Charles D Barnet Jr is famous for being the father of an American actor Darren Barnet. The actor gained fame for playing Paxton Hall-Yoshida’s role on Netflix. Barnet also gained fame by being the only son of an Instrumentalist, Charlie Barne. In addition to that, he was an American, famous instrumentalist who used to play the jazz saxophone.

Barnet Jr was an artist Booker and also a small businessman. Moreover, the businessman worked in the music industry and served Jimi Hendrix, Earth, and Wind & Fire. Keep reading to know more about Junior Charles.

Short Bio of Charles D Barnet Jr

Charles D Barnet Jr didn’t share his birth date. Moreover, Barnet Junior is the only kid of Charlie Barnet and Betty Barnet. Charles Junior was born and Grew up in San Diego, California. As revealed above, Charles was an Artist Booker by his profession. He was also a jazz saxophonist like his father but not as popular as his dad.

Charles D. Barnet Jr shared the picture when he was cutting his son's hair.
Charles D Barnet Jr shared the picture when he was cutting his son’s hair. Source: Instagram

Barnet Junior is the only son of a famous and rich musician. As belonging to a wealthy family, it is safe to say that he had attended Schools and college. Also, he looks like a qualified person by his character. Moreover, it would be safe to say that he had completed a degree but kept his educational background hidden from the spotlight.

The artist booker was the grandchild of Charline (Daly) and Willard Barne. He was Chorke and half German descent. However, his wife was a root of Swedish and Japanese. The info about Mrs. Barnet is completely hidden. Moreover, her kids also don’t share it. Crispy Heaton also gained fame being the father of a celebrity son.

Married life and children of Junior Barnet

Charles Barnet Junior’s marriage date is unknown, but evaluating his characteristics and kid’s age. He married his second wife in his early 40s. From Barnet’s earlier marriage, he welcomed a son Darren Barnet and a daughter Jennifer Barnet. However, after Being hitched up with his second wife, he was blessed with another daughter Emily Breidy.

Despite being celebrity sisters, Jennifer and Emily love their life away from the spotlight. Although Agent Booker had two marriage statuses, both of them stayed hidden. As revealed above, Charles was married to two women, whereas, Jeniifer was born with the past wife and Emily from the last. There is no info about his kid’s residence. Because Their daughter also prefers to live far from the media’s view.

The musician’s celebrity son, Darren Barnet

Darren Barnet was born on 1991 April 27, in Los Angeles, California. Barnet was spotlighted after performing as Paxton Hall-Yoshida in Never Have I Ever. Moreover, in this series, he played the main character series successfully and got 7.8/10 ratings.

Charles Barnet shared a picture of around a 15 years ago, hugging his actor son.
Charles Barnet shared a picture while hugging his actor son.
Source: Instagram

Barnet has played plenty of Tv series, music videos, and movies. Moreover, he started his career in the Holywood industry, playing Victor’s role in the Storage movie. He was last seen performing a voice-over in Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles animation series.

The actor recently performed in five tv shows coming soon. Barnet is running in his early 30s and has appeared in various shows playing different characters. Furthermore, it shows that in the coming days, he will be loved by the audience for his excellent personality. Eddie Van Halen is a famous musician like Charles Charlie Barnet.

Short info about parents: Charlie Barnet

Jazz musician Charlie Barnet was born in New York, USA on 1913 October 26. Interestingly, Charline (Daly) and Willard Barne gave birth to their only son Charlie Jr. Moreover, Charlie was two when his parents divorced. After the separation, Barnet’s mother, Betty Thompson, raised him in NY. He became a famous Instrumentalist when he grew up and played jazz saxophone.

Barnet was a talented musician and actor who had appeared in plenty of Tv shows and series. He started his career in acting in 1942, playing Juke Box Jenny, and left this field by performing in General Electric Theater in 1960. Moreover, he came into the spotlight playing in General Electric Theater.

Shockingly the musician married 11 women from different countries, but most were Mexican. He had attended schools and learned to play instruments from schools. Charlie was the grandchild of Charles Frederick Daly. Moreover, Frederick was a Vice-president of Ney York City.

Death of Charles D Junior and his famous father

People believe that Charles Barnet Jr died caused a disease related to his health. Moreover, it is confirmed that he died in 2008 at 66. Various sites claim that he died because of his poor health condition. In addition, this might be the right reason because, seeing Barne’t previous photos, he looks unhealthy and unfit.

On the other hand, Junior Barnet’s father, Charlie Barnet, died on September 4, 1991, at 77 years old. Moreover, he passed in San Diego, California, USA. The reason behind famous instrumentalists was complications of the disease named pneumonia and Alzheimer’s.

The net worth of Charles Junior

Charles D Barnet Jr had an estimated net worth of $500,000. As an artist booker, he used to make around $52,131 yearly. Also, he worked as an instrumentalist and secured roughly $48,411 each year. Also, he performed in many advertisements and made approximately $25,000. Furthermore, being one of the members of a wealthy family, he lived a luxurious life.

The artist booker clicked a picture with his daughter Jennifer Barnet and son, Darren Barnet.
The artist booker clicked a picture with his daughter Jennifer Barnet and son, Darren Barnet.
Source: Instagram

Barnet had a house in New York City, where the average house valuation is around $622,026. Although the artist didn’t have any expensive cars, his son does have a car named Bently which cost him about $210,600.

The artist booker’s son Darren Barnet has an estimated net worth of between $1 and 5 million. On the other hand, Charles’s father, Charlie Barnet, had an approximate net worth of $5 million when he died.