Amy Freeze- Facts of her sincere married life and husband? What does rumor say about divorce and her children



She is a famous TV personality who is mostly noticed for her work association with the known media channels like WABC-TV and ABC’s show Good Morning America. During her early career time, she has served as NBC’s Philadelphia-based station WCAU for four years. At the same time, she also served as co-host of the live entertainment show called 10!.

Have a look at this video where she is presenting weather news forChannel 7 Eyewitness News

Other than dedicating time in the broadcasting field, she is also known for making a cameo appearance in an episode of the popular comedy-drama series Scrubs.

Presently she is in the media news with the divorce rumor with hubby Gary. The separation news of Amy and Garyis surrounding all around the media place. The couple who has been married for 22 years is still growing strong and shows no signs of divorce. Her hubby Gary Arbuckle is a chiropractor and with husband Gary, she is residing on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

Amy Freezeā€™s eldest son Tyler is their only biological kid, others are adopted

Freeze met her husband, Gary Arbuckle when she was a cheerleader at Brigham Young University. Her husband was the mascot, Cosmo the Cougar at that time.

The two entered a weight-loss competition in 1999. The charismatic duo won and got $100,000 in cash prize. It was during the training for the competition that Freeze realized that the two made excellent fitness partners. The ability to work together and inspire each other somehow must have played an important role in their longevity as husband and wife.

The couple has four children. The eldest, Tyler, 18, is their only biological son. The rest, Jared, 15, Kate, 11, and William, 8, were adopted. Freeze once divulged that she believes all three of her adopted kids were a divine intervention from god.

Let's check out the picture of Amy Freeze with her four kids.

Becoming NYers. Harlem. #tbt #tyguy #jarbear #katethegreat #princewilliam #summerrewind

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His youngest kid William is a big fan of the football club Rangers. Likewise, he also loves to play thepiano. Check out this video of Amy's youngest son, William playing thepiano.

During the spare time, Freeze takes time away to the vacation in the snow with her kids. All of them love skating. Just like her name, Freeze, she loves cold weather. Her husband even joked that being called Mr. Freeze made him feel like the villain from Batman.

No wonder, Amy Freeze's married life with husband Gary Arbuckle is going on a smooth way without any chances of divorce in near future. Mother of four adorable children - one biological and three adopted, Amy Freeze has always been a good mother and a good wife.

Amy freeze, who is married to husband Gary Arbuckle is a mother to four children right now. Recently, she is in the media news due to her separation rumors with the spouse. However, all those divorce rumors surely stand to be incorrect.

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