Celia María Cuccittini, the amazing mom of Lionel Messi, has always been the secret powerhouse behind the legendary soccer player from Argentina. She’s not just a mom; she’s the real MVP in his life, cheering him on from the sidelines and filling his world with love and support.  She must be bursting with pride, seeing her son conquer the soccer world one goal at a time!

Cuccittini was born on January 23, 1960, in Argentina, making her an Aquarius, the zodiac sign known for its independent and creative spirit. She is the unsung hero behind the soccer magic of her son. Let’s learn a bit more about this incredible mother.

Married Life Of Cuccittini

Celia María Cuccittini’s married life is like a beautiful love story written in the pages of time. She tied the knot with Jorge Horacio Messi, and together they created a family filled with love and warmth. Although they haven’t shared many details about their private love story, the glimpses we’ve seen in public events with their son, Lionel Messi, tell a tale of a strong and supportive partnership.

Celia Cuccittini, Jorge Messi, Lionel Messi, and Antonela Roccuzzo are at the party.
Celia Cuccittini with her husband, Jorge Messi, Lionel Messi, and Antonela Roccuzzo (Source: Jorge Messi Instagram @jorge.sole)

It’s as if Cuccittini and Jorge have mastered the art of keeping the flame of love alive while navigating the spotlight that comes with having a soccer superstar in the family. The few public appearances they make together radiate a sense of unity, showing that their love is the quiet strength that supports Messi’s dazzling achievements on the field.

Has Kids Other Than Messi

Celia is not just the amazing mom of Messi. Besides the former FC Barcelona player, there are Matias Messi, Rodrigo Messi, and Maria Sol Messi, each with their unique journey. When Leo and Rodrigo were little, they kicked soccer balls together, maybe unknowingly laying the groundwork for his legendary career. Now, he works side by side with Lionel, managing his busy schedule and handling public relations.

Matias has taken on a meaningful role, overseeing his famous brother’s charity foundation named the “Leo Messi Foundation,” spreading goodwill and making a positive impact. Maria Sol Messi, on the other hand, brings her talents to the fashion world. She serves as the brand manager for his fashion store, ‘The Messi Store,’ adding a touch of style to her brother’s off-field ventures.

Net Worth Status Of Cuccittini’s Son

While details about Celia María Cuccittini’s net worth remain a mystery, her son Lionel Messi has become a soccer sensation with an astounding net worth of $600 million. His main source of income is his incredible football skills, and his recent agreement with Inter Miami is making waves in the sports world. This deal is reported to be worth up to $150 million over two-and-a-half years, and that’s not even counting the extra perks from MLS partners like Adidas and Apple.

Lionel Messi is posing in an Argentina away kit.
Lionel Messi in a Photoshoot (Source: Lionel Messi Instagram @leomessi)

Beyond his salary, Messi has scored big with brand deals, and his partnership with Adidas is the MVP among them. This deal has evolved into a colossal $25 million per year, showcasing he’s not just a goal-scoring legend but also a financial powerhouse in the world of sports endorsements.

Days Of Celia’s Struggles

In the days of her struggles, Celia María Cuccittini wore the cloak of hard work and determination. She didn’t just sit back; she rolled up her sleeves and took on part-time jobs to make ends meet for her family. She, with a mop in hand, worked as a house cleaner, ensuring a clean and comfortable space for her loved ones. But that wasn’t the only chapter in her story of perseverance.

Cuccitini also stepped into the world of magnet manufacturing, adding a touch of strength to her journey. Meanwhile, her husband, Jorge, shared the load as a factory worker, as reported in The Sun, creating a united front in the face of challenges. Together, they embraced the grind, turning each struggle into a stepping stone toward a brighter future for their family. Her story is not just one of hard times. It’s a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering spirit of a mother who would do whatever it takes for the ones she loves.

Infamous Incident Involving Macarena Lemos

Celia María found herself amid a bit of controversy involving her son Messi and Macarena Lemos. It’s like a chapter from a soap opera—the 2023 Ballon d’Or winner and Macarena were rumored to be briefly dated during the 2006 World Cup. He was 18 and she was 14 years old at the time.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: Macarena, a model, once claimed that she was out shopping with her mother and aunt, minding her business, when she felt like Messi’s parents were tailing her, snapping photos. It’s like a real-life drama unfolding in the aisles of a shopping mall.

Lemos, the model who once caught attention for her connection with Messi, has unfolded a curious tale about a clash with his family. It turns out her issue wasn’t really with the Soccer star but with his family, yet he bore the brunt of the negativity because of his fame. In a surprising twist at the market in Rosario, his mother, Celia, reportedly took her picture and approached Macarena with unkind words.

However, Macarena set the record straight, asserting that she and Messi never actually dated. The drama escalated when she took matters to the police, detailing the incident. Interestingly, she clarified that the frying pan story, where the media reported Celia chasing her with a frying pan, was not entirely accurate. While she did mention Lionel’s mother had a frying pan in hand, it seems the media might have added some extra sizzle to the story.

The Wedding Dress Controversy

Cuccittini found herself at the center of a wedding dress controversy during Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo’s special day. She showed up wearing a dress that looked remarkably similar to the one worn by the bride. It stirred up quite the buzz, with whispers that she might be trying to steal the spotlight from her daughter-in-law, as reported in Daily Mail.

In Argentina, where traditions hold a special place, wearing white at a wedding (except for the bride) is considered a big no-no. It’s like an unspoken rule that everyone follows to show respect for the bride. The controversy sparked discussions about whether Celia’s choice of attire was intentional or just a fashion coincidence. Sometimes, even in joyous moments, unexpected dramas unfold, and in this case, it was all about the dress that created a bit of wedding buzz.

Cuccittini’s Bond With Her Son Messi

The bond between Celia María Cuccittini and her son Lionel is like a heartwarming tale of love and sacrifice. Their connection is so strong that the former Barca player got his very first tattoo as a tribute to his mom—a special bond etched on his back forever. Back when he joined Barcelona and embarked on his journey in professional football, she and her family made a big move to Spain to be by their son’s side. This wasn’t just any move; it was a leap of love and support. The reason behind it was his need for care and treatment related to a growth hormone deficiency.

Celia María Cuccittini's face is in upper left back of Messi's body.
Celia María Cuccittini’s tattoo on Lionel Messi’s back (Source: FC Motivate YouTube Channel)

However, the stay in Spain was short-lived, and during those initial years, Messi missed his mom dearly. The demands of professional soccer meant that he could only reunite with Celia and his siblings every four months, creating a longing that added a touch of poignancy to his early career. Their story is a testament to the strength of a mother-son bond that spans across countries and time zones.


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