Brittany Williams, a dynamic and adventurous YouTuber, has carved her niche on the platform with the captivating channel, Lite Brite Nation. Collaborating seamlessly with her partner, Kevin Williams, the duo embarks on thrilling escapades that span the corners of the Earth, all from the comfort of their trusty car. From scaling majestic mountains to navigating bustling marketplaces, their videos capture the essence of diverse cultures and stunning landscapes.

The channel’s irresistible charisma and unfiltered storytelling have struck a chord with an ever-growing subscriber base, which now exceeds an impressive 254,000 avid followers. As Brittany and Kevin continue to journey across continents, their shared enthusiasm for exploration promises viewers more front-row seats to the wonders our world has to offer.

Married Life Of Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams’s married life is closely intertwined with her partner, Kevin Williams, whom she wed on October 13, 2017. Their love story has taken them on incredible journeys, both figuratively and literally. For their memorable honeymoon, the couple chose the enchanting destination of Japan. During this special time, they embarked on an adventure that not only celebrated their union but also their shared passions.

Brittany and Kevin Williams are posing with a modified car.
Brittany Williams and her husband, Kevin Williams (Source: Kevin Williams Instagram @ibeatmyjl)

Williams and Kevin spent two unforgettable weeks exploring the captivating landscapes of Japan and indulging in their mutual love for adrenaline-fueled pursuits. One highlight of their honeymoon was tearing up the mountainside tracks at the renowned Ebisu Circuit for the exhilarating Drift Matsuri event, creating lasting memories that would forever symbolize the start of their extraordinary journey together.

Net Worth Of Lite Brite Nation’s Williams

Brittany Williams’s net worth is closely tied to her ventures, primarily her role in Lite Brite Nation. With an estimated income of around $200,000, she has established herself as a significant figure in the online world. As one of the co-founders of the channel, her income largely stems from their popular YouTube channel.

The channel maintains a consistent uploading schedule, sharing an average of 8 videos every month. This regular content flow attracts a substantial viewership, amassing around 70,000 views per month. These views translate to a notable ad revenue of at least $10,080, highlighting the channel’s financial success. In addition to their YouTube earnings, Williams and her husband Kevin have expanded their income sources by running an online shop. Through this shop, they offer a range of merchandise including T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and stickers, allowing them to connect with their dedicated fan base and generate additional income.

About Lite Brite Nation YouTube Channel

Lite Brite Nation’s YouTube channel has had a captivating journey since its inception on December 13, 2016. With an impressive total of over 68.8 million views and a dedicated subscriber base of more than 254,000 individuals, the channel has undoubtedly struck a chord with audiences around the world. Among their collection of engaging videos, one stands out as the most popular: “NEW FORD BRONCO ON HELL’S REVENGE – Easter Jeep Safari.”

This particular video has captured the attention of over 3.4 million viewers, showcasing the channel’s ability to create content that resonates deeply with its audience. As Lite Brite Nation continues to explore the globe, share its experiences, and entertain its subscribers, it’s clear that its unique blend of adventure and storytelling has solidified its place as a prominent and beloved presence in the YouTube community.

At the heart of the Lite Brite Nation lies the inspiring journey of Kevin and Brittany Williams. Together, they embark on captivating adventures that take them across the country and sometimes even beyond its borders, all from the comfort of their cars, as mentioned on their website. Their channel serves as a window into their shared pursuit of embracing life’s endless possibilities. Whether cruising through scenic landscapes, exploring hidden gems, or immersing themselves in new cultures, Kevin and Brittany’s videos radiate the zest they have for life.

With every episode, Brittany reminds her viewers that life is meant to be experienced to the fullest, and their genuine enthusiasm for adventure resonates in the hearts of their dedicated audience. Through their boundless curiosity and unwavering determination, Lite Brite has truly become a source of inspiration for those seeking to infuse their lives with a sense of wonder and exploration.

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Other Business

Apart from her prominent online presence, Williams has ventured into other business ventures as well. Alongside her husband Kevin, she co-founded E3 OffRoad, an innovative platform that caters to off-road enthusiasts. It offers an all-encompassing membership that opens doors to a world of off-road experiences. This unique platform serves as a hub for online courses, entertainment, and exclusive access to both in-person and virtual events.

With industry discounts and a range of exciting features, E3 OffRoad aims to be the ultimate resource for off-road enthusiasts seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills, and engagement within this thrilling community. Williams’ involvement in this venture showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to bringing together like-minded individuals to explore and enjoy their shared passions.

Has Been In A Reality Show

Brittany Williams’s journey in the world of entertainment extended beyond YouTube, as she ventured into the realm of reality television. In a remarkable achievement, she was a participant in the Netflix show “Hyperdrive,” as mentioned on the show’s IMDb page, a thrilling tournament series that captured the attention of audiences in 2019.

Brittany Williams is driving the car with her helmet on.
Brittany Williams in Netflix Hyperdrive (Source: Netflix YouTube Channel)

Throughout 8 exciting episodes, Williams showcased her driving skills and competitive spirit on one of the most expansive automotive obstacle courses ever created. “Hyperdrive” brought together talented drivers from diverse corners of the world, each vying for victory on this challenging course. Her presence on the show not only highlighted her passion for driving but also introduced her to a new global audience, solidifying her as a multifaceted personality with a taste for adventure and competition.

Brittany’s OnlyFans Was Met With Mixed Reaction

Williams’ decision to create an OnlyFans account stirred a variety of responses from her audience. While the platform is typically associated with explicit content, she opted for a different approach, offering safe-for-work (SFW) content to her subscribers. She actively engages with her fans on her OnlyFans account, sharing a remarkable over 300 posts and 600 media items. Her natural beauty and dynamic content have garnered significant attention, amassing an impressive total of over 74,000 likes.

What sets Williams’ subscription model apart is her unique approach. Instead of the common monthly or yearly subscription options with discounts, she has introduced subscription plans for one month, three months, and six months, with bundle discounts available for the latter two options. The pricing structure for these plans stands at $18.99, $39.88, and $68.36, respectively. While her venture into OnlyFans certainly attracted a mixed range of reactions from her fan base, her distinct approach to the platform showcases her ability to make unconventional choices that suit her brand and preferences.

A Dog Person

Williams’s love for animals shines through in her role as a devoted dog owner. She wholeheartedly embraces her status as a dog person and shares her life with two adorable companions named Peanut Butter and Jelly. Initially, her furry family consisted of Jelly alone. However, as her affection for these loyal companions grew, she decided to expand her household by adopting another four-legged friend, whom she fittingly named Peanut.

 Peanut Butter and Jelly are in the car playing with each other.
Brittany Williams dogs, Peanut Butter and Jelly (Source: Peanut Butter and Jelly Instagram @pbjnation)

The bond between Williams and her dogs is heartwarming, and she often showcases their charming moments on her social media platforms. So deep is her connection with her canine companions that they even have their very own Instagram account (@pbjnation), where their playful escapades and endearing interactions with Brittany bring smiles to followers’ faces. This glimpse into Brittany’s life as a dog lover adds a warm and relatable touch to her online presence, reflecting the joy and companionship that these furry friends bring to her journey.


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