Chloe Rose Lattanzi,simply known as “Chloe Lattanzi” is a popular musical artist and actress. She is best perceived for her appearance in the motion pictures A Christmas Romance and Dead 7. Additionally, she is recognized for appearing on MTV’s reality TV show Rock The Cradle.

Born on 17th January 1986, eminent actress Chloe Lattanzi is the daughter of a distinguished actor Matt Lattanzi and actress & singer, Olivia Newton-John.

Chloe came to the public attention for the first time when she appeared in Australian musical drama Paradise Beach. Chloe was only 7 around then. After making the debut performance, she appeared in other movies such as A Christmas Romance, Bette, The Wilde Girls and Dead 7.

Apart from the acting venture, Lattanzi is equally known for her singing ability. Following the footsteps of her mother Olivia Newton-John, she was about to release her debut album titled No Pain in 2007. However, due to some issues with Festival Records, the album was not released. Some songs from the album like Lonely Nights in Paradise, Delicious, Make It Stop and Tastes Like You was released on the internet. Her debut single Wings and A Gun was released in Japan.

Currently 30 years old actress cum singer Chloe is engaged to martial arts instructor James Driskill. She started dating him since 2009. She is planning to get married to him in coming year.

Apart from the marriage news, Chloe is getting attention for her beautiful looks and exquisite figure.

Recently, in 2015, she came into media focus with the boob job she went through to enhance her beauty. Her pictures of before and after surgery went viral all over the media after she was seen attending a Las Vegas event. She looked very different after the breast augmentation.

Chloe’s fiancé was also with her when she became the part of news paparazzi with her enhanced boob. Gorgeous actress, Chloe seems more attractive than before.

Actually, she went to Las Vegas to attend the 35th anniversary of Xanadu and also to attend the premiere of the music video You Have to Believe. She was looking absolutely stunning at the event where she was captured with midriff-baring top and sexy micro mini.

Chloe Rose is quite a famous celebrity on social media pages as well. She has a large number of fan following on Twitter and Instagram. All her fans can follow Chloe Rose on Twitter @ChloeLattanzi. Likewise, she can also be followed on Instagram @chloelattanzi.