Andy Cohen goes shirtless on Miami Beach to show off his gym-toned body. Seems like the T.V. show host is now looking forward to modeling after successfully publishing three books.



- Info

Name Andy Cohen
Profession Journalist
Gender Male

- Quick Facts

Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Marital Status Single
Hair Color Light Grey
Eyes Color Brown
Place Of Birth St. Louis, Missouri, US
Net Worth $ 15,000,000 - Fifteen Million US Dollars Only
Height 5' 0"
Best Known For Host of "Bravo" and Nightly series "Watch What Hap
Hair Style short
Primary School Camp Nebagamon For Boys, Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin
High School Clayton High School
University Boston University
Working For Bravo

Andy Cohen was recently seen shirtless on Miami Beach where he showed off his gym-toned body. An author of three books, Cohen has a perfect body to try modeling. Will he ever be a model?

His dream to be in front of the camera has led him to become a successful TV host and his interest in writing has led him to publish several best-selling books but is he interested in modeling?

A successful anchor and author of three books, Is Andy Cohen’s interest diverting towards modeling?

Dressed in only tiny red swim trunks, Cohen had his impressive muscles on full display. The Watch What Happens Live host was joined by some friends as they took photos with someone dressed up as the Easter bunny.

Andy chose Instagram to share his pictures showing his gym-toned shirtless body of himself and he is looking hotter than ever. That tanned gym-toned body with aviator shades...ahh! That's too hot to handle.

Truth be told, this bunny rabbit is scaring the crap outta me

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

“Truth be told, this bunny rabbit is scaring the crap outta me” captioned the Bravo host as he posted the picture on Instagram. But he doesn’t look scared at all. He seems to be enjoying Easter Bunny’s company.

His six-pack abs, bulging biceps, tanned bare chest and red boxer was accompanied with an adorable smile. Didn’t he remind you of Baywatch?! He should try modeling. He has a perfect model body.

He apparently caught the eyes of many. He was clicking pictures with his fans on the beach. He has once revealed that he uses the Tinder dating app to find guys.

Well, with that body, who won't go head over heels for him? He doesn't even need to use theapp.

The 46-year-old hunk reached Miami as the part of the AC2 tour with Anderson Cooper. He took out some time to enjoy the summer, tides and beaches but Cooper was nowhere to be seen.

AC2 in NEW ORLEANS (6/24) & AUSTIN (6/25)! tickets on sale NOW! Go to for more info!

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

A successful TV personality Andy Cohen is now a successful author too

After hosting numerous shows on TV, we got to see his one more talent and that is writing books. After publishing The New York Times Best-selling Books Most Talkative (2012) and The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look At A Shallow Year (2014), he is ready to publish his new book Superficial: More Adventures From The Andy Cohen Diaries on November 15.

“People are going to be pissed because I’m really revealing a lot”, says the Watch What Happens Live host about his new book. “I’m moving the goal post, and I just feel like if I’m going to do it again, it has to be bigger and better and dashier.”

He has revealed that he has mentioned some of his personal moments and about his dating in the book. Now, his fans are even more eager to read the book.

Andy Cohen enjoyed Miami Beach bare chest and got ample opportunities to show off his chiseled body. He hasn’t try modeling with that body yet, which his fans will surely love to see. His new book is set for release on November 15.

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