Arms Family Homestead is an amazing YouTube channel that’s all about teaching people how to live sustainably and independently. They’ve got quite the following, with over 835,000 subscribers! That’s a lot of folks eager to learn from their experiences.

The channel run by the Arms family is a real family affair! Daniel Arms, his wife DeJay, and their three awesome kids, Weston, EmmaLee, and Houston, all play a big part in sharing their homesteading adventures. They call Sulphur, Oklahoma, their home, and they’re like your friendly neighbors who open their lives to you through their videos.

Love Story Of Daniel Arms and DeJay

Arms Family Homestead’s, Daniel Arms and DeJay have a sweet love story that began long before their homesteading adventures. They first crossed paths back in college, but there’s a twist to their story: he already knew who his wife was when they were in high school.

Daniel Arms is taking a selfie with a file on his other hand as DeJay looks on.
Daniel Arms with his wife, DeJay (Source: Daniel Arms Instagram @arms_family_homestead_official)

When they were in high school, DeJay was two years ahead of Daniel. It’s not uncommon for people to hesitate when there’s an age gap, and she felt the same way at first. She was a bit uncertain about dating him because he was four years younger than her.

Daniel used to talk to DeJay’s brother, Dustin, about his feelings for her. But he wasn’t too keen on the idea. One day, her mom, Donna, decided to step in. She asked Daniel, “When are you planning to take my daughter out on a date?” She saw the potential in their relationship and decided to lend a helping hand to bring the two closer together. Her support played a big role in making their connection stronger.

Net Worth Of The Arms Family

The Arms family’s estimated net worth is around $500,000. The family’s main source of income comes from their YouTube channel. They create content on YouTube that people enjoy watching, which helps them make a living doing what they love.

Arms Family Homestead is a hardworking YouTube channel that consistently shares around 13 videos every month. Each of their videos gets an average of 100,000 views. Their dedication and the support of their viewers have allowed them to earn approximately $20,000 each month just from ad revenue.

Besides their YouTube channel, Arms Family has found another way to connect with their fans and supporters. They offer a variety of merchandise like T-shirts, caps, tote bags, sticker packs, and can coolers. These items not only allow their audience to feel even more connected to the family but also help them to make a few bucks.

About The Three Kids

The Arms family is made up of three wonderful kids: Weston, EmmaLee, and Houston Arms. It’s interesting to note that while EmmaLee and Houston are Daniel’s biological children, Weston is not. Even though his oldest one isn’t related to him by blood, they all share a strong and loving bond as a family. The father takes care of his step-child as his own.

DeJay graduated from high school in the year 2000, and around that time, she was in a relationship with Wesley’s biological father. Their relationship had its ups and downs and was on and off for about two years. She was around 19 or 20 years old at the time. Then, she got pregnant with her first child. She decided to leave the man as it wasn’t working. Wesley is currently studying at Randall University where he is part of the basketball team.

Daniel, DeJay, Weston, EmmaLee, and Houston Arms are posing for one big family picture.
The Arms Family kids, Weston, EmmaLee, and Houston Arms (Source: Daniel Arms Instagram @arms_family_homestead_official)

EmmaLee made her entrance into the world on April 28, 2008. She’s become a regular presence on the family’s channel. One of her big passions in life is hunting bucks, and she’s not shy about sharing her love for it with the viewers.

The youngest member of the family, Houston, was born on August 6, 2012. He’s a delightful fixture on the family’s channel as well. He shares a special bond with his father, Daniel as one of their favorite things to do together is fishing.

Almost Lost The Family Once

Arms Family Homestead once faced a terrifying moment that nearly changed their lives forever. The horrifying incident took place when Daniel, DeJay, Weston, and EmmaLee decided to go off-roading with their close friends in their razor vehicle, and things were going fine initially. However, as they reached higher ground, their vehicle suddenly started rolling backward down a hill which led to an accident.

This terrifying incident caused injuries to both Daniel and DeJay and their friend, but what was even more distressing was that their children, Emily and Weston, got hurt too. In that moment of crisis, the parents rushed to their children’s aid, and both kids were eventually airlifted to hospitals due to minor concussions and head injuries. Thankfully, nothing happened to them and they are back to living their normal lives.

Some Stats On The YouTube Channel

The Arms Family Homestead YouTube Channel has been sharing their adventures and experiences since they joined on July 14, 2011. Over the years, they’ve built up an incredible following, with their videos amassing an impressive 253 million views in total. Even more remarkable, they’ve gained the support and love of over 835,000 subscribers.

The channel has come a long way since its beginning, with its oldest video titled “Weston the Armadillo Hunter” uploaded on August 11, 2011. It’s amazing to see how their journey started and how they’ve grown over the years. Their most popular video, “Working Bison and THIS Happened!”, has struck a chord with viewers, garnering over 4.7 million views.

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The Incredible Life Of Daniel Arms

Daniel Arms was a true pillar of strength and service in his 14-year tenure with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, as mentioned in an article from The Ada News. Throughout those years, he undoubtedly faced numerous challenges and experienced the highs and lows of his demanding profession.

Arms’ journey into a career in public service had a humble and heartwarming start. At just 15 years old, he began his path as a Chickasaw Nation Summer Youth worker at the Sulphur Veterans Center. It was there that he found his inspiration. As he worked alongside veterans, he developed a deep appreciation for their stories and experiences from their time in the military.

During his college years, Daniel continued to demonstrate his dedication to helping others. He volunteered with the Chickasaw Nation Search and Rescue team, showcasing his commitment to service. His spirit of generosity was visible when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. He didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. For ten days, he joined the disaster recovery efforts, working tirelessly to provide aid to the hurricane-affected communities.

How Does The Arms Family Live Their Life?

The Arms Family embraces a unique and fulfilling way of life. They call a charming 110-acre farm in Sulphur, southern Oklahoma, their home. This picturesque property, with its wooded landscape, offers them not only a beautiful and tranquil setting but also an incredible opportunity for whitetail deer and turkey hunting.

Daniel and Houston Arms are posing with the catfish they caught.
Daniel Arms fishing with his son, Houston Arms (Source: Daniel Arms Instagram @arms_family_homestead_official)

The Family has a wonderful commitment to self-sufficiency and sustainability, aiming to grow as much of their food as they can. They’ve got their hands busy tending to vegetable gardens and raising animals, as per the Q&A in Backyard Life. It is a part of their effort to provide fresh and healthy food for their family.

Hunting and fishing are integral parts of life for the Arms Family. Their property provides them with the perfect opportunity to engage in these activities throughout the year. It’s not just a hobby for them; it’s a way of life that brings them closer to nature and the land they call home. The family’s strong connection to their property is rooted in their love for spending quality time together, especially when they’re out by the creek or pond.


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