Updated: 12/08/2016 10:02 AM | First Published: 12/08/2016 12:48 AM

Cassi Davis's Weight Loss Struggles: Work Outs and Medical Treatments

'House of Payne' actress Cassi Davis posing for picture on 40th NAACP Image Award

Recently, Cassi Davis has been working out and using medical treatments to lose some weight off her overweighed body. It seems that she has finally realized the importance of staying healthy with a robust body mass.

According to a blog, Cassi Davis had been using the product ‘Activlite’. The disclaimer here is that this rumor put up by the blogger is not yet confirmed. Cassi, however, has been able to lose some weight using these types of products. On the top of that, her healthy eating habits and work outs have paid off to some extent.

Cassi Davis is struggling to get back and shape, showing concern to her eating habits and exercising schedule. She definitely has huge f – around $6 million – to spend on any cosmetic products she uses and to solve any health related issues.

Cassi is putting her every possible effort in losing weight. Hope, she will get in shape in near future.