Updated: 02/02/2017 12:10 PM | First Published: 02/02/2017 08:11 AM

'Ambush journalist' Jesse Watters doesn't like getting ambushed

Jesse Watters smiling

Jesse Watters got a taste of his own medicine during the MSNBC White House Correspondents Association dinner after-party in May 2016. Watters' controversial interviews have been crucial to his rise in Fox News, from an O'Reilly sidekick to a host of his own hour-long show, Watters World. But, he didn't take it so well as the tables turned on him.

When Huffington Post's Washington chief Ryan Grim ambushed Watters to get him to apologize to HuffPo reporter Amanda Terkel for ambushing her back in 2009, things got out of hand and there was a physical fight between Grim and Watters. 

Grim was filming their conversation before the altercation and the video was later released. In the video, Watters can be heard saying, "I love Amanda Terkel, she’s a good girl. I’m not gonna apologize, but she’s a good girl.”

The seemingly amiable conversation quickly turned violent as an irritated Watters tossed Grim's phone away. As Grim continued to film, Watters pocketed the phone and refused to give it back, leading to the two men fighting over it. 

Watters addressed the fight in an episode of The O'Reilly Factor, saying, "I was at this party trying to enjoy myself. This guy came up to me. He starts putting it in my face. I was friendly at first, and then he started getting a little obnoxious. Things happened, and I regret it happened, and that’s all it is." Show host Bill O'Reilly came to Watters' defense claiming that Grim "had no business bothering Jesse Watters about anything."