Is Britt McHenry planning on getting engaged with her mysterious boyfriend?

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Britt McHenry, a sports reporter at ESPN has never talked about her partner. Her fans are curious to know if she is engaged or planning to get married to her mysterious boyfriend. Let's find out whom is Britt dating.

Britt has always remained silent whenever it comes to reveal any information about her personal life. However, she has given some clues about her preferences in an interview in the past.

Actually, she had just returned to Washington DC from San Diego when she was asked about her returning purpose. In answer, McHenry said that the reason was solely professional and not related to a personal relationship. The interview was taken by Sports Junkies.

In the same interview, she also stated an interesting fact about her saying that "Skype relationship" is not hercup of tea. Since she said that, people started to assume that she was in a relationship with a guy in Washington DC and she did not like long-distant relationship with him.

People also made anassumption that her unrevealed boyfriend is the sole reason that forced Britt to leave San Diego in a mere 2 weeks' period. However, until McHenry reveals the name of her secret lover, we would have to refer to him as the DC guy.

Although love relationships have never brought Britt under the spotlight, she became a center of attraction in 2015 when a controversial video of her surfaced in the media. The footage showed her ranting and insulting an employee of tow company who towed her car.

For this behavior which sparked mass outrage, she was suspended for a week by ESPN, following which she posted an apology note on her Twitter account.

Since Britt McHenry’s love life is still a mystery, it is hard to tell anything about her marriage decisions. It is even unknown if she is still together with her mysterious boyfriend. Maybe, Britt McHenry is planning to unveil her lover's identity after marrying him.

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