Updated: 03/01/2017 12:19 PM | First Published: 02/24/2017 10:31 AM

Cheryl is expecting! Pregnancy finally revealed in new photoshoot

Liam Payne smiling lovingly at Cheryl

English singer Cheryl has confirmed her pregnancy rumor with a photoshoot for Prince’s Trust and L’Oreal’s All Worth It campaign. The rumors had been circulating for quite sometime that Cheryl and her boyfriend, Liam Payne, were expecting but this is the first time the star has been seen with a visible baby bump.

The former X Factor judge announced on Twitter @CherylOfficial on February 23, 2017, that she was one of the fifteen ambassadors chosen for the confidence building campaign aiming towards helping the youth struggling with self-doubt.

In the photo, Cheryl, dressed in black, can be seen cradling her huge baby bump. She also posted a short campaign video a few hours later, in which the camera zooms in on her belly even before her face is shown.

Since Cheryl and Liam began dating in early 2016, they’ve kept a low profile and have kept silent on social media in recent months. Fans had been speculating the pregnancy as early as September 2016 but the pair made no efforts to reveal it.