April Wilkerson, an American YouTuber, is widely recognized for her skills as a do-it-yourself enthusiast and woodworker. She has garnered a substantial following on her YouTube channel, where she shares her passion for creating and building various projects from scratch. Her channel serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking inspiration and guidance in the world of woodworking.

Wilkerson was born on October 3, 1987, making her a Libra. She hails from the state of Texas, where she spent her formative years. Growing up, she developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors and the natural beauty that surrounded her. Today, she continues to share her woodworking expertise and DIY projects with her dedicated followers, leaving a lasting impact on the DIY community.

Is April Wilkerson Married?

April Wilkerson is happily married to her husband named Cody. Although not many details are available about him, their relationship is a source of joy and support for her. They tied the knot on June 4, 2016, marking the beginning of their journey together. He brings his expertise in engineering to their partnership, which undoubtedly contributes to their shared love for creating and building.

April Wilkerson and Cody at their wedding.
April Wilkerson with her husband Cody (Source: April Wilkerson Instagram @wilker_dos)

While April often takes the spotlight in her woodworking endeavors, Cody’s influence and support behind the scenes have likely played a significant role in her success. Together, they make a dynamic team, combining her woodworking skills with his mechanical engineering knowledge, resulting in exceptional craftsmanship and innovative projects.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

April Wilkerson has achieved a considerable net worth, estimated to be around $300,000. Her primary source of income stems from her successful YouTube channel, where she shares her woodworking projects and expertise. Her engaging content has attracted a large audience, allowing her to monetize her videos through advertisements and sponsorships.

However, Wilkerson’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there. April also established her company called Wilker Do’s, which specializes in selling homemade furniture and other handcrafted items. Through her company, she extends her passion for woodworking beyond the digital realm, offering her audience the opportunity to own unique, high-quality pieces for their homes.

How Did Wilkerson Get Into Woodworking?

Wilkerson’s journey as a DIYer and Woodworker began in January 2013 when she picked up her very first tool. Faced with the challenge of not being able to afford the things she desired for her home, she decided to take matters into her hands and attempt to create them herself as mentioned on Wilker Do’s website. Little did she know that this simple decision would spark a lifelong passion.

April Wilkerson is wiping the deck.
April Wilkerson working on the deck (Source: April Wilkerson Instagram @wilker_dos)

After completing her first project, Wilkerson was immediately captivated by the process and the satisfaction of bringing her creations to life. The sense of accomplishment and the joy of seeing her ideas materialize fueled her determination to continue exploring the world of DIY and woodworking. Since that initial endeavor, she has remained devoted to honing her skills and sharing her experiences with others.

Education Background

Wilkerson’s commitment to personal growth and education led her to pursue a degree in business management. She graduated from the institute that Kim Matula had attended, which is the University of Texas Arlington in the year 2012, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the business world. Her educational background in business management serves as a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial ventures and the management of her woodworking business, Wilker Do’s.

Wilkerson’s academic achievements demonstrate her determination to acquire the tools needed to succeed in her chosen field. While her true passion lies in woodworking, her business management degree has undoubtedly provided her with valuable insights and strategies to effectively run her company and make informed decisions.

Owns A Company

In addition to her successful YouTube channel and woodworking projects, April Wilkerson has expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors by owning and operating a commercial and retail shop called the Wood Shed. This physical space allows her to showcase her craftsmanship and provide a hands-on experience for her customers. Alongside her videos, she also creates written tutorials that detail the step-by-step processes of all the projects she undertakes to enhance her home and workshop within Wilker Do’s.

It is the wooden stairs that is painted brown.
One of April Wilkerson’s projects (Source: April Wilkerson Instagram @wilker_dos)

Moreover, through Wilker Do’s, Wilkerson offers a range of wooden furniture and items for sale, including charming Bird Houses, sturdy Picnic Tables, reliable Workbenches, and even plans for Windmill bases. This diverse range of products allows her to cater to various woodworking enthusiasts, providing them with both practical and decorative items for their homes or workshops.

How Does Wilkerson Deal With The Difficulties While Working?

April Wilkerson approaches difficulties in her work with a practical mindset. Her primary method of handling challenges is through trial and error. She recognizes that not everything will go smoothly, and she understands that this is a common experience for everyone. When faced with obstacles or mistakes, she incorporates those instances into her content if she believes they are relevant or if they can help others avoid similar errors.

Wilkerson’s intention when starting her journey was to share her projects and make it easier for others to replicate them. By showcasing her learning process and including any setbacks she encounters, she aims to simplify the DIY experience for her audience. She embraces the fact that difficulties are a natural part of the creative process and uses them as opportunities for growth and shared learning as she said in an interview with The Old House.

Wilkerson Is A YouTuber

Wilkerson’s career as a YouTuber has flourished since she started her YouTube channel with her name. With over a million subscribers, her channel has become a go-to destination for DIY enthusiasts and woodworking aficionados. She embarked on her YouTube journey on September 24, 2012, (around the same time as Ricegum) shortly after she began creating various projects.

Recognizing the value of sharing her knowledge, Wilkerson started assembling written tutorials on her website, enabling her to pass along valuable information to anyone interested. As time went on, her passion for teaching and connecting with her audience grew, leading her to venture into video tutorials a year later.

Wilkerson dedicated herself to providing free tutorials covering a wide range of topics, sharing her expertise on everything she does. At the time of this writing, her most popular video on YouTube is, “How To Build a Large Outdoor Staircase,” which has garnered an impressive 10 million views. This widespread appreciation for her content serves as a testament to her ability to inspire and educate through her engaging videos.

Social Media Presence

Wilkerson maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, in addition to her YouTube channel. On Instagram, she can be found under the handle @wilker_dos, while her Facebook page goes by the name @Wilker Do’s. She primarily utilizes these platforms to showcase her work and projects to her dedicated followers.

Wilkerson regularly shares updates, progress shots, and finished pieces from her woodworking endeavors, providing a glimpse into her creative process. While she actively engages with her audience through her work-related content, she tends to keep her personal life relatively private.

About Wilkerson Parents

April Wilkerson’s family consists of her father, mother, Rita Wilkerson, and her brother, Aaron Wilkerson. While her father’s name remains to be known, she has shared a few pictures of him on her social media. As she reflects on her childhood, she fondly recalls that it was just her, her brother, and her mother.

April Wilkerson and her father are posing for the picture in her workplace.
April Wilkerson with her father (Source: April Wilkerson Instagram @wilker_dos)

As per one of her posts,  as a young child, Wilkerson would make wishes upon candles, eyelashes, shooting stars, and wishing wells, praying for a loving father to enter her life. In gratitude, she thanks the Lord for granting her wish and providing her with a dad who loves her unconditionally. She expresses her heartfelt appreciation to her dad, acknowledging that she may be a handful, but she deeply values his unwavering support and love. She emphasizes that her dad is just as much of a supporter as her mother has been to her.


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