Updated: 03/19/2017 09:48 AM | First Published: 03/17/2017 04:46 PM

Philanthropic Ashley Biden launched a hoodie line called 'Livelihood'

Ashley Biden and Aubrey Plaza sporting 'Livelihood' hoodies

Daughter of former Vice President of the U.S. Joe Biden, Ashley Biden has tried her hands in fashion by launching a clothing line called Livelihood in February 2017. She launched the hoodie line at New York Fashion Week. She has claimed that this is a tribute to her late brother, Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

Ashley, who is the executive director of Delaware Center for Justice, a non-profit organization serving children & adults impacted by the criminal justice system has ethically produced an American-made clothing company. The Livelihood kicks off a variety of pure organic cotton hoodies. The hoodie collection is available on Glit.com

She had thought about the potential nature & mission of Livelihood for years. Ashley, who describes herself as ‘Jeans, T-shirt and Hoodie kinda girl’ said that she couldn’t find a hoodie out in the market that was affordable and comfortable. So, she eventually went on creating the hoodie like she wanted. She says, “Livelihood is specifically about income inequality. And racial inequality and income inequality are directly related.” 

“The hoodie is universal. It was once ubiquitous of the labor movement, currently, it's important in the social justice movement. It’s universal in the sense that you can see a construction worker on the side of the road who is 60 years old wearing a hoodie, and you can see children on the playground wearing hoodies”, Biden said about the all-generation friendly cloth, hoodie. 

Her parents were always by her side playing a role as cheerleaders encouraging her to follow her passion when the avid social worker was turning to fashion. Now, focused on the hoodie, she might enlarge the clothing line to other pieces in future.

Influenced by the life of people under poverty line, she immediately joined a job of serving kids in the foster care system after graduating masters in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. Acknowledging the life of unprivileged Americans, she said “I’d hear about five siblings sharing one burger. How does a kid do homework when there’s no desk or the lamp?” Social worker, Biden says that a lot of social ills are the result of poverty.  

Livelihood is a fashion with a side of philanthropy. People are desperately waiting to see what this benevolent woman is going to do next.