Bec Ebner’s role in the vibrant Lite Brite YouTube Channel adds a unique dimension to the adventures brought to life by Brittany and Kevin Williams. As they embark on their globe-trotting escapades in their car, her hands-on involvement with working on cars and her active participation in the YouTube videos contribute to the channel’s engaging content. With a dedicated subscriber base of 254,000, Lite Brite showcases the magnetic pull of its adventurous spirit.

Beyond her automotive talents, Ebner is also a fitness enthusiast, adding another layer to her multifaceted personality. Her passion for staying active and fit adds an inspiring element to the channel, motivating viewers to embrace a well-rounded and adventurous lifestyle. Through her dynamic presence on the channel, she continues to captivate audiences with her skills, energy, and unwavering dedication to both cars and fitness.

Relationship Status

Bec Ebner’s relationship status remains single, and she keeps her personal love life well-guarded. She’s managed to keep her previous relationship history confidential, preferring to maintain a level of privacy around this aspect of her life. While many may speculate about her romantic connections, it’s important to note that these assumptions are often inaccurate.

Bec Ebner is posing with the exhaust.
Bec Ebner at her work (Source: Bec Ebner Instagram

Some have guessed that Ebner might be in a relationship with Christian Payne from the Lite Brite team, but in reality, they share a close and genuine friendship rather than a romantic involvement. Bec’s decision to keep her matters private is a testament to her focus on the aspects of her life that she chooses to share with the public, such as her adventures, interests, and the camaraderie she shares with her friends and colleagues.

Net Worth Of Ebner

Bec Ebner’s estimated net worth is around $50,000, reflecting her involvement as a crucial member of the Lite Brite Team. Alongside her hands-on work with cars, her precise income hasn’t been publicly disclosed. Lite Brite, the YouTube Channel she contributes to, stands as a remarkable source of content, with an impressive average of 9 videos uploaded each month. These videos consistently draw in an average of 80,000 views per video, highlighting the channel’s widespread appeal.

Notably, Lite Brite’s ad revenue alone yields approximately $12,000 per month, showcasing the substantial impact of their engaging content and dedicated viewer base. As a valued member of the team, Ebner’s contributions play an essential role in the success and financial prosperity of the channel.

About Lite Brite YouTube Channel

The Lite Brite YouTube Channel has a captivating journey that began on December 13, 2016. Since its inception, the channel has garnered an impressive total of over 68 million views, drawing the attention of a dedicated audience. With a subscriber count exceeding 254,000, the channel has built a strong and engaged community of viewers. Among their array of videos, one stands out as particularly popular: “NEW FORD BRONCO ON HELL’S REVENGE – Easter Jeep Safari.” This video has captured the imagination of many, accumulating an astonishing 3.4 million views.

At the heart of the channel are the dynamic couple, Brittany and Kevin Williams, who serve as its charismatic faces. Their videos revolve around their exciting escapades as they set off on thrilling adventures around the world in their cars. Their journey together not only showcases their love for exploration but also provides a glimpse into the places they visit and the experiences they share. Alongside them, the channel is also enriched by the contributions of two other key figures: Bec Ebner and Christian Payne. Bec’s hands-on approach to cars and her vibrant presence adds depth to the content, while Christian’s involvement brings a unique perspective to the team.

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Ebner Also Has Her Channel

In addition to her role in the Lite Brite YouTube Channel, Ebner also has her very own channel, aptly named after her. While her channel bears her name, it has been active for several years, suggesting that she might have shifted her focus elsewhere since it only contains five videos. These videos are dedicated to her passion for fitness, showcasing her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Though the channel may not be as active as it once was, these videos still provide a glimpse into Ebner’s fitness journey and the expertise she has cultivated over the years. The channel’s content reflects her commitment to wellness and serves as an additional outlet for her to share her interests and inspire others to lead healthier lives.

Huge Into Fitness

Ebner’s strong dedication to fitness is evident at a glance, as her well-defined muscles speak volumes about her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She takes pride in showcasing her hard-earned physique on her Instagram account, where she openly displays the results of her rigorous workouts. Her posts offer a glimpse into her fitness journey and the strides she has taken to achieve her desired level of strength and wellness.

Bec Ebner is walking at the Garden of the Gods Park -Colorado Springs, CO
Bec Ebner doing handstand walks (Source: Bec Ebner Instagram

While she values her privacy, Ebner has generously shared a few snapshots of her workout routines, giving her followers a glimpse of her fitness regimen. Through her Instagram, she not only documents her progress but also motivates and encourages others to embark on their fitness journeys, underlining her role as an inspiration to many.

Social Media Presence

Ebner maintains a presence on Instagram, where her handle is On this platform, she predominantly focuses on sharing aspects of her work, giving her followers a glimpse into her projects and the efforts she pours into her craft. Alongside her professional content, she also sprinkles in a handful of snapshots from her personal life and moments with her family, allowing her audience to connect with her on a more personal level.

However, it’s worth noting that Ebner’s activity on the platform seems to have scaled back in 2023. Despite this, her Instagram remains a window into both her professional and personal pursuits, serving as a testament to her diverse interests and the varied facets of her life that she chooses to share with her followers.

Has A Tattoo

Bec Ebner’s self-expression extends to her body art, evident in the tattoo she proudly wears on her lower left arm. This intricate design features a series of four plant leaves, stacked one above the other, creating an appealing visual arrangement. While the first, third, and fourth leaves are elegantly inked in classic black, the second leaf stands out with its unique teal hue.

Bec Ebner is driving a car in the picture.
Bec Ebner and her tattoo (Source: Bec Ebner Instagram

This touch of color adds an intriguing contrast to the overall tattoo, making it a distinctive and personalized piece of art. The tattoo not only showcases Ebner’s appreciation for natural elements but also demonstrates her creative flair in the way she chooses to adorn her body.

About Lite Brite’s Brittany And Kevin Williams

Lite Brite’s vibrant team is anchored by Brittany and Kevin Williams, a spirited couple who take center stage as the faces of the channel. However, the channel’s dynamic also includes the invaluable contributions of Ebner and their friend Christian Payne. Brittany and Kevin’s backgrounds are rooted in the exhilarating world of drifting, infusing their content with a deep passion and expertise in the field.

Alongside their adventurous spirits, Brittany and Kevin Williams share their lives with their beloved canine companion, Jelly, who has seamlessly become an integral part of the Lite Brite Family, as mentioned in an article from Magna Flow. This quartet’s combined energy, experiences, and shared enthusiasm contribute to the channel’s captivating content, drawing in a diverse audience eager to join them on their thrilling journeys and feel a part of their adventurous world.


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