Chad’s Fab is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to cars, and it’s hosted by Chad Carter. On this channel, they focus on various car projects, which involve creating and modifying vehicles. Whether it’s fabricating new parts or making exciting changes to existing cars, the automotive channel provides engaging content for car enthusiasts.

With a strong following of over 85,000 subscribers, Chad Fab has built a community of people who share a passion for automotive creativity and innovation. Through their videos, they offer a glimpse into the world of car customization and showcase the fun and challenges that come with it.

Relationship Status Of Chad Carter

Chad’s Fab Chad Carter’s relationship status is happily married to Stacy Carter, and they’ve been together for more than twenty years. She is a familiar face on the Chad Fab Channel, often appearing in videos and sharing their mutual love for cars and projects. Their bond dates back almost thirty years, as they first crossed paths in October 1993.

Chad and Stacy Carter are posing in front of a Yellow jeep.
Chad’s Fab Chad Carter with his wife Stacy Carter (Source: Chad’s Fab Instagram @chadsfab)

Interestingly, Chad and Stacy’s initial connection was through their friends during their high school days. His close friend Kendall, who viewers might recognize from the videos, was dating his now-wife’s best friend Tiffany from elementary school at the time. It was through this connection that these two were introduced to each other, and over the years, their friendship blossomed into a strong and enduring partnership.

What Is Carter’s Net Worth?

Chad Carter’s estimated net worth is around $600,000, and the primary source of his income comes from his YouTube channel, Chad’s Fab. On this channel, he showcases various car projects, sharing his expertise and passion with his audience. With a consistent upload schedule of about 5 videos per month, each video garners an average of 80,000 views.

This substantial viewership translates to a monthly ad revenue of at least $7,200 from the videos alone. In addition to his YouTube earnings, Carter also operates a merchandise store where he offers a range of products such as shirts, hoodies, and stickers. This diversification of income streams, combined with his engaging content and dedicated following, has contributed to his impressive wealth.

Has Experienced Fatherhood

Carter has embraced the joys of fatherhood and has four sons who bring happiness to his life. His eldest son, Kian Carter, is an integral part of the Chad Fab team and works full-time alongside his father on the channel’s car projects. He is a married man as he is happily wedded to Jess, and together, they’ve welcomed a daughter named Ally Carter.

Ally holds a special place in the family as the cherished granddaughter of Chad and Stacy. The bonds of family and the new role of being a grandfather have added an extra layer of fulfillment to his already exciting journey in the world of cars and creativity. Carter’s family is a lively mix of talents and passions, with another one of his sons, Kaden, playing a part in the Chad Fab journey by working part-time alongside the team.

Kian Carter is holding is son as he is posing next to his wife.
Chad Carter’s eldest son, Kian Carter with his wife and a son (Source: Chad’s Fab YouTube Channel)

Excitingly, Kaden’s upcoming wedding is a heartwarming milestone that the family is eagerly looking forward to. Meanwhile, Tyler, with his enthusiasm for CAD design, takes charge of 3D printing and various technical aspects. His deep interest in RC cars is another facet of his character, investing a significant portion of his funds into his hobby. His distinct personality shines through – not only is he responsible for the square body kit, but he’s also an ardent music lover, adding a unique dimension to the family dynamic.

Despite their diverse interests, the family thrives on their hands-on approach to learning and creating, and Tyler’s role as a peacemaker adds an extra layer of harmony to the Carter family unit. And, finally, the youngest member of the family, Corbin, has a sharp eye for detail – not much escapes his attention. His passion for cars runs deep, and he finds immense joy in getting his hands on anything that needs tinkering and fixing. From an early age, he has embraced the spirit of a true Grease Monkey, unafraid to dive into projects and get his hands dirty.

About Chad’s Fab YouTube Channel

Chad’s Fab YouTube channel is a hub of automotive adventures. This channel is all about the exciting projects that Chad and the team take on, infused with a healthy dose of enjoyment. The main focus revolves around the thrilling processes of fabrication, modification, and creative tinkering with vehicles. What truly sets this channel apart is the strong bond of family and friendship that underpins every endeavor. Working together, side by side with loved ones and close friends, the projects become not only about the cars but also about the shared experiences, laughter, and memorable moments.

Chad’s Fab made its debut on YouTube on April 27, 2021, and since then, their journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With a collective viewership surpassing 9 million, their engaging content has resonated with over 85,000 subscribers who eagerly await each new video. One of the channel’s standout moments is the video titled “Ed’s LJ 20 Wiring Is Completed! Lights Are On! Will The Golden Nugget Run?!?”, which has captivated an impressive audience of over 495,000 viewers.

Additionally, the channel’s inception was marked by the upload of its oldest video, “1972 K10 Barret Jackson prep work Part 1,” on May 25, 2021, showcasing the channel’s commitment to sharing its automotive journey from the very beginning. As Chad’s Fab continues to gain momentum, its dedication to quality content and its growing community of enthusiasts promise an exciting road ahead.

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How Did Carter Get Into YouTube?

Chad Carter’s journey into YouTube began with a simple idea. When he decided to sell his 1972 vehicle at Barrett Jackson, he realized that the vehicle needed significant work to achieve the best possible value. To document the entire process and share it with family and friends, he decided to record the restoration journey and upload it to YouTube. This way, his loved ones could easily follow the progress without him having to keep everyone updated individually.

The videos started to take shape, even though the initial quality wasn’t quite up to professional standards. Around the same time, Carter crossed paths with Paul, who gave the channel a shoutout between Christmas and New Year’s of 2021, just as they were working on getting Paul’s FJ running. This shoutout acted as a catalyst, propelling the channel forward. While Chad had been handling the editing before, Paul’s support and the channel’s growing popularity led to changes.

Eventually, Carter’s son Kian stepped in to help with editing but stopped after he started dating his future wife. He then started taking charge of the videos. editing part. Today, his son is an integral part of the squad. The family from Utah focused on automotive design, fabrication, repair, build, and restoration, as mentioned on their official website.

Instagram Presence

Carter maintains a modest presence on Instagram under the handle @chadsfab. While he doesn’t flood his feed with posts, his account offers a glimpse into his world. He shares occasional snapshots from his personal life, offering a glimpse of the man behind the automotive projects.

While not a prolific poster, Chad’s Instagram is primarily dedicated to his work and passion. You’ll often find posts that are directly related to the projects he’s involved in, giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. In this way, he uses his Instagram as a platform to showcase his craftsmanship and connect with those who share his enthusiasm for cars and all things mechanical.


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