Updated: 03/15/2017 10:01 AM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Cancer survivor Amy Robach is parenting 5 kids with husband Andrew Shue

Amy Robach posing happily with husband two daughters

Amy Robach is currently spending a rapturous moment with husband Andrew Shue. Both of them have come along the way with the experience of failed marriage. Andrew is her second hubby to whom she tied a knot in 2010.

She was first married to baseball player Tim McIntosh with whom she spent 12 years together from 1996 to 2008. While her present spouse Andrew exchanged his first wedding vows with a floral designer Jennifer Hageney, remained together from 1994 to 2008. Amy has two beautiful daughters, Ava, 12 and Annalise, 9 & Andrew has three sons, Nate, Aiden and Wyatt. All five kids they are parenting together are from their previous relationships. Now, the family of seven looks happy.

Amy has won her life over a chronic disease, breast cancer which had pushed her in extreme sentiments. It was her colleague GMA host Robin Roberts who convinced Amy to have a mammogram on live television. And in October 2013, Amy received mammogram on-air & she revealed the news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer on Good Morning America.

Amy took a break from work to undergo bilateral mastectomy to remove a cancerous tissue & went through eight round of chemotherapy, radiation & reconstruction surgery. As a matter of fact, Cancer not only brought her physical pain but also dragged into an emotional chaos. Amy, revealed the breast cancer diagnosis sent both of them into an emotional tailspin.  Amy’s test caused ‘massive ups & downs’ in their relationship, but through a session, she & husband Andrew were able to gather the pieces & salvage the nuptial.

When Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she knew that she was in the fight for her life, but she didn’t believe it would test her marriage to hubby Andrew Shue, at the same time. Just three years later the couple exchanged their wedding vows, Amy was then blindsided by the sentimental news about the breast cancer. While a caring and supportive Andrew was always by her side and the duo finally struggled to make their marriage work.

In an interview with People magazine, Amy Robach said: “We were learning how to live with each other and raise kids together.” “This was not something I would wish on anyone’s marriage, but I think it was especially hard on a newer marriage. All of sudden I felt like I needed him in a very needy way, and that’s not my personality.” “When I had my crisis I completely crumbled. It threw everything up in the air. It was rough for several months.” Now everything seems fine in their relationship.