Caroline Smedvig, or, Caroline Elisabeth Hessberg, who is married to James Taylor, is a supportive partner to the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter. James has written some exquisite and moving songs that have stirred the hearts of people everywhere. Famous songs of his include “Handy Man,” “Fire And Rain,” and “Carolina In My Mind.”

Caroline (nicknamed Kim Taylor), born May 31, 1953, is a Gemini. Her being a Gemini could be manifested in her dynamic, adaptable nature. Let’s learn a little more about her life.

Married To James Taylor

The happily married Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor are raising two children. It was in 1993 when he played with the John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra at Symphony Hall during his concert there that they first crossed paths. But their romantic adventure started only two years later. Their love story reached a lovely landmark when they married at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Boston on February 18, 2001.

James Taylor is playing guitar and singing on stage.
Caroline Smedvig’s husband, James Taylor (Source: James Taylor YouTube Channel)

This special occasion heralded the start of Smedvig and Taylor’s life together as husband and wife. She is the third wife of a famous artist and undoubtedly has played an important role as a source of love and solace in his life.

Net Worth Details

Caroline Smedvig has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Throughout her career, she has worn different professional hats, including working as a writer and newspaper reporter. While her net worth is publicly available information, the specific details of her income remain undisclosed.

James Taylor boasts an impressive net worth of $80 million, similar to Sean Hannity, mainly attributed to his successful career in music. With a primary income source in the world of music, he has achieved widespread recognition and acclaim. His influence is evident in the fact that he has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

Previous Failed Marriage of Caroline

There was a prior chapter in Caroline Smedvig’s life before her romance with James. She was formerly wed to Rolf Thorstein Smedvig, and the couple married in December 1980 at Albany.

Rolf Thorstein Smedvig is playing saxophone.
Rolf Thorstein Smedvig in 1998 (Source: YouTube)

There is little clarity about when Caroline and Rolf divorced, but it’s clear that this earlier marriage was an important factor in her path. Sometimes paths diverge, and her experience shows just how tangled these matters of the heart can become.

Parental Background

Caroline’s parental background is rooted in a family with notable achievements. Her father, Albert Hessberg, held prominence as a distinguished Albany lawyer and served as a senior partner in the firm of Hiscock & Barclay. Not only was he a legal luminary, but he also assumed the role of president of the Albany County Bar Association, reflecting his commitment to the legal community.

Tragically, Albert’s life was cut short by cancer, and he passed away at the age of 78 in January 1995 at the Albany Medical Center. The loss of Caroline’s father marked a poignant moment for the family and the legal community that admired his contributions. Additionally, Caroline’s mother, Elisabeth Fitzsimons Goold passed away in 1991. The legacies of both parents undoubtedly continue to influence and shape her life.

A Mother of Twins

Smedvig holds the cherished title of being the mother of twins, Rufus and Henry Taylor, born on April 5, 2001. Their unique journey to parenthood involved the assistance of a surrogate mother, who, interestingly, was a family friend of the singer. Since their birth, the twins have likely been growing up surrounded by the love and musical talents of their famous father.

Caroline Smedvig, James, Rufus and Henry Taylor are posing with a birthday cake.
Caroline Smedvig’s kids, Rufus and Henry Taylor (Source: James Taylor Instagram @jamestaylor_com)

Henry has followed in the footsteps of his famous father. He has embraced his passion for music and become a singer and musician in his right. A heartwarming aspect of their relationship is that he frequently shares the stage with James, creating beautiful harmonies and musical moments together.

Rufus, the other half of the talented Taylor twin duo, is currently focused on his academic pursuits, studying at Amherst College, as mentioned in an article from People. While his twin brother, Henry, has embraced the musical path, he has chosen to keep a more private profile, not disclosing much about himself publicly.

Smedvig Has Few Siblings

Smedvig is part of a sibling trio. She has two brothers named Albert Hessberg III and Philip. The bond between siblings can be a source of enduring support and shared memories.

Albert III has faced a significant and challenging chapter in his life. He pursued a career as a lawyer. However, in June 2019, he experienced professional consequences when the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division’s Third Judicial Department disbarred him. This decision was a result of his admission that he had misappropriated funds, confessing to stealing over $2 million (the net worth of Charlie Lenehan) from clients and his firm.

The reasons for Caroline’s brother’s actions included covering school tuition, income taxes, and wedding expenses, as reported in an article from Mass Live. Such a revelation sheds light on the complexities and struggles individuals may face, even within their professional lives.

Education Background

Caroline started her education journey at the Albany Academy for Girls, where she graduated in 1971. Thereafter, she continued her education at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and graduated in 1975.

The building is like bungalow in red color.
Smith College in Northampton (Source: Smith College YouTube Channel)

Although Smedvig’s field of specialty is a little hazy, the all-around liberal education that Smith College offered during her time would have opened up myriad possibilities. Perhaps her outlook was shaped by the focus on women’s education at the College and she grew as an individual both personally and intellectually during those years.

Newspaper Career

As a youth, Caroline Smedvig launched her journalistic career. During college, she wrote for the local Knickerbocker News. She probably picked a few tricks of the trade as a wordsmith and storyteller through this experience, thus enriching local news.

Later, Smedvig continued to pursue this passion and worked for the Springfield Daily News. Her career decision here shows that she is keeping up and being part of the tang. Her passion to keep the public informed as well, she not only testified through her work in newspapers.

Caroline’s Work with the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Smedvig’s professional life took an exciting turn in 1980 when she became part of the renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO). The significance of her role was that she became Director of Public Relations and Marketing. In this role, she probably played a big part in shaping the BSO’s public face and promoting its musical activities.

Caroline’s dedication to the orchestra was evident until 2004 when she made a life-changing decision—marrying the renowned singer-songwriter James Taylor. Although she stepped away from her role in public relations and marketing, she and her husband continued their involvement with the Boston Symphony Orchestra by taking on the role of trustees.


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