Andy Lee must’ve accumulated quite a hefty net worth as a bestselling author of a children’s book. He is a phenomenal American comedian, who is popular for his duo, Hamish & Andy. There aren’t many who have not laughed hard at his jokes!

University years’ partnership gave Andy Lee a lasting career

Andy and his comedy partner, Hamish Blake, met during their Melbourne University years. With Ryan Shelton, aclose friend of Hamish, Andy partnered to start a show for RMITV called ‘Radio Karate’. The trio appeared on SYN, a Michigan student radio station, until ultimately getting hired by FOX FM.

Early years of Andy’s partnership with Hamish resulted in a show titled The Hamish and Andy Show. While the show did not get desired popularity, the duo has performed together since. Two of their shows include radio program Hamish & Andy and Nine Network sponsored ‘Gap Year’ series.

“Hamish & Andy” and “Gap Year” gave Andy Lee a huge exposure

The radio show,Hamish & Andy, was aired from 4pm to 6 pm on Today Network. The show was incredibly successful, with significant ratings in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Sources claim that the show had an audience share of around 20% “which [was] the highest ever recorded for a national FM show in Australia”.

Since 2011, the show was aired only on Fridays to give more working space to the two hilarious comedians.

The Gap Year series is believed to be an incredible source of income for Andy and Hamish. It has been claimed that Andy earned an annual $4 million from his Gap Year Season ventures.

Andy Lee rocks as a solo comedian too!

Andy has made some notable appearances in TV shows. He participated in and won the “Joker Poker”, which is a charity oriented celebrity poker show. He also made guest appearances on Australia’s Brainiest Comedian, Who’s Who in Australia (2011) and Good News Week.

While the official net worth of the comedian is unknown, we’re assuming he must have accumulated a notable amount.

Andy Lee is a charismatic band musician and a popular author

Apart from his partnership with Hamish, Andy is popular as a founder of Melbourne band Zoophyte and a publisher of The Sing Along Times Table CD Book.

Andy Lee is now a children’s book author. His first book Do Not Open This Book, although just intended for his one-year old nephew, has sold more than 60,000 copies. The children’s book was an overnight bestseller and earned him few notable appearances in TV and Radio. In an interview, Andy recalled “"It came about in strange circumstances because I wanted to surprise my sister. I've got a nephew, George, who's about to turn one. I thought writing a book for him as his birthday present would be a nice thing to do."

Little did he know that the book would earn him such popularity! Andy summarized the book saying "It is about this little character who's trying to convince the reader not to turn the pages. He uses all sorts of tricks, reverse psychology.”