Avielle Janelle Hernandez is an American celebrity child, known for being the daughter of the late NFL player Aaron Hernandez. Being a paternal orphan, Avielle has gathered more media attention than other celebrity children.

Avielle is currently around in her early 10s. Besides that, she is growing up with her mother in Rhode Island. Let’s delve into the life of this young and promising individual who is making her mark in various aspects of her life.

Early Life and Education Qualification

Avielle Janelle Hernandez was born on November 6, 2012, in the United States. As of early 2023, she is around 11 and a half years old. Every year, she joyfully celebrates her birthday on November 6.

A family picture of Avielle Janelle Hernandez.
Avielle Janelle Hernandez with her mother and step-sister, Giselle Hernandez. Source: Pinterest

Currently, Avielle has celebrated her 10th birthday and is growing up with her mother and Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez. On June 16, 2018, Jenkins gave birth to Avielle’s younger sister, Giselle Hernandez.

The celeb child is currently attending a local sector school and she is a diligent and dedicated student. With her academic prowess, she has the potential for a promising future academically. While her specific college and university plans are not known at present, her determination and commitment suggest that she will excel in her educational journey.

Relationship between Avielle Janelle Hernandez’s parents

Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez shared their engagement at the time of his passing in 2017. Their relationship was characterized by its length and difficulty, which was extensively examined in the Netflix docuseries “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez“. In this docuseries, Jenkins-Hernandez candidly discusses her relationship with Hernandez, addressing speculations surrounding his sexuality.

Avielle  the only daughter of late NFL player Aaron Hernandez.
Avielle the celebrity daughter of Aaron Hernandez. Source: Pinterest

During an interview with ABC News, Jenkins-Hernandez stated that although Hernandez never indicated to her that he might be gay or bisexual, she would not have loved him any less if he had. She also acknowledged being aware of Dennis Sansoucie, a former high school teammate and friend of Hernandez, who claimed they had a sexual relationship during their high school years. However, Sansoucie had minimal involvement in Hernandez’s adult life.

Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding Hernandez’s death, the bond between Aaron and Shayanna Jenkins was intricate and affectionate. Shayanna has been open about her emotions towards Hernandez. Moreover, her desire to gain a deeper understanding of him, even after his passing.

Brief info about Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez was an American professional football player who was born on November 6, 1989, in Bristol, Connecticut. Hernandez gained fame as a tight end for the New England Patriots in the National Football League (NFL). The NFL player’s promising career took a dark turn when he got arrested and blamed for the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Avielle's childhood picture while her father Aaron was alive.
An early picture of Avielle with her parents. Source: Pinterest

Subsequently, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. While in prison, Hernandez tragically took his own life on April 19, 2017. His life and legal troubles have been the subject of public interest and media scrutiny.

How did the NFL player die? Aaron Hernandez passed away by suicide. On April 19, 2017, Hernandez was seen hanging in his prison cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts. Aaron was serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez’s death was officially led as suicide by hanging by the Massachusetts Chief Medical Examiner’s Office.

Avielle’s mother revealed her pregnancy after 13 months Aaron’s death!

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez celebrated the arrival of her second child, a daughter named Giselle Hernandez. Taking to Instagram in May 2018, Jenkins shared the news of her pregnancy, a touching moment occurring 13 months after the heartbreaking loss of her fiancé, Aaron Hernandez.

Although Shayanna gave birth to a pretty daughter, it was clarified by trusted sources that, Hernandez was not biologically the father of Giselle. Sources stated that Aaron didn’t have connections to Jenkins-Hernandez’s precious bundle of joy.

How Rich Are Avielle Parents?

Avielle Janelle Hernandez, the daughter of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez, is currently young and has not entered any career field. While her exact net worth is unavailable, people assume she has around $2 million, which her mother Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez shares. Shayanna, who has appeared on TV and received support from her fiancé Guilmette, also has a net worth of $2 million.

Real estate records of Avielle’s father:

Hernandez purchased a 7,100-square-foot mansion in North Attleborough, Massachusetts for $1.3 million in 2012. After his conviction, Aaron’s fiancée Shayanna put the home on the market for $1.3 million. However, due to its association with the murder of Odin Lloyd, Arif Khan bought the home for $1 million in 2017.

Hernandez the late NFL player had around $50,000 net worth while dying. Also, before going to prison, Aaron had about $8 million net worth. The Footballer had a $1.3 million salary, as per the Celebrity Net Worth. Besides that, after Hernandez’s death, his fiance Shayanna received around $832,040 to take care of their daughter Avielle.