By hosting multiple shows, Mike Francesa has collected handsome amount of net worth. Find out his salary

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Mike Francesa having net worth of four million dollars and salary of 800 thousand dollars a year is one of the popular figure in the world of television.  In limelight as a 'Mad Dog', he is a prominent television commentator and a host of radio talk show has hosted several shows.

Mike Francesa rejected to work for ESPN in struggling days, still accomplished successful career


He got an offer from CBS company in 1982 where he began as a researcher where he mostly focused on sports. He had good knowledge about sports and due to his sports knowledge and hard working nature he was promoted to a studio analyst for both college basketball and football. By seeing his work ESPN offered him a job in 1991 but he dropped the offer and left CBS in 1993.

Afterwards, he started to serve WFAN which proved to be a life-changing turn for Francesa as his adoration elevated. He made it to the top while he was serving WFAN. Multi-talented Francesa is also an actor. We can see him in movies like 'Mantel', 'Jim Brown: All-American and 'Two Boroughs'. That is another sector he is good at after being a commentator. His acting skills have also helped him collect this amount of net worth.

Mike Francesa’s hard word pays him humungous net worth amount

Francesa has crossed many ups and downs in his life and its the result of his hard work he is in this position with net worth of  4 million dollars grabbing pay cheque of 800 thousand dollars every year. At present, he is serving CBS Radio as the host of “Mike’s On” and “The NFL Now”.


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