Audit The Audit is a YouTube channel where the videos are about citizens and police interactions. He watches these interactions and then talks about them on his channel. The channel with over 2.55 Million subscribers explains what happens in the videos and gives his opinion on whether the police acted in the right way or not.

The person running the YouTube channel Audit The Audit prefers to keep their real name a secret. But he uses the name John Lang online. This choice is made by him for privacy or safety reasons. So, even though we don’t know his real name, we can still enjoy and learn from the videos he creates about police interactions.

What’s The Relationship Status Of The YouTuber?

Audit The Audit, the YouTuber we all enjoy keeps his personal life and relationship status under wraps. He does this to protect himself and his loved ones. Privacy is important, especially when you have a big online presence. It’s like when we keep some things in our lives just for ourselves and our close ones.

Audit The Audit has covered his face by mask, cap and a hoodie.
The man behind Audit The Audit aka John Lang (Source: John Lang YouTube Channel)

We might not know if John Lang is single or in a relationship, but that’s perfectly fine. What matters most is the content he creates and the valuable insights he shares about police interactions. Let’s focus on that and respect his choice to keep his personal life private.

Net Worth Status Of Audit The Audit

Audit The Audit has been doing well in the financial department. People estimate that his net worth is around $1.6 million, and most of that money comes from his YouTube channel. That’s quite impressive! It shows that he’s been successful in creating content that people enjoy and find valuable. Making money on YouTube isn’t easy, so it’s clear that he’s worked hard to reach this point.

John Lang is quite a busy content creator. He uploads approximately 6 videos every month, and each of these videos gets an average of 800,000 views. That’s a lot of people tuning in to watch and learn from his videos! Now, let’s talk money. Just from ad revenue, he’s making at least $86,000 every month. That’s a pretty hefty paycheck! It goes to show how popular and valuable his content is.

Audit The Audit is not just relying on YouTube for income. He’s also on Patreon, a platform where fans can support their favorite creators. You can join his Patreon for just $1 a month, which is an affordable way to show your support. It’s like buying a cup of coffee or a snack each month to help him continue making great content. What’s even more impressive is that he has over 1000 members on his Patreon. That’s a big community of people who appreciate his work and are willing to chip in a little bit to keep it going.

About Audit The Audit YouTube Channel

Audit The Audit’s YouTube journey began on May 28, 2019, (the same month Doris Day had passed away) and since then, it’s been nothing short of amazing. His channel has accumulated over 700 million views in total! That’s like having a whole country tune in to watch your videos. What’s more, he’s got an incredible community with over 2.55 million subscribers. And speaking of content, he’s been quite busy, uploading more than 290 videos. That’s a lot of work and dedication to keep viewers informed and engaged.

Audit The Audit is wearing black cap, glasses, and a brown sweater.
Audit The Audit revealing his face (Source: John Lang YouTube Channel)

Lang’s YouTube journey began with his first video titled “Officers Attempt To Enforce Policy As Law,” which he uploaded on May 29, 2019. Since then, he’s come a long way, and his most popular video, “Good Cop Gets Bad Cop Fired and Arrested,” has gained an astonishing 25 million views. This video must have struck a chord with many viewers, as it highlights the importance of accountability and justice within law enforcement.

What Is The Channel About?

Audit The Audit has a unique approach to its content. He tries to separate the “who” from the “what” and the “right” from the “wrong” in police interactions. It’s like taking a closer look at what’s happening without getting distracted by who is involved. By doing this, he helps viewers focus on the actions and decisions made by law enforcement officers, rather than making judgments based solely on their identity.

The channel dives deep into the world of laws, regulations, and violations in various areas. It includes the First Amendment audits, police interactions, and legislation. It’s like he’s on a mission to unravel the legal complexities and make them understandable for all of us.

First Amendment audits, for instance, involve testing how well our rights to free speech and expression are respected by authorities. By scrutinizing these audits and police interactions, Lang helps us understand what’s allowed and what’s not under the law.

Moreover, Lang’s exploration of legislation keeps us informed about changes in laws and regulations that can affect our lives. This kind of work is essential for keeping our legal system transparent and ensuring that our rights are upheld. So, while it may sound a bit complex, this incredible YouTube channel simplifies it all for us to grasp and engage with.

The Reason Behind Choosing The Name John Lang

The reason why Audit The Audit goes by the name John Lang is quite interesting. You see, Lang isn’t his real name, and he keeps his real name a secret to protect his identity. It’s kind of like wearing a mask to keep his true self hidden. But there’s a special meaning behind the name too. He uses it to honor and remember a real John Lang who has had an impact on his life. It’s his way of paying the tribute.

The death of activist John Lang is a mysterious and tragic story. He was found in his home and stabbed multiple times, and to make it even more unsettling, his house was set on fire. What makes it even more eerie is that just days before his death, he posted a warning on social media, almost as if he had a premonition about what would happen to him, as mentioned in an article from Voomed.

Lang’s story is deeply puzzling. He had issues with the Fresno Police, and he even expressed his concerns on Twitter, saying that if anything happened to him, it was because of them. But the mystery surrounding his death remains unsolved to this day. People are left wondering about the connection between his social media warning and what ultimately happened to him.

Has A Sister Channel As Well

Audit The Audit has a sister channel named “John Lang,” which is kind of like a more personal side of him. This channel was created to connect with his audience differently, stepping away from his usual Audit The Audit format. He’s done some interesting things on this channel, like answering questions from his viewers in Q&A videos, delving into topics like UFOs in a documentary, and even revealing his face, which was a big moment for his fans.

However, it’s been quite a while, a whole year in fact, since Lang last posted a video there. It’s natural for content creators to focus on one channel more than others, but perhaps someday he’ll return to share more of his interests and insights with his audience on this channel.


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