Baxter Neal Helson holds a significant place in Tish Cyrus‘ life story as her ex-husband. As an American drummer, he brought rhythm and beats to various stages. Born on the 21st of January, 1966, in the town of Ashland, nestled in the state of Kentucky, United States, Baxter’s journey began in the heartland of the country. Standing at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, which translates to around 172 centimeters, he carried himself with a presence that matched his musical talents.

Weighing about 138 pounds, equivalent to roughly 63 kilograms, Helson was not only skilled with the drumsticks but also possessed a certain lightness to his being. His rhythm wasn’t just limited to his music; it extended to the way he embraced life’s melodies and harmonies. In the tapestry of Cyrus’ life, he remains woven as a chapter of youthful love and shared dreams, originating from the town where his journey began.

Previously Married To Tish Cyrus

Baxter Neal Helson was previously married to Tish Cyrus, and their love story unfolded from 1986 to 1989. During those years, their journey was marked by both joy and challenges. Unfortunately, as life sometimes takes unexpected turns, their path took a difficult one. According to various sources, the main reason for their separation was reported to be her involvement in an extramarital affair. Such situations can profoundly affect the bonds between two people, often leading them to reassess their paths.

Tish Cyrus is posing with a black full sleeve t-shirt and black shades on.
Baxter Neal Helson’s ex-wife, Tish Cyrus (Source: Tish Cyrus Instagram @tishcyrus)

While Helson and Cyrus’s marriage came to an end, the memories they created and the lessons learned remained a part of their individual stories. Baxter and Tish’s tale serves as a reminder that relationships, like life, can be a blend of happiness and heartache, shaping us in ways we might never have anticipated. The threads of their connection were woven together at a simple yet magical moment – a local town party. She was just 19 years old when fate introduced her to Baxter at a local town party.

These days, Helson seems to prefer a quiet and simple life, away from the spotlight. His current relationship status isn’t quite clear, but it’s evident that he’s focused on living life on his terms. On the other side of the coin, Cyrus has had her journey through love and life. After her previous marriages, she found new happiness with Dominic Purcell, as they embraced marriage on August 19, 2023. Before that, her story was entwined with Billy Ray Cyrus, whom she married on December 28, 1993, in a bond that lasted until April 2022.

Net Worth Status

Baxter Neal Helson’s journey as a drummer has led him to a net worth of around $1.2 million. While his music likely played a significant role in accumulating this sum, he’s known to lead a quiet and private life. Unlike some celebrities, he hasn’t shared much about his earnings with the public. Instead, he seems to find contentment away from the glitz and glamour.

Helson’s focus might have always been on the beat of the drums, creating rhythms that resonated with people’s hearts. In a world where wealth and fame often take center stage, his choice to live discreetly reminds us that sometimes, the most valuable things are the ones that don’t always make headlines – like moments of joy, shared laughter, and a life well-lived on one’s terms.

Shares Two Kids With His Ex-Wife, Cyrus

Baxter Neal Helson’s story weaves further as he shares a particular chapter with his ex-wife, Tish Cyrus. Within the tapestry of their relationship, two beautiful threads were woven – their children. The bond between a parent and child is a unique one, and Baxter and Tish became parents to a son and a daughter, as mentioned in an article from Hollywood Life. Their daughter, Brandi Cyrus, came into the world on May 26, 1987, carrying with her the promise of new beginnings. Not long after, their son Trace Cyrus was born on February 24, 1989, bringing with him the joy of a growing family.

Brandi Cyrus

Brandi Cyrus, whose full birth name is Brandi Glenn Helson, has journeyed beyond the realms of her family’s spotlight. With a spirit ready for the limelight, she’s donned different hats – from being an American actress to rocking the turntables as a DJ. You might’ve caught glimpses of her in your favorite shows; she embraced small roles in well-loved series like “Hannah Montana” and “Zoey 101,” as mentioned on her IMDb page, adding her essence to the characters she portrayed.

Brandi Cyrus is wearing a white headphone as she is smiling while Djing.
Brandi Cyrus Djing in Las Vegas (Source: Brandi Cyrus Instagram @brandicyrus)

Beyond the screen, Brandi also ventured into co-hosting the show “Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer,” showcasing her skills and style in a different arena. Her path illustrates that life isn’t a one-note melody; it’s a symphony of roles, talents, and experiences. Whether she’s acting, spinning records, or sharing her design insights, she continues to compose her unique melody in the world of entertainment.

Trace Cyrus

Trace Cyrus, a name that resonates in the world of music, embraces the role of a musician with a distinctive touch. As the backing vocalist and guitarist of the pop rock band Metro Station, he adds his voice and strings to their vibrant melodies. His journey took a unique turn before he became Trace Cyrus, though. Originally known as Neil Timothy Helson, he chose to embrace a new identity, legally changing his name to Trace Dempsey Cyrus.

Trace Cyrus is taking a topless mirror selfie.
Baxter Neal Helson’s son, Trace Cyrus (Source: Trace Cyrus Instagram @tracecyrus)

This transformation coincided with a significant chapter in his life when Trace, along with his sister Brandi, found a new home with Billy Ray Cyrus, who adopted them after marrying their mother, Tish. This narrative isn’t just about music; it’s about identity, family, and the evolution of a person’s story. His life reminds us that sometimes, the most powerful symphonies are composed not just of notes, but of the connections and transformations that shape who we are.

Career As A Drummer

Baxter Neal Helson’s journey as a drummer is a tale woven with threads of passion and rhythm. From his early days, he found himself drawn to the beat of the drums, and this love for music became a constant in his life. He started by sharing his beats at local parties and cozy bars right there in his hometown of Kentucky. Those were the places where his talent began to shine, where people tapped their feet and nodded along, caught up in the groove he created.

As Helson grew, so did his love for the drums. This love wasn’t confined to just local scenes; he took his skills to bigger stages, becoming the backbone of popular bands as their ace drummer for considerable periods. The energy he brought to each performance, the heartbeat he provided to the music, became his signature. While the exact course of his current journey isn’t entirely clear, what remains undeniable is the mark he left in the world of music – a reminder that following your passion can create rhythms that resonate through a lifetime.

Who Is Helson’s Ex-Wife, Tish Cyrus?

Tish Cyrus, a woman of many talents, has carved her path as an American manager and producer. What sets her journey apart is the way she’s nurtured and guided her own family’s talents. Managing her two daughters, Miley and Noah Cyrus, she has played a crucial role in their rise to fame, supporting their dreams and navigating the world of entertainment alongside them. Her influence extends beyond the managerial realm; she’s also been the driving force behind the scenes of Miley’s music videos, adding her touch as an executive producer.

But Tish’s role doesn’t stop there. She’s also ventured into the world of film production, bringing her daughter Miley’s performances to the big screen in films like “LOL,” “The Last Song,” and “So Undercover.” In world where success can sometimes overshadow the people who make it happen, her story shines a light on the importance of family, dedication, and the power of a mother’s support in making dreams a reality.


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