Updated: 12/11/2016 02:09 PM | First Published: 12/11/2016 03:42 AM

Know about CBS’s legend Scott Pelley’s blissful married life

Scott Pelley cuddling with wife Jane Boone

How many high-personalities do you think have a successful and happy married life? And in the case of our lovely Scott Pelley, the man is living a blissful married life with his gorgeous wife.

Scott Pelly married Jane Boone, an erstwhile Channel 5 journalist, in 1983. They first met in Dallas, and from there the tale of Scott and Jane began. On that note, Scott said, “Jane and I lived here for 20 years. We met here, and we were married here on the SMU campus. We had our children here.” The couple has two grown-up children, a son named Reece Pelly & a daughter named Blair Pelley.

We start seeing frown lines and wrinkles in our fifties. But for CBS’s reporter Scott Pelly things are different. Even at the age of 59, Scott is a wrinkle-free man. He stands with a height of 5.9 feet.

Plus, he is very active and energetic man. In fact, Scott Pelley enjoys spending his leisure time doing some adventures like scuba diving and horseback riding plus he has a fetish for. And that certainly might the reason for not having some extra girth in his body.