Christi Pirro is the daughter of Jeanine Pirro. Her mother, Jeanine, has an impressive resume, having served as a former District Attorney and Judge. She is also well-known as the host of the TV show “Judge Jeanine Pirro” and is currently a Co-Host of “The Five.”

Christi, born on June 23, 1985, falls under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Born in New York, she shares her birthday with many others who fall under the nurturing and empathetic traits of the Cancer sign.

Married Life of Christi

Christi Pirro’s married life is happily intertwined with Zak Schwarzman. The couple exchanged vows on August 19, 2017, marking the beginning of their journey together. Their wedding was a special affair, taking place on House Island, a private island nestled in the scenic Portland Harbor.

Christi Pirro and Zak Schwarzman are holding hands smiling and looking at each other.
Christi Pirro and Zak Schwarzman at their wedding (Source: Jeanine Pirro Instagram @judge_jeanine)

Choosing such a unique and beautiful location suggests that Christi and Zak value intimacy. The couple are now creating lasting memories together.

About Christi’s Husband

Zak Schwarzman, a General Partner, has pursued an impressive educational journey that spans across different continents. After completing his Bachelor’s in Political Economy and Business from Tulane University in 2005, he took a unique path by taking a break from school for six years.

Schwarzman serves as a General Partner at MetaProp NYC, in New York. His professional journey is complemented by a robust academic background. After a hiatus from formal education, he decided to further his knowledge and skills by enrolling at Colombia Business School, where he pursued a Master of Business Administration with a focus on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship from 2011 to 2013.

Before his time at Colombia Business School, Zak attended Tulane University from 2001 to 2005, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Political Economy and Business. Demonstrating a commitment to global learning, he then ventured abroad, enrolling at The London School of Economics and Political Science. There, he specialized in Political Economy, concentrating on Law and Policy.

Has A Brother

Christi Pirro’s family extends beyond herself, including her brother Alexander Pirro. He was born on March 23, 1989. Alexander took an academic journey that initially led him to Fordham University School of Law in 2011 and 2012. Although he did not complete law school, he made a significant shift in his career path, opting to explore the field of business.

Jeanine and Alexander Pirro are posing together at the red carpet event.
Jeanine Pirro with her son, Alexander Pirro (Source: Jeanine Pirro Instagram @judge_jeanine)

Currently serving as the Vice President at the Macquarie Group, Alexander specializes in commercial real estate lending. His educational background includes attending the New York University Stern School of Business, where he successfully graduated in 2011.

Notably, Alexander broadened his horizons by studying abroad at the London School of Economics as part of a program through NYU. His diverse academic experiences and his role at the Macquarie Group highlight his versatility and success in the business realm, demonstrating the importance of exploring different paths to find one’s professional calling.

Parents Are No Longer Together

Christi’s parents, Albert Pirro and Jeanine Pirro were once a married couple. They had tied the knot in 1975. They initially crossed paths at Albany Law School, where their journey together began. Unfortunately, their relationship faced challenges, leading to their separation in 2007. The couple officially divorced six years later in 2013.

The dissolution of Christi’s parent’s marriage was marked by a difficult period, as Albert Pirro had an affair with paralegal Jessica Hutchinson, who worked at a Florida Firm. This extramarital relationship led to the birth of Jaclyn Marciano. The complexities within the Pirro family highlight the personal struggles and dynamics that can unfold, underscoring the resilience needed to navigate such intricate situations.

What is Christi Piro’s Net Worth?

Christi Pirro has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has carved her professional niche as a bankruptcy attorney. While specific details about her income remain undisclosed, her financial success is evident in her substantial net worth.

Christi and Alexander Pirro are posing with their three dogs.
Christi and Alexander Pirro when they were young (Source: Jeanine Pirro Instagram @judge_jeanine)

Christi’s expertise in this field likely involves assisting clients in managing debts and finding solutions to financial challenges. Additionally, her past role as a law clerk indicates a foundation built on legal experience and knowledge. Although the exact details of her income are private, her career choices have contributed to her overall financial success.

Education Background

Christi boasts a solid educational background with a focus on law. She pursued her law degree at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania (the institute Lori Wachs studied at) Law School, completing her studies and graduating in the year 2010. She successfully passed the bar exam and gained admission to the legal profession in 2011, as mentioned in Super Lawyers.

The attainment of a law degree from a renowned institution like the University of Pennsylvania reflects Christi’s commitment to legal scholarship and professional development. Law school is a rigorous and intellectually demanding journey, and the successful completion of her legal education signifies her dedication to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in the legal field.

About Christi’s Work

Christi has built a successful career in the legal field and is currently a restructuring partner at Ropes & Gray’s New York office. In her role, she specializes in representing clients dealing with bankruptcy and business issues in the dynamic landscape of New York. As a restructuring partner, she likely plays a crucial role in helping businesses navigate financial challenges and reorganize their affairs effectively.

Christi’s position indicates a level of expertise and experience in the intricacies of bankruptcy law and the complexities of business restructurings. Her contributions in the field of bankruptcy law contribute to the resilience and adaptability of businesses in the ever-evolving business environment.

Previous Work

Christi Pirro has accumulated a wealth of experience in the legal profession through various roles in her career. Initially, she served as a law clerk for Chief Judge Gonzalez of the Southern District of New York, dedicating a year and a half to this position. Following this, she embarked on a nearly three-year tenure as an Associate at the prestigious law firm Weil, Gotshal, and Manges.

In 2014, Christi transitioned to Kirkland & Ellis, where her commitment and expertise in the field led her to become a partner in the Restructuring Division by October 2017. Her diverse experiences and leadership roles underscore her valuable contributions to the legal profession.


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