Tall & hot Charissa Thompson in bikini showing off her maintained measurements. Look at her pictures

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Charissa Thompson stands tall with a height of 5ft 9 inches. She flaunted her sensual body having measurements 36-23-35 inches in a bikini. She looks stunning in bikini showing off her perfect curve she has maintained till now.

Eye catching perfect figure combined with a tall height is a deadly combination indeed.

Charissa Thompson’s bikini appearance took the internet by storm

We’ve always seen her talking about sports and hosting sports shows. Her immense knowledge about sports has made her show even more watchable added her gorgeous beauty is another factor captivating the audience.

She is always dressed up nicely making her look elegant and charismatic. And now, we got to see her in a bikini avatar too.

Her perfect figure of 36-23-35 inches brought sensation in social media when she flaunted it in a bikini. She looks sexy and appealing in abikini though she is in her thirties.

She carried it off pretty well. She could give major competition to young girls with that fit and highly shaped body.

Because of her charismatic body measurements with tall height combination, she is on the list of hottest reporter of the country. Any outfit she wears compliments her perfect figure and bikini is no exception.

She posted some of her bikini pictures from her vacations. She seems to be enjoying a lot.

4/8 (this only slightly captures the enthusiasm of this day) #NotACouple .. No really we aren't but I love him so much ❤️

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Charissa Thompson follows a simple fitness regime

There were rumors that she didn't have perfect body curve and had silicone implants but later, it was said to be fake news. Her body physique is totally natural and she is showing it off proudly in a bikini.

She has a very hectic schedule as she is employed at Fox Sports and NBC yet she is maintaining her body and looks stunning even in her mid-30s. Her bikini images are making everyone go crazy for her.

According to Fox Sports Live host, for fitness, she’s been doing Bikram Yoga and it’s been ten years she’s been performing it in a studio in Connecticut. She likes to do yoga and apart from this, she doesn’t miss workouts at home.

Jimmy this picture is for you (Arms) @trainingmate thank you for kicking my a**. @snagbags : @julie_kozak

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To maintain afit body, diet is a must. She avoids unhealthy foods. She takes fruits and veggies and keeps her body hydrated.

Well, she has made fitness look simple and easy. With not much effort on gym and starvation, she achieved such goddess like body.

The gorgeous Charissa looks like she is still in her 20s. Really she has maintained her body pretty well. The ideal body measurement of Charissa Thompson seems astounding especially when she is in a bikini.

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