Chris Gardner owns a multi-million net worth at present. Grew up as an American street boy and later became a self-developed multi-million figure, his life struggles portray quite an inspirational story.

Multi-professional Chris, who is known to be an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, author, and stockbroker, has accumulated an estimated net worth of $60 million. The sources for his enormous fortune are his businesses.

Now, a self-esteemed personality in America, Chris Gardner has millions of dollars in his accounts. You may not know how he has reached this status from a street. Read the whole story.

Chris’s life struggles: an inspirational story

There’s nothing quite as inspirational as a life story this business tycoon. His struggles in life to the establishment of this position makes anyone realize that human ingenuity & hard work can overcome any barrier.

He spent years without a roof over his head before making it big. The personification of humble beginning, Gardner lacked everything that a man needs to survive during his young years. being separated from his mom by his violent & abusive stepfather, he grew up in several foster homes.

The man, who grew up with the dream of becoming a doctor, decided to join Navy and served in the US Corps for 4 years. following the retirement, the war veteran landed a job of the laboratory research assistant. But with the low-paying-job & with a family, Chris had to abandon all his dream of becoming a doctor.

He even sold medical equipment to fulfill the requirements, but what he did just for living never satisfied him. his never-ending hunger for becoming a doctor led him to become a stockbroker.

Tireless hands can overcome any hurdles: Chris Gardner’s success

Gardner’s dedication finally paid off, when was accepted as a trainee at ‘Dean Witter Reynolds’ and finally established his own firm called ‘Gardner Rich & Co.’. the Firm might have started small, but propelled him to high fame.

‘Gardner Rich & Co.’, an institutional brokerage firm specializing in the execution of debt, equity & derivative product transactions for some of the largest institutions and unions of the nation, started-up with a capital of $10,000 & a single piece of furniture. It grew big to make him a millionaire within a short period of time.

Gardner reportedly owns 75% of his stock brokerage firm with rest owned by a hedge fund. Selling his small stake in Gardner Rich in several million dollar deals in 2006, he became a founder and CEO of Christopher Gardner International Holdings, located in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Chris’s hands in philanthropies and authoring

The one who faced so much in his life, obviously looks back where he came from. Similarly, Chris, whose life story is something like a great-rags-to-rich, has tried his hands in various philanthropies. He sponsors many charitable organizations, primarily the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church and the Cara Program.

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church was the place where he got a desperately needed shelter when he was roaming on the streets of San Francisco with his 2-year-old son. His fund has helped many homeless people.

Additionally, dedicated to the well-being of children, he serves on the board of National Fatherhood Initiative and also National Education Foundation. Plus, he sponsors two annual education honors: The American Federation of Teacher’s Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel Award and the National Education Association’s Educational Support Personnel Award.

Alongside being a successful entrepreneur, he is also an author known for his motivational autobiographies. 2006’s ‘The Pursuits of Happyness’ was adapted on-screen starring Hollywood top actor, Will Smith. Another one, ‘Start Where You Are: Life Lessons in Getting from Where You Are to Where you Want to Be’ was released in 2009.

Chris Gardner, who is an ideal man to the billions of people worldwide has amassed $60 million net worth. It’s all, what he got as a result of the strong determination. Despite numerous dark hurdles on his way, Gardner’s struggles finally paid off.