Catherine Van Davies is an Australian actress with a Vietnamese heritage. Van Davies is famous for winning Sydney Theatre Award for Angels in America. She also appears in a couple of well-known Australian TV series. People best recognize her for playing Hungry Ghost, The Twelve, and Barons drama.

As of 2020, Catherine was spotted in Sydney, Australia, at a theatre named NO PAY NO WAY. After performing excellently In the Hungry Ghost drama in 2022, Davies remains excited about her upcoming TV mini-series, The Claremont Murders.

Early Life and Family

Catherine Van Davies was born in Canberra, Australia, in the mid-1980s. Davies didn’t share her exact date of birth. She had grown up in Indonesia. Catherine may not prefer to share info about her parents. Hence, she kept it hidden from the spotlight. However, her mother was a refugee from Vietnam who arrived in Australia at the age of 18.

The actress Catherine captured a black-and-white photo with Dark lipstick.
The actress Catherine captured a black-and-white photo.
Source; Instagram

Although Catherine spent her early life in Indonesia, she studied High School in Brisbane, Queensland. Van Davies joined business studies at the Queensland University of Technology. However, she switched her subject and started a Bachelor of Fine arts in 2006.

As mentioned above, Davies kept her parents far from the spotlight. Likewise, she kept her siblings under wraps. Davies has already explored her siblings but kept their names hidden. However, it is safe to say that Catherine has hidden siblings,

The relationship status of Catherine Van Davies

Whether Catherine Van Davies got married or not is yet to be published. Van Davies has been dating Fayssal Bazzi since 2014. The actor said in an interview he met Catherine after she landed the lead role in Hungry Ghosts series. They are one of the happiest partners among the celebrity couple.

Davies and her husband Fayssal Bazzi enjoying summer in Sydney.
Catherine Van Davies and her boyfriend, Fayssal Bazzi, enjoying summer in Sydney.
Source: Instagram

This couple believes that they had a great time together. Moreover, as of 2023, they have spent more than half a decade together. There’s no recent info about Van Davies and Bazzi’s marriage. However, Bazzi recently shared on his Instagram that the couple is enjoying their summer in Sydney.

Catherine stayed in a relationship with Bazzi for more than eight years. Although they might have the plan to hitch up soon, they are not engaged yet.

Short info about Catherine Van Davies’s boyfriend

Fayssal Bazzi was born on 1982 November 11, in Lebanon. Bazzi is an Australian actor. He is as famed as his girlfriend, Catherine Van Davies. Bazzi was nominated in the 2018 AACTA Award for Best Actor in a supporting role for his character in the drama comedy film The Merger.

Catherine Van Davies posed after her makeup with a soft winged line and wavy hair.
Catherine Van Davies posed after her makeup with a soft winged line.
Source; Instagram

Despite being Lebanese, the actor left Lebanon, moved to Australia, and changed his nationality to Australian. Bazzi is an attractive actor with a 1.85 m height and may have dated his ex-girlfriends and kept it hidden. Alycia Debnam-Carey is also a successful Australian actress like Van Davies.

The Net Worth Of Catherine Van Davies

As An actress, Catherine Van Davies may have a net worth of about $1 million, but she didn’t share it. Being a TV series actress, Catherine earns about $146,918.

Catherine Van Davies took this picture during the series Hungry Ghost.
Catherine Van Davies took this picture during the series Hungry Ghost.
Source; Instagram

Van Davies lives with her boyfriend in Sydney, Australia, where the living expenses are around $70,032 yearly. The actress has a house in Sydney valued at around $1,130,000.

Davies’s boyfriend, Fayssal, holds an estimated net worth of $3 million. Moreover, he earns $142,867 as an Australian actor. The actor’s recent movie Black Site has collected around $69,069 from the worldwide box office. In contrast, the actor has successfully amassed thousands of dollars from the film.

How did Catherine Van Davies come to the spotlight?

Catherine Van Davies has played plenty of TV series as well as movies. Davies started her journey in the acting field in 2007, playing in a film named, All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane. However, the popular films through which Davies gained fame are Hungry Ghost, The Twelve, and Barons. The actress played May Le in her first hit series, Hungry Ghost. Therefore, the series got 5.8 ratings.

Catherine Van Davies captured the picture while shooting for the new movie.
Catherine Van Davies captured the picture while shooting for the new movie. Source: Instagram

Davies has been performing excellently in several movies. According to her fans, her acting was outstanding in The Twelve. Audiences mostly like to watch her playing as a main character. Thus, her maximum series gets a good rating.

Catherine’s recent performance was in the TV series It’s Fine, I’m Fine. Moreover, she played the role of Kate. People loved this series unexpectedly. Thus, the series got 7.6/10 ratings. This was the last published series of Van Davies.