Brandy Burre, the part-time actress widely recognized for her role as Theresa D’Agostino in the popular HBO series “The Wire,” has left a lasting impression on audiences with her compelling performances. The character she portrayed, Theresa, showcased her talent for bringing depth and authenticity to her roles.

Burre, born on September 27, 1974, in Sandusky, Ohio, USA, has a background that adds depth to her identity. Growing up in the heartland of the United States, her roots in Sandusky have likely influenced her perspective and journey in the entertainment industry. As fans continue to admire her work on screen, it’s interesting to reflect on the impact of her Ohio origins on the person and artist she has become.

Is Burre In A Relationship?

As for Brandy Burre’s relationship status, she is currently in a relationship with John Hartzell. Despite choosing to keep many details of their relationship private, she has given her fans a glimpse into their connection through a few pictures shared on her Instagram account. The couple values their privacy, as they have not disclosed much information about themselves.

John Hartzell is sitting on his car.
Brandy Burre’s husband, John Hartzell (Source: Brandy Burre Instagram @msburre)

However, the shared moments captured in the photographs and Burre and Hartzell’s attendance at various events together hint at a bond that goes beyond the public eye. The decision to maintain a level of discretion about their personal lives adds an air of mystery, allowing her to strike a balance between her public persona and her private happiness with her love.

Net Worth Status

Brandy Burre’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, similar to Daddy Dave. While this figure reflects her financial success, it’s important to note that she hasn’t been actively pursuing as much acting work recently. Despite this, she has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, particularly through her noteworthy guest appearance as Theresa D’Agostino on the acclaimed HBO series, “The Wire.”

This role remains a standout moment in Bure’s career, showcasing her talent and earning her recognition from both critics and fans. Although she may not have been as prominently featured in recent projects, her contribution to “The Wire” has solidified her place in the hearts of viewers.

Has Been Through A Failed Marriage

Burre has experienced the challenges of a failed marriage in the past, having been previously married to Tim Reinke. Despite the public interest, not much information is available about the specifics surrounding the end of their marriage. Burre, like many individuals, values her privacy, and the details of her personal life have been kept relatively discreet.

Tim Reinke is wearing a blue suit with floral designs in this selfie.
Brandy Burre’s ex-husband, Tim Reinke (Source: Tim Reinke Instagram @timreinke)

Tim Reinke is known for his work as a saloon keeper, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere at Birdsall House and Gleason’s Peekskill. As someone in the hospitality industry, he plays a crucial role in creating welcoming spaces for patrons to enjoy. Whether it’s serving drinks or ensuring a friendly environment, his work reflects a dedication to providing a positive experience for those who visit these establishments.

Education Background

Brandy’s educational background includes a significant achievement—she holds a Master’s Degree in Acting from Ohio University, as mentioned on her IMDb page. This academic milestone reflects her dedication to honing her craft and developing the skills necessary for a successful career in the performing arts.

Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Acting is a testament to the depth of Burre’s commitment to the art of storytelling and character portrayal. The knowledge and training she gained at Ohio University likely played a pivotal role in shaping her as an actress, providing her with the tools and techniques needed to excel in the highly competitive world of entertainment.

Brandy Burre Is A Mother

In addition to her career, Brandy Burre is also a dedicated mother to her two children, Stella Reinke and Henry Reinke, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Tim Reinke. Both of her kids are currently students at VVS High School. Henry, showing his diverse interests and talents, is not only a student but also a standout athlete.

Stella and Henry Reinke are having a lunch.
Brandy Burre’s kids, Stella and Henry Reinke (Source: Brandy Burre Instagram @msburre)

Henry recently achieved an impressive feat by qualifying for the State Championships in track and field with a remarkable time of 16:38. Beyond his athletic achievements, he is a multifaceted individual as he is also a member of a music band called Entropy Machine. This musical group comprises August, Henry himself, Rubio, Damani, and Peter. His involvement in both sports and music showcases his passion for diverse pursuits, and Burre, as a supportive mother, likely takes pride in her children’s accomplishments and interests.

Used To Be A Sales Account Manager

Brandy Burre showcased her versatility by taking on the role of Sales Account Manager at Niche Modern from April 2018 to May 2021, contributing three years and two months of dedicated service to the company. Stationed in the charming town of Beacon, NY, she likely played a crucial role in managing and nurturing client relationships within the specific market niche that Niche Modern serves.

As a Sales Account Manager, Burre’s responsibilities likely included understanding client needs, ensuring satisfaction, and facilitating successful transactions. This professional experience not only highlights her adaptability but also underscores her ability to excel beyond the entertainment industry.

Work In The Wire

Brandy Burre’s notable contribution to “The Wire” marks a significant chapter in her career, representing one of her most prominent and recognizable works. In the acclaimed HBO series, she portrayed the character Theresa D’Agostino, making her debut in the episode titled “Hamsterdam” and concluding her appearances in the episode “Margin of Error.”

Burre’s portrayal of Theresa added depth to the show during its third and fourth seasons, with her guest appearances spanning a total of 15 episodes. “The Wire” is renowned for its gritty portrayal of urban life and its exploration of various societal issues, making it one of the highest-rated series in television history. Fans continue to appreciate her role as Theresa, highlighting the memorable moments she brought to the complex narrative of the show.

Has Burre Left Acting?

Brandy’s relationship with acting has seen some shifts over time. There was a period when she took a break from acting, particularly during her marriage to Tim Reinke. The decision to step away from the entertainment industry was influenced by the exciting venture of opening a bar and restaurant, Birdsall House, in Peekskill, N.Y.

However, this career shift also brought about some challenges, as Brandy felt somewhat excluded from the process of establishing the popular craft beer spot. Tim acknowledged her desire to be more involved, but with the demands of a growing family—Henry and Stella being born—it proved difficult to balance everything, as mentioned in an article from The New York Times.

Despite this hiatus, Brandy has since made a return to acting, although her involvement in the industry has been relatively limited. The complex interplay between personal and professional life reflects the dynamic journey the actress has undertaken in both her career and personal pursuits.


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