his YouTube channel, where he shares all his car adventures and fun stuff with his fans. But that’s not all – he also makes money from his events at the Freedom Factory. Besides he also does sponsorships and merch sells.

McFarland is a real YouTube champ! He’s always busy creating and sharing content with his fans, putting out an impressive 16 videos on average each month. And guess what? People love watching his videos, with around 800,000 views on average for each one. Now, here’s where it gets exciting – just from the ads that play before and during his videos, he rakes in about $200,000 every month.

Cleetus isn’t just about YouTube and ad revenue. He’s a smart businessman too! His Freedom Factory events are a big hit, and he sells tickets to those, adding to his income. But that’s not all he’s got up his sleeve. You can grab some cool merchandise from his store, like sunglasses, stickers, t-shirts, and even spray wax for your car. So, he’s got a whole shop of goodies for his fans to enjoy and show their support.

McFarland knows how to keep the excitement going! Besides everything else he does, he’s got Cleeter Vision, which is like your ticket to exclusive race shows. Imagine being able to pay a little extra to watch thrilling events like the 2023 Bristol 1000, the crazy Bristol Burnout Rivals, and the heart-pounding Indy 800. The money they charge for these PPV events has also helped his net worth.

Has Experienced Fatherhood

McFarland has some exciting family news to share too! He’s already a proud father to a little boy named Ripper McFarland, who was born on November 13, 2022. But the family is about to get even bigger and busier because they have a baby girl on the way! This little bundle of joy is expected to make her grand entrance into the world in March 2024.

Ripper McFarland is riding the tricycle.
Cleetus McFarland’s son, Ripper McFarland (Source: Madison Mitchell Instagram @themadimitchell)

It’s a beautiful journey for Cleetus and his family, and they’re all eagerly waiting to welcome their new addition. Parenthood is an incredible adventure, and it looks like he is in for double the fun with both a son and a daughter! His wife, Madison loves posting about their kids on her Instagram.

The Car Enthusiast Has Studied Law

Cleetus is more than just a car enthusiast; he’s got a bit of a legal brain too! He went to the University of Tampa for his undergrad studies, and guess what he majored in? Law!

So, not only does McFarland know how to have a blast on the racetrack and entertain us on YouTube, but he’s also got some knowledge about the ins and outs of the legal world. It’s pretty cool to see how someone can have such diverse interests and talents. Cleetus McFarland, the lawyer, and the car guy – quite the combination!

Some Information On McFarland’s YouTube Channel

McFarland’s YouTube channel is a big deal in the automotive world. He’s been sharing his passion for cars and racing since he joined YouTube on June 9, 2009. That’s a pretty long time, and it shows his dedication to bringing awesome content to his fans. Speaking of fans, he’s got quite a following, with over 3.27 million subscribers who eagerly await his videos. And they’ve been watching a lot because his channel has racked up an incredible 1.3 billion views in total.

Two workers are checking the bottom portion of the modified white car.
Cleetus McFarland’s team working on a car (Source: Cleetus McFarland Instagram @garrett_1320video)

Cleetus’s YouTube journey goes way back! His very first video, titled “RC Boat Proboat Formula Fastech Brushless Crash,” was uploaded on June 29, 2009. It’s like a little time capsule from the early days of his channel. His most popular video to date is a real hit, titled “TURBO EXHAUST WHISTLES vs. 841hp CORVETTE!” That video has gathered a whopping 14 million views!  His YouTube journey has been a wild ride!

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Life Before Fame

Before becoming the famous Cleetus McFarland we know today, Garrett had a life that was quite different. Back in the day, before his YouTube channel, he was uploading automotive content for 1320Video, as mentioned in an article from Drive and Review. It was a bit like his early days in the car world.

At that time, McFarland was also juggling another gig, running their social media. But it was mostly just a way to make some extra cash on the side. He was a full-time student back then, balancing his studies with his growing passion for cars. It just goes to show that everyone starts somewhere, and his journey from a student with a side hustle to a YouTube sensation is truly inspiring.

Has Seen His Fair Share Of Controversies

Cleetus’s journey hasn’t been without its share of controversies. One notable incident was when he organized a massive live event in Florida, even when the world was grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of people attended, and there wasn’t much social distancing happening. To make things more controversial, he posted a video where he downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19, suggesting it was being exaggerated by the media.

McFarland also found himself in hot water when accusations emerged that he might have tried to hide the serious injuries of a participant in one of his car shows, “Cleetus and Cars.” Parker Whitlock, a driver, unfortunately, suffered third-degree burns when a radiator hose exploded during the event, as mentioned in an article from The Drive. This incident raised concerns about how it was handled and whether the injuries were promptly and transparently reported.

How Did Garett Come Up With Cleetus McFarland’s Persona?

Ever wondered how Garrett came up with the whole Cleetus McFarland persona? Well, it was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment thing! Back in 2015, while filming at an automotive event, he decided to have some fun and create this character with a redneck-style accent and wardrobe to match. It all happened during a segment featuring a seriously tricked-out Camaro.

Little did Garrett know that this playful persona would turn into something big. He uploaded the video, and guess what? It went viral! And just like that, the legend of McFarland was born.


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