Anne Dewavrin is a lady who used to share her life with a super important guy, Bernard Arnault. He is a big shot in the business world from France. He’s the big boss, the founder, chairman, and CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. He’s one of the richest men in the world, constantly finding himself in Forbes Top 10 Richest list.

Dewavrin, born on May 19, 1950, is from Nord, France. And, she is a Taurus. Taurus people are supposed to be down-to-earth and reliable, like the friend you can count on to share your snacks with.

Ex-wife Of Bernard Arnault

Anne Dewavrin, who used to be Mrs. Bernard Arnault, had a big day on April 7, 1973 – that’s when she tied the knot with Bernard in Roubaix, France. They were married for a whopping seventeen years, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. In 1990, they decided to part ways and go on different adventures.

Bernard Arnault is wearing a black suit and tie in the picture.
Anne Dewavrin’s ex-husband, Bernard Arnault (Source: CNBC International TV YouTube Channel)

Now, the interesting part is, that nobody knows why Dewavrin and Arnault called it quits. It’s like a mystery, a puzzle missing a few pieces. Some folks say he met his now-wife Hélène Mercier in 1989, and their love story started blooming the next year. Love can be a tricky thing, you know? So, while their love story had its chapter, he found a new love story beginning with Hélène.

Net Worth Status

Anne Dewavrin’s net worth is like a treasure map with an estimated marking around $20 million, similar to Brendan Fraser. Now, where does all that gold come from? It’s a bit of a mystery since her income sources are hidden in the treasure chest. Rumor has it, that some of that money might be from her divorce from Bernard Arnault.

However, the exact amount Dewavrin sailed away from that divorce ship is locked away, and the key is nowhere to be found. So, her net worth is like a secret garden, full of flowers, but we can’t see exactly which ones.

Has Two Kids With Her Ex-Husband

Delphine Arnault

Meet Delphine Arnault, the super-talented and eldest member of the Arnault family crew. Born on April 4, 1975, she’s like the boss of all things stylish. She is the CEO of Dior – that’s a pretty big deal! In February 2023, she officially stepped into the CEO’s shoes, as reported in Business Insider, making all the fashion magic happen. But wait, her journey to the top is like a cool story.

Delphine Arnault is wearing a black dress and has straight blonde hair.
Delphine Arnault in LVMH Interview (Source: LVMH YouTube Channel)

Delphine kicked off her career at a fancy place called McKinsey, where she worked as a consultant for two years, probably giving them all kinds of smart advice. Then, she danced into the world of fashion with John Galliano. After that, she worked her magic at Christian Dior Couture, climbing the career ladder from deputy managing director to other cool titles.

But that’s not all – for a whole decade, Delphine was the executive vice president of Louis Vuitton, another big name in the fashion game. She’s not just the boss at Dior; she’s also part of the VIP club at LVMH, sitting on their board of directors and being a big shot in their executive committee. Anne’s daughter, the fashion queen, rules the style kingdom.

Credits Mother Dewavrin For Her Career

Delphine, the fashion powerhouse, owes a lot to her awesome mom, Anne Dewavrin. When she was just a teenager, she caught the fashion bug, and her mom, Anne, became her style guru. Her mother didn’t just wear clothes; she wore “beautiful dresses and suits,” setting the style bar pretty high.

Delphine, being a keen learner, soaked in all the fashion vibes from her mom, Dewavrin. She not only inspired her daughter but also gave her valuable style tips. As she grew up surrounded by her mom’s fabulous taste, she realized that the world of fashion was her calling. So, credit to Anne for planting the seeds of style in her daughter’s heart, and now, look at her go – ruling the fashion kingdom and making her mom proud.

Antoine Arnault

Antoine Arnault wears many hats in the world of luxury. Born on June 4, 1977, he’s like the captain steering the ship for Christian Dior SE, the big boss company that oversees the mighty LVMH empire. But that’s not all – he’s also the CEO of Berluti and the non-executive chair of Loro Piana.

Antoine Arnault is wearing a black suit and turtle neck.
Antoine Arnault at the CDP Europe Awards 2023 (Source: CDP YouTube Channel)

Antoine started his journey at LVMH back in 2005, not as the big-shot CEO, but in the advertising department. That’s where he dipped his toes into the world of luxury marketing. And guess what? Just two years later, he climbed the ladder and became the director of communications at Louis Vuitton, another big name in the luxury game. Talk about a fast track!

In 2006, Anne’s son even became a board member at LVMH, making big decisions with the cool kids. Fast forward to 2018, and he took charge of the company’s image and environment – like the guardian of the luxury brand vibes. He is the man with the plan, shaping the world of luxury from advertising to boardrooms and everything in between.

Married Again

Anne Dewavrin decided to give love another shot, and this time, it happened with a guy named Patrice de Maistre. They said their “I dos” on September 15, 2001, in the beautiful land of France. Now, they are partners in crime, facing the ups and downs of life as a team.

Maybe Dewavrin and Maistre share jokes, cook meals together or just enjoy cozy evenings. Who knows? The important thing is, they found each other and decided to keep the love story going.

About Anne’s Husband, Patrice de Maistre

Patrice de Maistre is the financial wizard who’s been weaving his magic in the world of money matters. He has worn many hats on his journey through the financial landscape. He’s not just your regular number cruncher; he’s been the former managing director of Tethys SAS. He has also been a chartered accountant at Deloitte, probably making sure all the numbers lined up perfectly.

But wait, the plot thickens – Maistre even had a stint as Bettencourt’s Former Asset Manager. Imagine handling the assets of someone so important! Maistre, the man with the financial Midas touch, has been making moves in the world of finance, turning numbers into gold and managing the wealth of some pretty big names.

Patrice de Maistre Controversy

Patrice found himself in the miming scandal when Liliane Bettencourt’s daughter, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, decided to take action against François-Marie Banier. It was like a real-life drama unfolding in court, with accusations of “abuse of weakness” concerning Liliane and how he deceived her into giving him millions, as reported in an article from the South China Morning Post.

Patrice, being part of Liliane’s inner circle, got pulled into the mess. The plot thickened as secret recordings surfaced, revealing alleged talk of tax evasion and Anne’s husband supposedly encouraging her to finance Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential campaign in ways that weren’t exactly by the book.

This scandal even cost Patrice some prestigious honors, as he got the boot from the Legion of Honour and The Order of Merit. The consequences piled up when he was officially kicked out, handed a thirty-month jail sentence (with one year suspended), slapped with a hefty quarter-million Euro fine, and ordered to reimburse Liliane a jaw-dropping twelve million Euros in damages. Talk about a rollercoaster of legal twists and turns!


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