Cakequeen, Amirah Dyme is a famous Instagram model. She was born in Berlin, Germany on January 14, 1995. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Raised in the hustling and bustling city of Berlin, she found her love for fashion and modeling at a very young age.

Through the decades, Amirah won a place among social media influencers, attracting her followers with beautiful pictures and a stand-out style. Her influencing and modeling journey has led her to different parts of the world, allowing her to connect with all types of people. Let’s discover more about her.

Current Relationship Status

Amirah Dyme’s relationship status is currently marked as single. She appears to be enjoying this phase of her life with an emphasis on self-improvement and self-discovery.

Amirah Dyme is posing on the car door wearing a black dress.
Amirah Dyme living her life (Source: Amirah Dyme Instagram @amirahdyme)

Although she provides snippets of her lifestyle on social media it is not apparent whether Dyme is actively looking to be in a relationship currently. She seems committed to creating a meaningful life for herself and chasing her dreams.

Past Relationships

Ray Hushpuppi

The relationship between Amirah Dyme and Ray Hushpuppi started when they met in Dubai. Unfortunately, their love story turned bitter when he got into legal trouble. He was arrested in Dubai following allegations of money laundering and internet fraud, leading to his transfer to a United States correctional facility.

Hushpuppi was later jailed to serve an 11-year sentence for his participation in a massive fraud scheme that targeted businesses across the US and overseas, as reported in CNN. After his arrest, Amirah bashed him when it emerged that he had been living off ill-gotten gains.

Only two months after this, Dyme moved on and announced the new boyfriend – rapper Ramy ‘Lil’ Freeny on her Instagram account. However, it appears that her relationship with the rapper has also come to an end since then.

Robert Covington

Dyme’s romantic history includes a past relationship with the Philadelphia 76ers player Robert Covington. However, not much is widely known about their time together. The couple eventually parted ways amid allegations from the model that the NBA star had been unfaithful.

Robert Covington is wearing an all white outfit showing a gang sign.
Amirah Dyme’s ex-partner, Robert Covington (Source: Robert Covington Instagram @atf_33)

The Sports Grial reports that Amirah took to her Instagram story to share her side of the story. She accused Covington of dishonesty and mistreatment, especially during her pregnancy. She claimed that she was not only cheated on while expecting their child but also accused him of hiring a private investigator.

The situation took another turn when Amirah asserted that Covington had blocked her from leaving the country with their child. These revelations provide a glimpse into the complexities and challenges faced within their relationship, shedding light on the emotional turbulence experienced by both parties.

Family Background (Parents And Siblings)

Dyme comes from a multiple-background family. Her father is Kosar Dyme, and her mother is Elsa Dyme. The model was raised in the environment of seven other siblings, which made a family life rather noisy and busy.

Additionally, Amirah is proud of her Sudanese roots adding more culturalness to her identity. She has chosen to keep her family private.

Dyme Is A Mother

Dyme embraced motherhood and welcomed her daughter, Harmony Faye into the world. She was born on March 8, 2022, through her past relationship with Robert Covington.

Amirah Dyme is posing with Harmony Faye, holding her with an Ocean in the background.
Amirah Dyme with her daughter, Harmony Faye (Source: Amirah Dyme Instagram @amirahdyme)

There is not much information that has been made public about Harmony. Amirah, however, has revealed a few glimpses of her cute daughter on social media. The proud mummy, though still preserving a certain level of privacy, has allowed her followers to sneak into just several precious moments that she shares with the daughter.

Net Worth Status

Amirah Dyme has an estimated net worth of about $2 million, similar to Charlie Lenehan. It is mainly based on her successful career in modeling. Her income mainly comes from collaborating with some of the most popular fashion brands, leveraging her huge following on social media platforms.

Amirah has wisely utilized her Instagram account to promote fashion labels like NA-KD, Fashion Nova, and Blanco Bay. Although the precise information about her financial status is unknown, it demonstrates that she managed to become successful in the fashion world.

Body Measurements Of Model

Amirah’s physique adds to her strong appearance. She has a well-proportioned figure, standing at the same height as Ginger Zee, i.e., 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighing 124 lbs (70 kg).

Amirah Dyme is posing in an Orange dress holding a red bag.
Amirah Dyme in a Photoshoot (Source: Amirah Dyme Instagram @amirahdyme)

Dyme’s body measurements, listed at 34-26-44 inches, showcase her hourglass silhouette. Her brown hair complements her features and her hazel eyes captivate attention. These details not only describe her physical beauty but also underscore her success as a model.

Social Media Presence

Dyme is a social media sensation, and her Instagram account, @amirahdyme, serves as a hub for her vast online following. With a substantial fan base, she shares glimpses of her life, modeling endeavors, and fashion collaborations on this platform.

While Amirah was previously active on Twitter with the handle @DymeAmirah, her account unfortunately faced suspension. Nonetheless, she extends her online presence to YouTube through her self-titled channel, Amirah Dyme. Although she hasn’t uploaded a large number of videos, the content she shares offers an insight into her personality.

Charity Involvement

Dyme has demonstrated her philanthropic side by collaborating with the IheartAfrica team. She has previously worked with them to create sustainable villages for orphaned children and displaced families in the Congolese countryside.

Through her involvement with this noble cause, Amirah has contributed to initiatives to provide essential resources and support for those in need. Working towards building sustainable villages reflects her commitment to making a positive impact beyond modeling and social media.


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