A movie producer by the name of Bernard Sofronski is known for being the husband of former actress Susan Dey. Susan is known for appearing in television shows, notably portraying Laurie Partridge in the sitcom “The Partridge Family” and as Grace Van Owen of “L.A. Law.” Both of these people are actors who have made names for themselves in films and television.

Sofronski was born in 1940 in Coatesville, Philadelphia. His nickname is Bernie and all the things he has ever experienced through all these years may have contributed to making him what he is at the moment. Usually, nicknames imply closeness or friendliness towards people who call you one such name.

Married To Susan Boyle

Bernard Sofronski got married to Susan Boyle on February 20, 1988. The fact is that even though they project a certain image to the public, they prefer keeping certain aspects of their relationship secret. Such a decision can be due to their intention to retain certain privacy that can only be witnessed by family members.

Bernard Sofronski and Susan Boyle are posing at the red carpet.
Bernard Sofronski and his wife, Susan Boyle (Source: Pinterest)

Concealing certain elements might symbolize respect for privacy and Sofronski and Boyle’s intimate attachment. This love story of the couple has some amount of mystery, which makes their interest in their lives even greater.

About Sofronski’s First Marriage

Sofronksi had been married to another woman called Myra Phyliss Tamarkin before marrying Susan Boyle. While the specific day of their wedding remains obscure, it ended with their divorce that took place on June 8, 1984. Their marriage produced two children.

Regrettably, little is known about their family lives and how they brought up their children as Sofronski and Tamarkin have opted to reserve such issues for private discussions. That he preferred keeping his maiden marital affair confidential suggests how sensitive individuals should be about other people’s secrets or boundaries they have created for themselves.

Net Worth Status

Bernard Sofronski’s current net worth is approximately $4 Million. This may not be his current source of income but, his previous earnings were a result of working in the area of film and television production. Notable among his projects are TV movies and series.

Susan Boyle is wearing a grey suit in the picture.
Susan Boyle hosting the SNL (Source: Saturday Night Live YouTube Channel)

Among Sofronski’s successful works is the TV movie “Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story” and “Murder in Mississippi.” Moreover, he participated in making series such as “Queen.” This probably contributed highly towards the development of his finances.

Has A Stepdaughter

Bernard’s stepdaughter is Sara Dey-Hirsha. She is the offspring of Susan Dey and her ex-husband Leonard Hirshan. Sara was born in November 1978. Though she mostly does not draw any limelight, she is not a stranger to the entertainment world.

In the year 2009, Sara entered the field of acting where she played Clare in the movie “Danger Island.” However, despite some ties to the showbiz world, she prefers to have a quiet life.

Sofronski’s Work With CBS

A major chapter of the story about Bernard’s life in the entertainment is about his time with CBS. Joining CBS’s Soap Opera “Search for Tomorrow” as associate producer, he rose rapidly up the ladder of promotion, due to his talent and commitment. In just one year, he became an executive producer displaying that he can handle difficult situations within a short time.

CBS management was impressed by Sofronski’s achievements which led him to join the organization as a director for daytime programming. His role grew and turned to Director of Prime Time Series, finally ascending to the Senior VP of Special Programming by demonstrating versatility.

Bernard’s climb was amazing until he succeeded in the position of Senior Vice-President and CBC’s head of feature films. Over eight and a half years, he made great strides in leadership on programs and features for TV programming and theatrical releases.

Had Dreamed Of Being an Actor

In the beginning, Sofronski hoped that he would become an actor but he had a strong interest in performing arts. The dream started developing in his Junior and Senior years where he was always involved in school dramas at that time. It is through these tender years that he developed a true calling for acting.

Following one of the milestones that marked Bernard’s progress in acting, he found himself at the highly respected Actor’s Studio as a pupil working under Lee Strasberg. This was an amazing chance for him to improve himself in the company of other students including some famous Hollywood actresses as well, such as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda.

After his training, Sofronski took part in a significant number of off-Broadway plays and summer stock performances. The experiences in small stages helped him gain insight and practical knowledge in the live theatre world. These probably helped him to enhance his artistic skills and paved the way for his career as a Hollywood actor.

Awards And Accolades

Bernard Sofronski has won prominent accolades for his unmatched efforts towards improving comedy and music scenes across the globe. He has been nominated for an Emmy award thrice, which shows his high standards in television production. His Emmy nominations are attributed to his work on impactful productions such as “Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story,” “Queen” which stars Halle Berry, and “Murder in Mississippi” which stars Tom Hulce.

Halle Berry has a serious look on her face.
Halle Berry in Queen (Source: YouTube)

Apart from the Emmys, Sofronski won the coveted George Foster Peabody Award twice, as mentioned on his LinkedIn Profile. He won this award because of his excellent performance in the development of “playing for time” thus proving his seriousness as a content producer.

Has Served For The Army

However, Bernard devoted part of his life toward service while in the army but never at the frontline. In addition, for three years, he contributed greatly towards raising the spirits among the forces through theatre performances. He went to various places for about two years when he served in Europe and another year he was stateside during the tight Cuban missile crisis (see IMDb).

Sofronski was not involved in fighting directly. He might have made significant contributions in giving relief and entertaining the soldiers amid trying moments. His dedication to serving his country in this period was an opportunity to express his varied experiences during his life.


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