Callie Russell, a skilled scavenger-gatherer, resides in the peaceful woods, where she has learned to live harmoniously with nature. Her exceptional survival abilities caught the attention of the producers of the popular TV show “Alone,” and she became a contestant in its gripping seventh season. She showcased her profound knowledge of Ancestral Living Skills throughout the show, impressing both the audience and her fellow participants.

Russell’s deep connection with the land and the resources it provides allowed her to endure the challenges of isolation and extreme conditions. Her journey on the show highlighted her resourcefulness and inspired many viewers to appreciate the wisdom of traditional living in today’s modern world. As she continues her life in the woods, she remains a symbol of strength and adaptability, reminding us of the valuable lessons we can learn from our ancestors’ timeless wisdom.

Russell’s Relationship Status

Callie Russell is happily in a relationship with a man named Joshua Lisbon. He hails from Montana and is a knowledgeable bushcraft expert. Despite being in the public eye, the couple prefers to keep their relationship private and hasn’t shared many details about their romance. He describes himself as a dedicated student of the natural world, finding fulfillment in being a teacher, tracker, hunter, and hide tanner.

Joshua Lisbon is posing with the tanning elk.
Callie Russell’s partner, Joshua Lisbon (Source: Joshua Lisbon Instagram @montana_bushcraft)

Lisbon’s passion for wildlife also extends to studying mountain lions, adding to his impressive array of skills and knowledge. Callie and Joshua’s shared love for nature and their mutual admiration for each other’s expertise make them a dynamic and fascinating duo. As they continue to explore the great outdoors together, their bond grows stronger, making them an inspiring pair for fellow nature enthusiasts.

Net Worth Status

With an estimated net worth of $100,000, Callie Russell’s life in the woods is as fascinating as it is inspiring. As an Ancestral Living Skills Instructor, she passionately shares her wisdom through classes and workshops on various wilderness living techniques like basketry, hide tanning, felting, and more. Her expertise and engaging personality have gained her a following on the platform Cameo, where she offers personalized messages for around $55, bringing joy to her fans’ lives.

Moreover, Russell’s remarkable journey includes her participation in the reality show “Alone,” where her exceptional survival skills were put to the test, and she not only showcased her abilities but also made money through the experience. Additionally, her expertise has led to a paid partnership with Micklagaard, a company specializing in making wadmal, further establishing her reputation in the world of ancestral living.

Russell In Alone

Russell’s incredible journey on “Alone” during season 7 of the survival TV series was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Braving the freezing Arctic conditions, she demonstrated her unparalleled survival skills and determination, managing to endure a staggering 89 days in the wilderness. Carefully selecting ten crucial items to aid her quest for survival, Callie’s preparation was evident with her choices of an ax, saw, and various knives for crafting and hunting purposes as mentioned on History’s website.

Though Callie didn’t emerge as the winner of the competition, her exceptional performance left a lasting impression on viewers and fellow survivalists alike, even making her one of the fan favorites that season. Her resilience, courage, and skills continue to serve as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the strength we can find within ourselves when faced with adversity.

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Has Tragically Lost Her Brother

The life of Russell took a heartbreaking turn when she tragically lost her younger brother, Devan Ryan Russell. At the tender age of just 6 years old, his life was cut short due to a devastating auto accident on July 5, 1995. The family laid him to rest at Mt. McCaleb Cemetery in Mackay, Idaho, cherishing his memory forever.

The accident happened while Callie, Devan, their sibling Raeni, and their parents were all together in the van. The loss of her little brother was especially difficult for her, as she was just a year older than her brother. The pain of this loss must have been immeasurable for the entire family, and the memories of his continue to hold a special place in their hearts. Despite this tragedy, her journey shows her strength and resilience, carrying forward the memories of her brother while embracing life’s challenges with grace and determination.

Living In The Woods

Russell’s life in the woods of Montana is nothing short of extraordinary. Embracing a nomadic lifestyle, she has chosen to live as a scavenger-gatherer, forming a deep connection with nature. Since 2010, she has made the outdoors her home, finding shelter under the canopy of trees, tarps, canvas, and even shelter caves as mentioned on her official website. Her choice to live close to nature allows her to be in tune with the changing seasons and experience the beauty of the wilderness up close.

Callie Russell is holding the two goats smiling, looking at them.
Callie Russell with her goats (Source: Callie Russell Instagram @caprakhan)

One remarkable aspect of Russell’s unique lifestyle is her companionship with a herd of pack goats that she raised herself. These goats serve as not only her companions but also her partners in her journey, helping her carry essential supplies and providing a sense of camaraderie in the rugged wilderness. Callie’s profound understanding of the natural world and her bond with her goats exemplify the harmony that can be achieved when humans embrace a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

Why Did Russell Move To The Woods?

Russell’s decision to move to the woods was inspired by a profound realization of her true happiness and peace. Previously working as a guide in wilderness therapy, she spent considerable time surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors. During this period, she discovered that she felt most alive and content when immersed in nature’s embrace.

This realization sparked a deep yearning to break free from the confines of modern comforts and embrace a more authentic, nature-centric lifestyle. Determined to live a life aligned with her newfound sense of joy, Russell made a bold choice and committed herself to learning essential survival skills that would enable her to thrive in the wilderness for extended periods. Embracing the simplicity and serenity of living in harmony with nature, she found a profound connection to the land and her surroundings.

What Does Russell Do For A Living?

Callie Russell’s diverse and nature-centered approach to making a living is as fascinating as her life in the woods. During the winter, she engages in a vital conservation project, where she tracks mountain lions, contributing valuable data to the understanding and protection of these majestic creatures. Working closely with a hunting guide, she assists in packing goats in and out of the backcountry, providing essential support for wilderness hunting expeditions.

Callie Russell is in the wood weaving.
Callie Russell weaving the willow basket (Source: Callie Russell Instagram @caprakhan)

In the fall season, Russell’s skills take her to a wild game processor, where she expertly skins deer and elk, allowing for the responsible and sustainable harvesting of hides. Not one to let anything go to waste, she then tans the hides to transform them into beautifully crafted products, which she sells through her business, Montannery. Through her unique range of occupations, she combines her deep knowledge of the natural world with her entrepreneurial spirit, creating a fulfilling life that resonates with her passion for nature and conservation.

Charity Involvements

Callie Russell’s passion for helping others extends beyond her love for nature and survival skills. She is actively involved in various charitable endeavors, and one of her current involvements is supporting Joel Van Der Loon in his fundraiser. The fundraiser aims to assist the Hazba family, who belong to the Hadza community.

The Hadza people are among the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes on Earth, and they have faced numerous challenges over the years. They have experienced the loss of their historical hunting lands, facing social judgment and aggression from other tribes, and a decline in large game species due to the encroachment of farming on their traditional lands. The donations raised through the fundraiser aim to address some of these difficulties and provide much-needed support to the Hadza community.


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