Charlotte Summers, the talented singer, and dancer from Spain, captivated audiences when she took the stage in season 14 of “America’s Got Talent.” With her incredible voice and mesmerizing moves, she left a lasting impression on both the judges and viewers. Her journey on the show was nothing short of remarkable, as she showcased her immense talent and passion for performing. Week after week, she delivered breathtaking performances that earned her a spot in the highly competitive quarter-finals.

Summers, a gifted singer, hails from the beautiful city of Marbella in Spain. Born on November 15, 2005, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, she possesses the determination and passion often associated with her star sign. Growing up, she was fortunate to have the support and companionship of her sister, Renée.

Appeared In A Few Other Shows Before AGT

Charlotte Summers’ journey to stardom began long before her appearance on “America’s Got Talent” (in the same season Joseph Allen had taken part). She first gained recognition when she competed in the talent show series “La Voz Kids” in 2015, as mentioned on her official website, where her exceptional talent and mesmerizing performances captured the hearts of both the judges and the audience. Before that, at the tender age of 9, she showcased her skills on stage in the acclaimed production of “Les Misérables,” proving her passion for performing from a young age.

Charlotte Summers is singing with a mic on stage.
Charlotte Summers at Little Big Shots (Source: Charlotte Summers YouTube Channel)

Summers’ talent continued to shine as she graced the stage of NBC’s “Little Big Shots” in 2018, leaving audiences in awe with her incredible vocals. Her impressive achievements didn’t stop there. At just 10 years old, she triumphed in the Big Talent Marbella competition, solidifying her place as a rising star.

Additionally, Summers has garnered recognition on an international level, winning awards in two prestigious music festivals. One of her notable accomplishments includes claiming the first prize in the Original Song Contest with her popular track “Unicorn” at Eurokids International in Italy. These early successes and experiences have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her journey as an artist and have contributed to her remarkable rise in the music industry.

The Singer Is Bilingual

Charlotte Summers is not only a talented singer and performer, but she is also bilingual. She possesses the ability to speak both English and Spanish fluently. Growing up in Spain and later showcasing her talents on international platforms like “America’s Got Talent,” she has honed her language skills and effortlessly communicates in both languages.

Being bilingual provides Summers with a unique advantage, as she can connect with a wider audience and engage with fans from different parts of the world. It also allows her to explore diverse musical genres and experiment with different styles in her performances. Her bilingualism demonstrates her cultural richness and ability to bridge gaps through the power of music and language.

About Summers’s Parents And Siblings

Summers comes from a close-knit family, with her father named Simon. While not much information is available about her mother, it is known that she leads a quiet life away from the public eye. She shares a special bond with her sister, Renee Summers. Renee, besides being her sibling, is also a talented video creator. She has a passion for capturing moments and telling stories through her videos. Apart from her creative pursuits, she is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys exploring various cuisines.

Charlotte Summers is wearing her graduation gown, looking at Renee Summers in the picture.
Charlotte Summers with her sister, Renee Summers (Source: Charlotte Summers Instagram @summerscharlotte)

Some of Summers’ favorite foods include xiaolongbao, a type of Chinese dumpling known for its flavorful broth, as well as buttery dishes, tacos, chocolates, and vegetable samosas. Together, she and Renee share not only a deep connection as sisters but also a love for their respective artistic endeavors and culinary delights. Their shared experiences and support for each other likely contribute to their successes and enrich their family dynamic.

Summers Advice For The Young Singers

Charlotte Summers has valuable advice for young singers aspiring to make their mark in the music industry. She encourages them to never let anyone else’s opinion deter them from pursuing their dreams. In a world where criticism and negativity can be abundant, she advises young singers to stay resilient and keep pushing forward.

As Summers said in an interview on New Scene Magazine, believing in oneself and staying determined are key factors in achieving success. She reminds them that the journey may not always be easy, but by persevering and fighting for their dreams, they will eventually reach their desired destination. Her experiences serve as a testament to the power of self-belief and tenacity.

Has Already Released A Few Songs

Since her appearance on “America’s Got Talent,” Charlotte Summers has been making waves in music industry with her captivating voice and unique style. She has already released six singles, each showcasing her versatility and talent. One of her most popular works to date is enchanting song “Unicorn.” This track captured hearts of listeners worldwide, resonating with its catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The success of “Unicorn” not only demonstrated Charlotte’s ability to create captivating music but also established her as an emerging artist to watch.

Charlotte Summers is singing on a recording mic.
Charlotte Summers recording herself (Source: Charlotte Summers Instagram @charlottesummersofficial)

Alongside “Unicorn,” Summers’s other releases like “Giants,” “Can’t Stand By,” “Lifting Me Up,” “Please Come Home for Christmas,” and “Christmas is Here” have further solidified her growing presence in the industry. With her impressive discography already in place, she is undoubtedly on her way to becoming a rising star in music world. Fans eagerly anticipate her future releases and the unique experiences she will continue to share through her music.

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Social Media Presence

Summers maintains an active presence on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. On Instagram, her official handle is @charlottesummersofficial, where she shares updates and glimpses into her life. Her Facebook page, @Charlotte Summers, serves as another platform for her to connect with fans and share her musical journey.

Additionally, Summers showcases her talent and creativity on TikTok through her account @charlysummers. On these platforms, she predominantly shares content related to singing and modeling, allowing her followers to witness her artistic growth and performances. While she primarily focuses on her professional endeavors, she also occasionally gives her followers a glimpse into her personal life, giving them a chance to get to know her beyond her musical achievements.

Summers Time At America’s Got Talent

During her time on “America’s Got Talent,” Summers embarked on an exhilarating journey that showcased her immense talent. She first auditioned in Season 14, captivating the judges and audience with her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You” in Episode 1403. Her powerful performance earned her a spot in the next round—the Judge Cuts.

In Episode 1410, Summers wowed everyone once again, delivering a mesmerizing rendition of “You Don’t Own Me” that garnered a standing ovation from the entire audience. The Quarterfinals performance was another memorable moment for her as she took on Shirley Bassey’s classic “Diamonds Are Forever.” Despite her outstanding performance, she finished in 6th, 7th, or 8th place in America’s Vote, putting her fate in the hands of the judges.

In the Judges’ Choice, Howie Mandel and Julianne Hough voted in her favor, recognizing her incredible talent. However, Gabrielle Union and Simon Cowell did not select her, resulting in a tiebreaker. The tiebreaker relied on the number of votes from the American audience, and unfortunately, she fell short in this aspect. As a result, she faced elimination from the competition. Although her journey on “America’s Got Talent” came to an end, her exceptional talent and remarkable performances will be remembered by fans around the world.


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