Arthur Gettleman came to fame as a celebrity husband. Gettleman was married to the actress/comedian Estelle Getty. Moreover, Getty is an American actress and comedian. Getty is known for her role in The Golden Girls as Sophia Petrillo. The actress has won many accolades, including a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award.

Gettleman was a businessman by profession. Moreover, the businessman worked as a window seller until a tragedy happened in 2004. Also, he is the father of Carl Gettleman and Barry Gettleman, who appeared in the Golden Girls series. The children of Gettleman went through a tragedy after losing their parents.

Arthur Gettleman: Birth Date, Bio, and Early Life

Arthur Gettleman was born on 6 May 1919 in New York City, USA. Gettleman was the son of Beatrice Levy and Samuel Gettleman. Arthur had the zodiac sign of Taurus when he was born. Also, he was of Caucasian descent.

Gettleman and his wife Estelle Getty took the picture in the early 60s.
Gettleman and his wife Estelle Getty took the picture in the early 60s.
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The businessman grew up in the Bronx, New York City. Moreover, he grew up as an only child of his parents. There is no info about Gettleman’s educational background. In contrast, his wife, Estelle Getty, attended Seward Park High school.

It is common to achieve a degree to be a professional businessman. Similarly, Gettleman may have held a degree in a particular field but kept it hidden. While Arthur became famous after his marriage with Estelle, find out how Arlene Litman came to the spotlight!

Married life and children of Arthur Gettleman

Arthur Gettleman married Estelle Getty on 21 December 1947. Despite the fame of Getty, she and her husband exchanged their wedding vows hidden from the public eye. Yes, Getty became a massive star during her marriage, but she didn’t invite celebrities to her wedding.

Arthur Gettleman and his wife Estelle Getty with their Firstborn, Carl Gettleman.
Arthur Gettleman and his wife Estelle Getty with their Firstborn.
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Arthur and Estelle Gettleman welcome their children after nine months of their marriage space. Moreover, they first gave birth to Carl Gettleman. Similarly, several years later, they were blessed with a second kid Barry Gettleman. Currently, the couple’s two sons live in California and Florida.

The lovebird believed their marriage life was full of joy and happiness. Being a star, the actress may have seen many relationships, but Estelle never talked about her ex-boyfriends. The couple spent approximately six decades together. Arthur and his wife stayed faithful to their wedding vows of “till death do us part.”

What are Arthur’s children doing now?

Arthur Gettleman’s eldest son Carl has appeared in a Tv film. Similarly, his second and last son Barry has also played a role in a Tv show named Intimate Portrait. Surprisingly, Estelle Getty was playing in the same series as well.

Although the kids have played hit series, they gained fame for being the children of a multi-talented actress and comedian. Furthermore, the siblings might be preparing for new upcoming series because their past performances went excellent.

Brief info of the Gettleman wife, Estelle Getty

Estelle Getty was born on 25 July 1923 in New York, USA. Getty was the daughter of Charles Scher and Sarah Scher. Moreover, she grew up among two siblings, David and Rosilyn Scher New York City. The Golden Girls actress did not share her degree.

Getty came to the spotlight after getting an opportunity to perform in The Golden Palace series. Moreover, she started her career in Hollywood in 1978, playing in a comedy movie named Team Mates. Getty ended her career in Hollywood in 2001 after playing It’s Like, You Know.

What was the cause of death for Arthur and his wife, Estelle?

Arthur Gettleman passed on 23 September 2004 in Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida. Moreover, the window seller was 85 years old, leaving the world. Moreover, Gettleman’s reason for his death is not shared yet. However, people were concerned that he died because of his poor health.

The couple took the picture when they were smiling.
The couple took the picture when they were smiling.
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Estelle Getty is the reason for being spotlighted for Gettleman. Getty died on 22 July 2008 from advanced dementia disease. Moreover, this disease made Getty lose her conversational ability. Even though she tried to communicate with her family, she got only pain from it, which also affected her movement action.

Gettleman: Net Worth

Arthur Gettleman had an estimated net worth of $500,000. Being a professional businessman, he had secured a decent amount. Moreover, Getleman lived a luxurious life, making around $73,300 as a window seller.

The professional businessman took a picture with his soulmate, Estelle Getty.
The professional businessman took a picture with his soulmate.
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The businessman lived in New York City with his family and bore all the living expenses of around $5,248 per month. Also, he had his own house in NYC, which cost him around $74,400. However, as of early 2023, the same property is worth around $622,000.

Gettleman could buy many expensive cars, but he didn’t purchase them. Moreover, he used to drive Estelle Getty’s car, named Toyota tercel, which cost Getty around $5,000. Whether the businessman bought a vehicle is unknown, but his wife had five cars.

The actress had a significantly higher net worth than her husband. In addition, she had around $8 million net worth. Moreover, his son Barry Gettleman has an estimated net worth of 1.1 million. Similarly, his sibling Carl Gettleman holds a net worth of around $400,000.