Clay Hayes is a popular YouTuber who gained recognition as the winner of “Alone” season 8. His YouTube channel focuses on sharing valuable insights into traditional archery, the art of crafting bows, the skill of recurve bow hunting, as well as teaching bushcraft techniques and survival skills. With a passion for connecting with nature and embracing ancient practices, he captivates his audience by showcasing his expertise in these diverse fields.

Through his engaging videos, Hayes not only educates his viewers but also inspires them to learn and appreciate the wisdom of traditional outdoor skills. Whether you’re interested in mastering archery, building your bow, or enhancing your wilderness survival abilities, his channel is a treasure trove of knowledge and adventure.

Relationship Status Of Alone Season 8 Winner

Clay Hayes is happily married to Elizabeth Shultz Hayes who also goes by Liz Hayes. They tied the knot on a special day, August 23, 2003, in Florida. It’s quite a heartwarming love story as they first crossed paths when they were just 17 years old. Their journey from teenage sweethearts to life partners is truly inspiring. She shares many interests with her husband, and her hobbies include gardening, cooking, foraging, and hunting. She has a green thumb and finds joy in nurturing plants, creating delicious meals, and exploring the outdoors for wild edibles. Adding to her diverse talents, she is also a part owner at Twisted Stave Media.

Clay and Liz Hayes are taking a selfie with a lake and a sunset in the background.
Clay Hayes and his wife, Liz Hayes ( Liz Hayes Instagram @lifelikelizzy)

Before her current role and diverse interests, Liz has held several noteworthy positions. She once worked as a Radiology Technologist at Gritman Medical Center, where she contributed her skills to help diagnose and treat patients using advanced medical imaging. She also took on the role of a Mail Carrier at the US Postal Service, playing a crucial part in ensuring timely and accurate mail delivery within her community.

Additionally, Liz has a background in medical technology, having served as a CT and X-ray Tech at Pioneer Community Hospital of Aberdeen, where she operated specialized equipment to capture detailed images that aid in medical diagnoses. Her journey also led her to work as an X-ray Tech at West Florida Regional Med Ctr, where she continued to utilize her expertise in medical imaging technology.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

Clay Hayes has achieved a notable net worth, estimated at around $1 million. His primary source of income stems from his successful YouTube channel, where he regularly shares his expertise and passion for traditional archery, bow building, hunting, and survival skills. With an impressive work ethic, she consistently uploads around four videos each month, drawing an average of 100,000 views per video. This substantial viewership translates to a monthly ad revenue of at least $7,200, highlighting his significant online presence.

Additionally, Hayes extends his offerings through an online shop where he sells merchandise, bow-related equipment, skill-enhancing DVDs, handbooks, and various other products. Moreover, his participation in the reality TV show “Alone” not only added to his fame but also contributed to his financial success. His multifaceted income streams and dedication to his passions have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his commendable net worth.

Father Of Two Kids

Hayes takes on the role of a devoted father to his two sons, named Coye Hayes and Fen Hayes as mentioned on History Website. In a unique and enriching approach to education, he and his wife Liz have chosen to homeschool their children. This decision allows them to instill valuable life skills and a deep appreciation for nature within their sons. The family’s homestead serves as a nurturing environment where the kids can thrive.

Liz, Coye, and Fen Hayes are swimming in the river with their dog.
Clay Hayes kid’s, Coye, and Fen Hayes (Source: Liz Hayes Instagram @lifelikelizzy)

Engaging in activities like hunting, fishing, foraging, and tending to a bountiful garden, the family bonds over their shared connection to the land. This upbringing provides Coye and Fen with a firsthand understanding of the natural world and instills a strong sense of self-reliance. Clay and Liz prioritize raising their boys in harmony with the earth, fostering a practical knowledge of the outdoors and enduring respect for the environment.

About Hayes YouTube Channel

Clay Hayes’ YouTube channel has been a hub of valuable insights and engaging content since its inception on August 23, 2009. With a dedicated following, the channel boasts an impressive total of over 49.6 million views and has garnered the support of more than 366,000 subscribers. A testament to his expertise and captivating approach, the most popular video on his channel titled “Is this the BEST Survival Bow? – Penobscot Primitive Bow” has captured the attention of viewers worldwide, amassing an impressive 3.3 million views.

The channel itself is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering a wide range of content focused on traditional archery, the art of crafting bows, the thrill of recurve bow hunting, essential bushcraft techniques, and indispensable survival skills. Hayes’s passion for these subjects shines through in his videos, as he imparts his wisdom and encourages his audience to explore and embrace the world of outdoor adventure and self-sufficiency.

Winner Of Alone Season 8

Hayes emerged as the triumphant winner of “Alone” Season 8, showcasing remarkable resilience and survival skills during his awe-inspiring 74-day journey at Chilko Lake, British Columbia. His indomitable spirit shone through as he encountered and successfully managed daunting challenges, including a heart-stopping encounter with a charging grizzly bear. With unwavering determination, he even tracked a formidable mountain lion, demonstrating his ability to navigate the wild terrain.

A testament to his expertise, Hayes stood as the sole participant to achieve the feat of hunting down a deer, as mentioned in an article from Entertainment Weekly, showcasing his profound connection with nature and primal hunting instincts. In recognition of his exceptional performance, he rightfully earned the coveted prize of $500,000, a reflection of his mastery of the art of survival and his remarkable triumph over the wilderness.

During his time on the show, Hayes experienced a period of depression that started around day 50 due to isolation, slow starvation, and inactivity. However, he found the motivation to overcome it when he realized that his actions would be seen by his sons, Coye and Fen. Determined to set a positive example for them, he shifted his perspective, helping him to push through the tough times and stay focused on his goals which eventually made him the winner of season 8.

Hayes continued to showcase his skills and passion in another exciting venture, participating in “Alone: The Skills Challenge” in 2022. This engaging 12-episode show brought together former contestants of the show to compete in various building challenges. It was a unique opportunity for these seasoned survivalists to put their expertise to the test, demonstrating their ingenuity and resourcefulness in constructing essential tools and structures.

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Education Background

Hayes has a strong educational background that reflects his passion for the natural world. He pursued his studies at various institutions, including Mississippi State University, where he delved into the realm of Wildlife Science, ultimately graduating in the Class of 2007. Before that, he enriched his knowledge at the University of Florida, graduating in the Class of 2003 with a focus on Natural Resources.

Previously, Hayes in his pursuit of knowledge, had studied at the University of West Florida, further expanding his expertise. His dedication to education is evident even from his earlier years, as he attended Pace High School and continued his learning journey at Pensacola Junior College in Pensacola, FL. Through his diverse educational experiences, he has cultivated a deep understanding of the natural world, which he passionately shares through his endeavors in traditional archery, survival skills, and outdoor exploration.

Lives Life As A Hunter

Clay Hayes has immersed himself in the life of a hunter, a path that was deeply influenced by his upbringing in the tranquil and rustic pine woods of northwest Florida. His formative years were spent refining his hunting, fishing, and trapping skills, instilling in him a profound connection with the land and a fascination for the self-sufficient lifestyle of hunter/gatherer cultures. Growing up in the heart of the Florida wilderness, he tirelessly practiced the primitive skills that captivated his imagination from those resourceful cultures.

Clay Hayes is aiming the arrow with his bow to the sky.
Clay Hayes trying out the Cable backed bows (Source: Clay Hayes Instagram @clayhayeshunter)

This dedication led Hayes down the path of becoming a wildlife biologist, affording him the privilege of working in some of the most remote and breathtaking landscapes across the lower 48 states. However, in 2017, he made a significant shift, departing from his biology career to focus entirely on sharing his expertise in primitive bow building and archery. With his inaugural successful bow crafted in 1999, he has become a driving force in introducing countless individuals to the world of traditional and primitive archery.


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