Callie North gained widespread recognition for her impressive appearance on the TV show “Alone.” Apart from her survival skills, she is also known for her expertise as a herbalist. Growing up on Lopez Island, situated in the Salish Sea, she has always had a deep connection with nature. It was this upbringing that instilled in her a profound understanding of plants and their healing properties, which eventually led her to become a skilled herbalist.

In season 3 of “Alone,” North demonstrated her resilience and resourcefulness while facing the challenges of surviving in the wild. Despite the demanding and intense experience on the show, she has now transitioned to living a quiet life, away from the limelight. Embracing her passion for herbalism and living in harmony with nature, she finds solace and contentment in the tranquility of her present-day existence.

Love Life (With Former Alone Cast)

Callie North’s love life took a serendipitous turn as she found a romantic connection with Randy Champagne, a former contestant from season 2 of “Alone.” Their shared experiences on the show seem to have brought them together, as his adventurous spirit and her resilience in the wild aligned perfectly. Before her appearance in season 3, he was known for his rugby prowess, having played for teams like Landshark Rugby and Men’s Northern Arizona Rugby Football Club.

Randy Champagne is taking the selfie as Callie North looks on.
Callie North with her partner, Randy Champagne (Source: Randy Champagne Instagram @wildrnez)

North, on the other hand, tends to stay away from social media, preferring a more private lifestyle. However, Champagne has shared a few glimpses of their relationship on his Instagram, giving fans a peek into their blossoming romance. Their shared love for nature and the wilderness undoubtedly makes them a formidable couple, and their journey together promises to be as thrilling as their experiences on “Alone.”

North’s Net Worth Status

Callie North’s estimated net worth of $1 million reflects her success and dedication as a folk herbalist. Her expertise in herbal medicine has led her to establish her company, the Northsea Apothecary. Through this venture, she aims to make accessible, seasonal medicine for those seeking natural remedies and wellness solutions. Beyond her herbalist pursuits, her appearance on the TV series “Alone” also contributed to her financial success.

The challenges North faced on the show, along with her survival skills, caught the attention of viewers, further boosting her reputation and income. Her ability to thrive in the wilderness and her entrepreneurial spirit have combined to create a thriving career, allowing her to continue pursuing her passion for herbalism while inspiring others to embrace the healing powers of nature. Her journey showcases the rewards of following one’s passion and the potential for success when combining expertise and determination.

North Has A Daughter

North’s life took on a new chapter with the arrival of her daughter, River Selkie, whom she shares with her partner Randy Champagne. The joyous news of the pregnancy was shared with the world when he made a heartfelt announcement on Instagram on May 1, 2021. Although she was born before the official announcement on August 9, 2021, the couple’s happiness and excitement were evident as they welcomed their bundle of joy into the world.

Callie North, Randy Chanpagne, and River Selkie are taking the selfie lying down in the ground.
Callie North with her daughter, River Selkie (Source: Randy Champagne Instagram @wildrnez)

Since then, Champagne has been openly expressing his love for his daughter, River on his Instagram, delighting his followers with heartwarming posts and adorable snapshots of their growing family. Callie and Randy’s journey as parents showcase their deep affection and devotion to their little one, and the love they have for their daughter is evident in every post they share.

Also Works As A Teacher

In addition to her expertise as a herbalist and survivalist, North’s passion for teaching has led her to establish her school called “The Forest Folks.” Together with her partner Champagne, they create a nurturing and educational environment that hosts classes and retreats focused on wilderness living skills. Participants at The Forest Folks have the unique opportunity to learn from Callie’s wealth of knowledge and experience, gaining insight into traditional survival techniques and developing a deeper connection with nature.

Moreover, North’s dedication to teaching extends beyond adult learners, as she also imparts her wisdom to the younger generation. Through the Lopez Island Family Resource Center, she teaches wilderness living skills and fosters a love for nature among elementary-aged children as mentioned in an article from Winter Count Camp. Callie’s commitment to sharing her expertise with both adults and children showcases her belief in the transformative power of nature and its ability to inspire and enrich lives.

The Folk Herbalist’s Time In Alone

North’s time on “Alone” during season 3 was nothing short of remarkable. Throughout her challenging journey, she demonstrated incredible resilience and survival skills that captivated viewers around the world. Enduring the harsh conditions of the wilderness, she remained on the show for an impressive 72 days, showcasing her ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

North’s carefully chosen items, including a knife for crafting and hunting, a ferro rod for fire-making, a sleeping bag for warmth, a pot for cooking, fishing line and hooks for sustenance, a paracord for versatile use, and a tarp for shelter, proved to be invaluable tools that helped her face the difficulties of her solo adventure as mentioned in History’s website. Her time on “Alone” highlighted her profound connection with nature and the wisdom she gained from living in harmony with the land.

North’s experience on “Alone” was undoubtedly filled with challenges that tested her resilience and survival skills. One particular obstacle she encountered was a formidable encounter with spiders, which left her deeply infected and in discomfort. She suspects that she may have encountered these spiders while using her sleeping bag, leading to the unfortunate infection. However, she demonstrated her resourcefulness as a herbalist. Using Usnea lichen poultices that she skillfully crafted, she treated her infections.

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Works As A Folk Herbalist

Callie North’s work as a folk herbalist reflects her deep-rooted connection with nature and her dedication to holistic healing. Specializing as a bio-regional seasonal folk herbalist, she embraces the wisdom of the land and its natural cycles to create remedies that are in harmony with the environment. In 2016, she founded her herbal business, originally known as Pachamama Apothecary and now called Northsea Apothecary.

Through her herbal business, North strives to make the healing power of plants accessible to those seeking natural remedies and wellness solutions. Drawing on her formative years spent exploring the forests and waters of her surrounding home, her understanding of the local flora and their medicinal properties forms the foundation of her herbal practice. Her work not only embodies a deep respect for nature but also represents her commitment to helping others achieve balance and harmony through the healing properties of plants.

Was Always An Adventurous Women

Callie North’s adventurous spirit has been a driving force in her life since her early days. After completing high school, she embraced a life of exploration and travel. Her journeys took her to various corners of the world, where she sought thrilling experiences and new challenges. Spending a year in Australia allowed her to immerse herself in a vibrant and diverse culture. During her time in Thailand, she pursued her passion for diving and became a Dive Master, exploring the mesmerizing underwater world.

Callie North is walking in the woods with her two dogs, holding by the leash.
Callie North walking with her dogs (Source: Randy Champagne Instagram @wildrnez)

Foraging the jungles of Maui revealed North’s connection to nature and her appreciation for the bounties it offers. Working on a remote island off the coast of Ireland exposed her to unique landscapes and a simpler way of life. Mountain climbing in Guatemala tested her physical and mental endurance while camping her way across Norway allowed her to revel in the beauty of the great outdoors. Hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain was a transformative experience, as it provided her with moments of self-reflection and spiritual growth.


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