Chrysti Eigenberg, the lovely wife of actor David Eigenberg, adds her touch of sparkle to their Hollywood journey. David recognized for his roles in popular movies and TV shows such as “Sex and the City,” “A Perfect Murder,” and “Chicago Fire,” has found a pillar of support and love in Chrysti.

Chrysti, born in 1967, is a master of keeping her life low-key and away from the prying eyes of the public. In a world where attention often follows fame, she has chosen a different path, embracing a quiet existence that allows her to relish life’s simple joys. Despite being the wife of the renowned actor, she has successfully navigated the fine line between privacy and the demands of the entertainment industry.

Married Life With David Eigenberg

Chrysti Eigenberg’s journey into married life with David Eigenberg is a charming tale of love and serendipity. The couple exchanged vows at the enchanting Russian Samovar in Manhattan in 2002, creating a memory that would forever be etched in the fabric of their lives. Their love story had its beginnings in a different setting – a military installation in Virginia, where she was stationed at the time.

Chrysti and David Eigenberg are smiling hugging each other.
Chrysti Eigenberg with her husband, David Eigenberg (Source: David Eigenberg Instagram @davideigenberg)

It was in this unlikely place that David first laid eyes on her, describing the moment with a twinkle in his eye, “I saw this woman with her little black beret, and she was just amazing.” In the tapestry of their shared history, this chance encounter set the stage for a romance that would blossom into a lifelong commitment.

Wasn’t Impressed With David Initially

Chrysti Eigenberg wasn’t swayed by David’s celebrity charm, in the early days. She saw beyond the glitz of his fame and initially, wasn’t too keen on striking up a conversation with him. Faced with this challenge, he enlisted the help of a mutual friend to vouch for his character and share some positive insights about him with Chrysti.

After some convincing, Chrysti agreed to spend a day with David in New York, and to everyone’s delight, the connection between them was instantaneous. It turned out that the real magic happened when they got to know each other beyond the surface. The couple’s journey took a surprising turn when the actor, completely smitten, proposed after only three months of dating.

The Challenging Second Year of Marriage

Chrysti and David faced a significant hurdle during their second year of marriage, and the actor openly shared the challenges in an interview with Cosmo TV. He revealed that the second year was undeniably tough, admitting, “We fought, I think for a year straight, it was awful.” Despite the struggles, he highlighted a profound truth about relationships—that amidst the storms, there is an opportunity for growth and resilience.

Chrysti and David Eigenberg are posing together at the red carpet.
Chrysti and David Eigenberg at an event (Source: David Eigenberg Instagram @davideigenberg)

David acknowledged that when the dust finally settled, and he and Chrysti were able to forgive each other and communicate, there was a profound strength that emerged. Their candid acknowledgment of the difficulties faced during that time sheds light on the reality that even strong relationships have their trials, but overcoming them can lead to a deeper and more meaningful connection.

Net Worth Status

Chrysti Eigenberg, with a penchant for keeping her details private, has chosen to keep her net worth information under wraps. On the other hand, her husband, David Eigenberg, has achieved notable success in his acting career, accumulating a net worth estimated at $6 million, similar to Sebastian Bear McClard. His primary income source is attributed to his impressive body of work in the entertainment industry. While specific details about his salary remain undisclosed, he has left a mark on the screen with roles in shows and movies like “Chicago Fire” and the iconic “Sex and the City.”

Nestled in the heart of Cook County, Chicago, Chrysti and David call a charming residence their home. The couple’s abode is located at 1638 West Bloomingdale Avenue. Acquiring the property in 2014, the Eigenbergs invested in a haven that spans 2,119 square feet, boasting four bedrooms and two baths.

Chrysti Has Experienced Motherhood

Chrysti has gracefully embraced the beautiful journey of motherhood, a role that adds a new dimension to her life beyond the glitz of Hollywood. Her firstborn, a son named Louie Steven Eigenberg, made his debut into the world in January 2009, bringing joy and laughter to the Eigenberg household.

Louie Steven Eigenberg is looking at the boat from the beach as his face is not visible.
Chrysti Eigenberg’s son, Louie Steven Eigenberg (Source: David Eigenberg Instagram @davideigenberg)

Later, in a celebration of life and love, Chrysti and David welcomed their second child, a daughter named Myrna Belle Eigenberg, on January 31, 2014. While the specifics about her children remain guarded, it’s evident that she treasures the precious moments shared with her little ones. The privacy surrounding her children reflects her commitment to safeguarding their lives from the public eye, allowing them to grow and flourish in a nurturing environment.

The Chicago Promise

Chrysti Eigenberg, despite her husband David’s deep ties to Chicago, initially wasn’t a fan of the Windy City. David, sharing a glimpse into their decision-making process, explained, “I brought my wife back with me because my folks were here. She got one taste of the winter here, and as mentioned in West Suburban Living:

‘I’ll move anywhere with you for your job, but don’t make me move back to Chicago.’ And that’s the only thing I’ve ever promised my wife in the 13 years we’ve been married.

However, when the opportunity to star in “Chicago Fire” arose, a tough decision lay ahead. Finances played a role, and David, being pragmatic, presented two options to Chrysti: sell their Burbank house or embark on a new adventure in Chicago. She chose Chicago. This decision not only marked a pivotal point in his career but also underscored the couple’s shared commitment to each other and their willingness to embrace change for the sake of their family.

Supporting Her Husband’s Return to ‘Sex and the City’

David Eigenberg found himself at a crossroads when considering the opportunity to reprise his role as Steve Brady from the “Sex and the City” series in the film adaptation. The decision took shape during a significant moment – the couple’s fifth-anniversary dinner. As he and Chrysti savored the evening, three enthusiastic women at a nearby table expressed their excitement seeing him.

The contagious joy and nostalgia from these fans resonated with Chrysti, who, at that moment, encouraged her husband, David to take on the role. Her sentiment was clear, “David, for that reason alone, you have to do it,” as mentioned in an article from Entertainment Weekly. This heartwarming incident not only added a delightful touch to their anniversary celebration but also became a catalyst for his return to a beloved character.

About David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg, a versatile actor celebrated for his compelling performances, has etched his mark in the entertainment industry through iconic roles. Widely recognized as Steve Brady in the acclaimed series “Sex and the City” and as Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann in the hit show “Chicago Fire,” his talent spans diverse genres.

A proud alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Chrysti’s husband graduated in the Class of 1986 (the year Sherrill Sajak split up with Pat Sajak), laying the foundation for a successful career in acting. Interestingly, before gracing the screen, he served as a Marine, adding a layer of discipline and dedication to his life journey. His multifaceted background, blending military service with theatrical training, underscores the depth and authenticity he brings to each of his roles, making him a respected figure both on and off the screen.


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