Updated: 01/09/2017 01:45 PM | First Published: 01/09/2017 09:29 AM

Brian "the Boz" Bosworth's life after retirement

Brian Bosworth and Morgan Leslie Heuman

There's no doubt that someone who is loved by media as much as Brian Bosworth would stop being popular on account of an injury. With an end to his football career, Bosworth entered Hollywood, initially starring in the movie Stone Cold. He continued to work on other low budget movies until he got a role in Adam Sandler’s remake of The Longest Yard and an episode of TV series Lawless.

He also joined the broadcasting world and worked as a commentator and college football studio analyst at major network channels. He also appeared in different commercials and the reality TV series, Hell’s Kitchen.

In 2014, Bosworth starred in a documentary called Brian and The Boz, which depicted the ups and down of his career. The documentary takes us up close into his childhood and controversies surrounding Bosworth. He speaks at length of the internal conflict he had while keeping the image of Boz and the relationship he had with his father. The documentary also includes the involvement of his former teammates, close friends and family members. 

For someone who enjoys his share of attention in media, Brian isn’t that outspoken when it comes to his love life. He married his high school sweetheart, Katherine Nicastro, in 1993 at the age of 28 and was blessed with three beautiful children: two sons, Chase and Max, and a daughter, Hayley. The couple divorced thirteen years later. Hayley Bosworth seems to be following her daddy’s footsteps. She presently plays for the volleyball team at the University of Oklahoma and has bagged the Coaches Award. 

Brian is currently married to actress Morgan Leslie Heuman. He tied the knot with Heuman in 2012. He continues to share his unfiltered opinions on Twitter and Instagram(@GotBoz44) with over 40k followers.