Updated: 12/08/2016 09:57 AM | First Published: 12/08/2016 05:02 AM

Cassi Davis Is Enjoying Singlehood Amid Rumors of Getting Married Secretly

'House of Payne' on-screen couple Cassi Davis and Lavan Davis

Let's first dig out the origin of the rumors of Cassi’s marriage. Cassi Davis is the star of Tyler Perry's television sitcom House of Payne. The show is rated 7.9 out of 10 according by TV.com. In the Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Lavan Davis and Cassi Davis are the main cast members.

Surprisingly and coincidentally, Cassi and Lavan have the same last name – Davis. This simple thing has put everyone in a confusion if the television couple is married in real life. By every aspect, Cassi and Lavan have well-matched chemistry on series 'House of Payne'. 

Let’s clear it out. Cassi Davis is already 52 years old and still not married to anyone. It’s surprising but it’s the ultimate truth.

Lavan Davis and Cassi Davis are just friends and aren’t apparently hitting on each other. However, they have been placed in the midst of gossip floor being sorrounded by the rumors of being one another's half. Though rumors hit several tabloids there have been no authenticity in ongoing chitchats as both the parties have admitted to being just close friends.

Putting aside all the speculations, be assured that Cassi Davis is single – not married to anyone, neither publicly nor secretly.